Best-In-Class Japanese Translation Services – Online and On-Demand

By providing the best Japanese translation services, White Globe assists the world’s leading corporations in engaging Japanese customers. We help our clients stay ahead of the competition in Japan by providing linguistically fluent and technically accurate English-Japanese translations at speed and scale, one professionally translated document at a time.

Accurate Japanese Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional translation company that can translate your product documents, marketing collateral, and eLearning content from English to Japanese and Japanese to English quickly and accurately? Then the White Globe is the place for you.

We have linguistic excellence, best-in-class localization processes, and next-generation language technology solutions to meet all of your Japanese translation needs with quality and speed. White Globe has one of the most extensive teams of certified native Japanese translators and subject matter experts ready to assist you in localizing your business content with linguistic accuracy and scale in a variety of industry fields.

White Globe is a five-time ISO-certified translation company that uses cutting-edge localization technology to deliver exceptional language service performance and ROI.

We’ve moved professional Japanese translation services for the medical, financial, high-tech, manufacturing, legal, and automotive industries to the cloud, making translations easier, faster, and more cost-effective on a larger scale.

Furthermore, the successful integration of next-generation AI-powered translation workflows for PEMT, translation memory, terminology management, and real-time in-context linguistic review is becoming increasingly important for achieving consistent, efficient, and high-quality English-Japanese translations on a continuous basis.

That’s why you need White Globe. We are the language industry leader in providing modern, agile, on-demand Japanese translation solutions that enable our clients to succeed in Japan and around the world.

Precision Japanese Translations Achieved

White Globe leads the language industry in providing our clients with linguistically accurate and technically precise English-to-Japanese translations. Experienced translators collaborate with subject matter experts specializing in the customer’s industries to produce the most accurate Japanese translations.

At the same time, White Globe provides our linguists with machine learning and data-driven language technologies in order to achieve quality, speed, and scalability. Our artificial intelligence-powered linguistic resource management system evaluates and categorizes pre-approved Japanese linguists based on industry specialization, such as medical, automotive, financial, and legal, and then continuously monitors their actual project performance for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, White Globe’s ground-breaking cloud-powered translation ecosystem scans translated segments in real-time for terminology errors, mistranslations, inconsistencies, linguistic expansions, and grammar and spelling issues.

Then, to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality, our cutting-edge in-project translation review dashboard enables our Japanese linguists to instantly review and edit translated words in context using the most recent HTML5 and responsive web designs.

We Translate These Documents

Our Japanese document translation services cover a wide range of content types, including technical, legal, marketing, and training, for a wide range of industries and domain fields. For all of our translation work, we only hire the most qualified Japanese linguists with both linguistic experience and strong subject-matter expertise.

Uses manuals (product manuals, operator instructions, information for use (IFU), shop manuals, installation guide)
eLearning and training documents (online and offline, multimedia, video, voice, MP4, subtitling, audio transcription)
Contracts (joint venture, technical transfer, merger and acquisition)
Legal and patent documents
Website (proxy website translation, WordPress)
Marketing materials

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