White Globe helps international companies to confidently engage Lithuanian customers with fast and accurate Lithuanian translation services.

Lithuanian Translations Made Easy

Translation services have obtained a bad reputation for being too slow, expensive, and unnecessarily complicated. This is why you need White Globe, the next-gen translation company for simpler, faster, and cost-effective enterprise language services.
White Globe has greatly simplified professional Lithuanian translations so companies can get their business documents translated in Lithuanian and all other Eastern European languages with quality and speed, at a fraction of the cost.

With White Globe, translating your content in Lithuanian is as simple as 1-2-3. We’ve developed the industry’s leading platform-based translation ecosystem to help our clients accelerate multilingual content development in over 350 languages. Simply upload your files from anywhere, specify the target languages, and White Globe will take care of the rest.

Our AI powered translation management system has automated unneeded human touch points within traditional localization workflows to deliver unrivaled localization performance.

White Globe goes beyond translation memory and terminology management to apply artificial intelligence and machine learning to many aspects of the translation process including file analysis, project scheduling, translation provisioning, and localization risk management.
Additionally, White Globe supports PEMT, allowing our linguists to easily score the quality of MT against a large number of linguistic metrics for machine learning and continued MT improvement.

Fast and Accurate Lithuanian Translations

White Globe delivers highly accurate Lithuanian translations because we have a large team of professional native Lithuanian linguists and subject matter experts with the right linguistic experience and industry domain expertise to consistently deliver the best linguistic quality.

We’re able to translate quickly because our AI powered translation management solutions streamline the entire translation workflow to deliver the best localization efficiency.

White Globe is ISO 9001 certified, and we have developed tried-and-true localization methodologies and best practices to deliver top-notch linguistic results. Lastly, White Globe owns the world’s largest terminology database to ensure the highest level of technical accuracy for medical, financial, legal, and manufacturing content.

Lithuanian Website Translations

Do you need your website translated from English into Lithuanian and other Eastern European languages, but don’t know how to get started? You’ve come to the right place. White Globe is a leading language service provider in professional website translation and localization solutions that provide a simpler and hassle-free process. Just tell us the URL you need translated and White Globe will automatically crawl your website to provide you with a quote in real time.

White Globe can translate your website with two options:
1) translation only,
2) end-to-end localization.

In either case, you never have to worry about exporting your content regardless if your website is developed in Drupal, WordPress, or other CMS systems. Contact us today to get a quote for translating your website in Lithuanian or other Eastern European languages.

Lithuanian Medical Translations

As an ISO 13485 certified localization company, White Globe delivers certified Lithuanian medical translation services. Our professional native medical linguists specialize in pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare, CRO, and biotech industries to deliver technically accurate translations on a consistent basis.

White Globe translates a variety of medical documents from English into Lithuanian including IFUs, device operating instructions, med tech software, drug packaging inserts, medical patents, clinical studies, and more.

Lithuanian Financial Translations

White Globe provides expert financial services translations between English and Lithuanian for international banking, overseas merger and acquisition, cross-border corporate finance, foreign exchange, and more.

We understand the importance of accuracy and security to our client’s financial translation requirements. White Globe has developed secure virtual data rooms so our clients can manage all of their content translation needs on the platform.

White Globe supports our Lithuanian linguists with financial terminology dynamically so they can always translate with confidence and speed. Better yet, White Globe allows our clients to save all translated content on the platform for future project leverage with improved consistency and efficiency, while reducing localization cost.