White Globe provides accurate Sanskrit translation services with speed so our clients can confidently engage Sanskrit speaking customers in India and globally with confidence.

Accurate Sanskrit Translations You Can Trust

White Globe is a quintuple ISO certified translation company providing expert Sanskrit language localization services to some of the world’s best-known brands. We have years of experience translating between English and Sanskrit for technical documents, websites, marketing materials, as well as modern digital content.

White Globe has a large team of professional native Sanskrit linguists and subject matter experts who are supported by our industry leading translation technologies to deliver the highest level of linguistic quality with efficiency.

Don’t trust your important business document translations to average language service companies. Poor Sanskrit translations can tarnish your international brands, leading to lost opportunities in overseas markets that can take years to recover.

White Globe professional Sanskrit translation services and solutions are backed by our years of experience in the localization industry as well as best-in-class processes and technologies.

Consistent and accurate Sanskrit translations can only be achieved by professional linguists with subject matter expertise matching the customer’s specialized industry fields.

On top of that, our cutting-edge, AI-powered translation technologies allow our expert Sanskrit linguists to dynamically check for terminology consistency, mistranslations, omissions, and grammar issues in real time as they translate, achieving significant improvement in project quality and efficiency without rounds of reviews and change implementation.

White Globe’ platform-based system automatically manages translation memory (TM) leverage so the same sentences are never translated twice for reduced costs and improved linguistic consistency.

Sanskrit Document Translation Services

Are you looking to translate your business documents such as legal contracts, product user manuals, or training documents from English into Sanskrit? Then look no further than White Globe.

We have the professional Sanskrit linguists, localization best practices, and industry-leading translation tools and technologies to get the job done with the highest quality.

White Globe processes a variety of document file formats such as MS Word, PowerPoint, InDesign, FrameMaker, XML, and more. In addition to accurate language translations, we also provide our clients with expert desktop publishing (formatting) services so the localized Sanskrit documents look professional.

White Globe has automated much of the document translation process so all you need to do is to upload your files onto our online portal to receive an instant Sanskrit translation quote.

Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved English-Sanskrit linguists are immediately assigned to begin translating. You can download the translated files with the click of a button.

Sanskrit Website Translation Services

White Globe provides enterprise scale website translation services in Sanskrit and all other India languages. Our CDN based translation solutions make the entire website localization process seamless and hassle free.

With White Globe, you no longer have to manually import and export content from your CMS system regardless if you’re using Drupal, WordPress, or other 3rd party content management platforms.

Our intelligent web crawler is able to crawl your site and extract content for translation automatically. Better yet, once your Sanskrit website is up and running, White Globe is able keep track of future updates and translate any new content on-demand and on a continuous basis.

Medical Translations in Sanskrit

White Globe provides certified Sanskrit medical translation services for a number of life science industries such as pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech, CRO, and healthcare.

We have a large team of professional Sanskrit linguists and subject matter experts who specialize in the medical fields for the highest linguistic accuracy and technical precision.

White Globe also has the world’s largest terminology management system with over 300,000 medical terms. We help the world’s leading life science companies confidently engage Indian customers with certified English-Sanskrit translations. Whether your need your IFUs, device labels, patient consent forms, or medical patents translated, we have the best English-Sanskrit localization solutions to meet all your medical translation needs.

Sanskrit Financial Services Translations

White Globe provides fast and accurate financial services translations between English and Sanskrit. Our experienced Sanskrit linguists are specially trained in a variety of financial disciplines such as international banking, insurance, accounting, as well as investment banking, allowing White Globe to deliver high quality financial translations on time and on budget.

Better yet, we’ve developed next-gen localization technologies so we can translate your bank statements, balance sheets, financial audit reports, and billing/payment records with scale without sacrificing linguistic consistency.

Our virtual data rooms allow our customers to manage their multilingual financial documents on the platform for the most efficient international financial operations.

Sanskrit Legal Translation Services

Are you looking to translate your privacy policies, terms of use, software licenses, technology patents, or other legal documents from English to Sanskrit or from Sanskrit into English? Then look no further than White Globe.

Our professional native linguists and legal subject matter experts specialize in translating your legal content with the highest level of linguistic accuracy. White Globe has stringent quality assurance processes and language localization best practices to ensure your legal content is translated precisely every time so you can confidently conduct your business across languages.

Our next-gen translation technologies are designed so the same source sentences are always translated consistently in Sanskrit, allowing you to save both time and money while achieving the best linguistic quality.