White Globe: Your Global Gateway to Communication Excellence

White Globe stands at the forefront of the Asian market as the premier provider of transformative language and cultural solutions. With a remarkable portfolio spanning Translation, Localization, Multimedia, E-learning, Content Creation, Staffing/Recruitment, Training, and Interpretation services, we break down communication barriers across more than 350 languages (1000+ language pairs).

Our core mission is to be more than just language experts; we are cultural translators, fostering understanding and harmony in an increasingly interconnected world. We don't just work with corporations; we form profound connections with some of the world's most prominent brands, empowering them to foster deeper relationships with their customers.

From a network of over 500 cities worldwide, we seamlessly blend human expertise with cutting-edge machine intelligence. This harmonious partnership enables us to serve the diverse communication needs of over 2000 corporate clients on a global scale.
White Globe: Your bridge to the world, enriching every conversation with cultural finesse and linguistic precision.



White Globe aspires to stand tall as one of the premier global language service providers, firmly committed to delivering unparalleled excellence in translation, interpretation, and localization services.
Our unwavering dedication is to empower our valued clients by facilitating the localization and globalization of their businesses, forging meaningful partnerships to drive their success on a worldwide scale.


White Globe's mission is to offer its clients the best translation, interpretation, and localization services possible so businesses may grow internationally while gaining superior value by removing all linguistic and cultural barriers.

Our Story

At White Globe, we are not just language specialists; we are the architects of global connectivity and understanding. Our mission transcends mere translation and interpretation; we are linguistic virtuosos and cultural ambassadors. We are the bridge that connects the world's most prominent brands to their diverse customer bases, fostering profound and lasting connections.

With expertise spanning over 350 languages and an impressive array of 1000+ language pairs, our global network operates from more than 500 cities worldwide, seamlessly weaving together human ingenuity and machine intelligence. Our world-class platform is the conductor of a symphony involving over 100,000 passionate language and culture experts, 5,000 content creators, and 3,000 voice-over artists. Together, we collaborate with brands to craft culturally enriched experiences that resonate deeply.


Our commitment extends beyond language, as we delve deep into each word and extract rich context from every data point, ensuring that every message is not just heard but truly understood. We harness the power of people and augment it with cutting-edge technology to deliver resonance with unmatched speed, scale, and precision.

White Globe isn't just a translation service; we're a beacon of innovation in Translation, Localization, Multimedia, E-learning, Content Creation, Staffing/Recruitment, Training, and Interpretation. We leverage technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) to revolutionize our services, enhancing quality and relevance. We empower brands to achieve global relevance by blending the best of humanity and technology. Through our work, we help our clients connect with their communities, fostering brand awareness that goes beyond borders.

Our reputation is founded on trust, with top companies and over 2,000 global brands making us their partner of choice. From the realms of Manufacturing to Technology, Games & Apps to Life Sciences, we have left our mark, redefining industries and setting new standards. White Globe's track record speaks volumes, having translated and delivered over 1 billion words to more than 2,000 corporations worldwide. We've also provided more than 25,000 hours of Interpretation Services across various domains, including simultaneous, consecutive, over-the-phone, and video-remote interpretation, along with call center services, in over 50 languages. Additionally, many enterprise customers have entrusted us with the localization of their websites in more than 25 languages. Our multimedia projects, encompassing corporate videos, policy videos, animated content, subtitling, and voice-overs, have added a multilingual dimension to our diverse portfolio.