Are you looking for fast and professional Mandarin translation services to support your business operations in Greater China? Then look no further than White Globe, we help the world’s top companies translate business documents in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese with accuracy and speed, 24/7.

Best-in-Class Mandarin Translations

White Globe specializes in translating a variety of business content from English into Mandarin Chinese including websites, technical documents, training courses, software apps, and marketing collaterals. We have the single largest team of professional native Mandarin linguists and subject matter experts who are field-trained in translation and localization for all major industries such as medical, financial, legal, technology, retail, and manufacturing.

White Globe leads the translation industry with our next-gen translation management system (TMS) that automates non-essential human touch points, putting the emphasis back into creating quality, low-cost, and fast Mandarin translations for our customers.

Consistent quality Mandarin translations are indispensable to companies that must accurately and effectively communicate with Chinese customers to achieve Greater China business success. Poor Mandarin translations not only tarnish a company’s brand internationally, but lead to lost business opportunities that can take years to recover.

This is why you should not trust your Mandarin translation needs to average localization companies. White Globe is a premiere translation provider backed by our quintuple ISO certification and years of experience helping the world’s top companies succeed across languages.

We have the best Mandarin linguistic resources, cutting-edge language technologies, and mature localization methodologies to ensure all of your Mandarin translation needs are handled with quality and speed. We’re so confident you’ll like our Mandarin translation services that we offer our clients a complete customer satisfaction guarantee.

What Is the Difference between Mandarin and Chinese?

Within the language industry, Mandarin can mean either Simplified Chinese for Mainland China, or Translational Chinese for either Taiwan or Hong Kong. The word Mandarin is a colloquial or informal expression to describe the Chinese language.

However, since Mandarin can mean either Simplified or Translation Chinese, or both, care must be taken to ensure the correct language is specified when you order Mandarin translation services to prevent potential waste of time and money.

Typically, you can use the intended target market to decide the specific version of Chinese. If your translated document(s) will be distributed in Mainland China, specify Simplified Chinese. Conversely, if the localized materials are intended for Taiwan, select Traditional Chinese.

White Globe offers translation services in Traditional Chinese for both Taiwan and Hong Kong which have the two ISO two-letter language codes ZT and ZH. Make sure to select the right language versions when you order these services.

Mandarin Medical Translation Services

White Globe provides ISO 13485:2016 certified medical translation services for the life science industries. We have expert Mandarin medical linguists who specialize in pharmaceutical, medical devices, biotech, CRO, and healthcare industries.

Whether you need to translate IFUs, clinical outcome assessments, drug inserts, patient informed content, or medical patents from English into Mandarin or Mandarin into English, we have the linguistic talents and best-in-class processes to get the job done with the highest quality and speed.
White Globe helps the world’s leading life sciences companies succeed in the Greater China market.

Mandarin Financial Translations

Are you looking for a professional Mandarin translation company to localize financial documents between English and Mandarin Chinese with certified quality? Then look no further than White Globe, we understand the importance of accurate English-Mandarin translations to your cross-border financial services operations.

This is why we’ve assembled an expert team of English-Mandarin linguists and subject matter experts who are specially trained to translate financial content to meet all your translation needs. In addition to having the best linguistic resources, White Globe also employs industry-leading technological solutions such as financial terminology management, virtual data rooms, and in-context linguistic review to consistently achieve the best financial translation results on a continuous basis.

Mandarin Legal Translations

White Globe provides high quality English-Mandarin translation services for a variety of legal content including privacy policies, terms of use, business contracts, legal patents, as well as litigation support documents (such as information for patent infringement lawsuits.)

Most of our Mandarin legal translators have both a technical and legal background, allowing White Globe to consistently deliver the highest linguistic accuracy for all your legal content.

White Globe also has one of the largest legal terminology glossaries within the localization industry between English and Mandarin. We’ve developed cutting-edge technologies to translate large amounts of scanned legal documents with the best efficiency.

Simplified Chinese Translations

Simplified Chinese translations account for a major part of all Mandarin translation services on the market. This is due to the fact that China is now the second largest economy in the world and one of the largest in terms of global trade volumes.

White Globe helps some top Fortune 500 companies translate a variety of business documents from English into Simplified Chinese and vice versa. Whether you’re a pharmaceutical company, a financial institution, or a law firm, we have the linguistic resources and next-gen language technologies to ensure the best Simplified Chinese translations.

White Globe’s Mandarin Chinese translations can help turn your translation spend into strategic investment for your business success in China.