White Globe provides accurate Spanish medical translation services for healthcare organizations and life sciences companies that deliver the best ROI globally.

Accurate Spanish Medical Translations by Subject Matter Experts

When it comes to quality medical translations between English and Spanish, professional linguistic experience and subject matter expertise in the health disciplines are a must.

This is why White Globe only hires professional Spanish medical linguists who are certified members of ATA or The National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters to provide our clients with the most accurate English-Spanish medical translation services.

Powered with our industry leading translation memory and terminology management solutions on the platform, White Globe consistently delivers the highest quality English-Spanish medical translations for a variety of medical companies and healthcare organizations that drive cross-language success.

Medical documents use a large number of highly technical terms to describe diseases, treatments, and patient care best practices. Accurate and consistent translations of these medical terms are essential to ensure quality multilingual communications and patient safety.

This is why you need White Globe. We’re a quintuple ISO certified company including ISO 13485:2016 certified translation company. White Globe has the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and modern language technologies to deliver top notch English-Spanish medical translation services that our clients depend on for multilingual business success.

Spanish Healthcare Translations

White Globe provides fast and professional health care translation services between English and Spanish that include hospital translations, physician care translation, nursing facility interpretation, pharmacy translation, and government health directives translations.

We translate a variety of healthcare documents such as patient records, informed consent forms, immunization reports, and treatment plans from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English. White Globe provides both Latin American Spanish (widely used by U.S. healthcare organizations serving the Hispanic community) and Spain Spanish translations for the health care industry with uncompromising quality.

Professional Spanish Localization for Life Sciences

White Globe is proud to serve the Spanish translation needs of some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, medical devices, CRO, and biotechnology companies. We provide certified Spanish medical localizations, covering drug insert translation, IFU (information for use) documents translation, medical device manuals translation, clinical studies translation, medical patent localization, and clinical trial linguistic validation.

Our Spanish translators have strong linguistic backgrounds and deep life sciences knowledge (some of them are medical professionals such as doctors and medical researchers) to deliver the highest level of translation accuracy and technical precision.

White Globe has one of the language industry’s largest English-Spanish medical terminology dictionaries, allowing our professional Spanish translators to translate medical documents with confidence and speed.

Spanish Medical Document Translation Services

Do you need medical documents translated with accuracy from English to Spanish and vice versa? Then look no further than White Globe. We provide professional document translation services with quality and speed.

White Globe has developed an automated online workflow to process our clients’ medical documents with efficiency, such as translation memory leverage, file preparation, terminology management, project kick off, post-processing, and automatic DTP (formatting.)

The translation task is always performed by our professional Spanish human linguists who specialize in the related medical fields. The following is a list of medical documents White Globe translates between English and Spanish.

Hospital Document Translations
Medical Device Manual Localization
Clinical Trial Document Translation
Software Online Help Localization
Patient Consent Forms Translation
Multilingual Common Technical Document (CDT)
Clinical Study Translations
Medical Research Protocols Localization
Drug Label Translations
Hispanic Patient Records Translation
Electronic Health Records Translation
M4Q, M4S, & M4E Translations

Spanish Medical Interpretation Services

The rapid increase of the Hispanic population in the United States and Canada mandates hospitals and healthcare organizations to provide English-Spanish interpretation when providing medical services to patients whose native language is Latin American Spanish and who has difficulty communicating in English.

White Globe provides certified Spanish medical interpretation services over the phone (OTP) or on-site. Better yet, White Globe has developed a mobile app that makes scheduling for on-demand interpretation services super easy. Just download the White Globe app and see how your health care organization can finally obtain professional language interpretation support without breaking the bank.