White Globe helps the world’s leading companies engage Japanese customers with the best Japanese translation services. We enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition in Japan with linguistically fluent and technically accurate English-Japanese translations at speed and scale, one professionally translated document at a time.

Accurate Japanese Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a fast and professional translation company to translate your product documents, marketing collateral, and eLearning content from English into Japanese and from Japanese into English with quality and speed? Then look no further than White Globe.

We have the linguistic excellence, best-in-class localization processes, and next-gen language technology solutions to meet all your Japanese translation needs with quality and speed. White Globe has one of the largest teams of certified native Japanese translators and subject matter experts who stand ready to help localize your business content in a variety of industry fields with linguistic accuracy and scale.

White Globe is a quintuple ISO certified translation company powered by industry leading localization technology innovations for unrivalled language service performance and ROI.

We've redefined professional Japanese translation services for medical, financial, high technology, manufacturing, legal, and automotive industries into the cloud model, delivering simpler, faster, and more cost-effective translations with scale.

Additionally, achieving consistent, efficient, and high-quality English-Japanese translations on a continuous basis increasingly depends on the successful integration of next-gen AI powered translation workflows for PEMT, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review in real time.

This is why you need White Globe. We're the language industry leader for modern agile, on-demand Japanese translation solutions that help our clients succeed in Japan and globally.

Meet a Few of Our Happy Customers

White Globe is proud to serve the quality translation needs of some of the world’s most successful companies in Japanese and many other languages. The following are just a few of our customers.

Precision Japanese Translations Achieved

White Globe leads the language industry in consistently providing our clients with linguistically accurate and technically precise English to Japanese translations. Accurate Japanese translations are best achieved by experienced translators with subject matter expertise specializing in the customer’s industries.

At the same time, White Globe supports our linguists with machine learning and data-driven language technologies to achieve quality, speed, and scalability. Our AI-powered linguistic resource management system uses big data to accurately evaluate and categorize pre-approved Japanese linguists by industry specialization such as medical, automotive, financial, and legal and then constantly monitors their actual project performance for continuous improvement.

Furthermore, White Globe game-changing cloud-powered translation ecosystem uses English-Japanese bilingual validation tools to dynamically scan translated segments for terminology errors, mistranslations, inconsistencies, linguistic expansions, and grammar and spelling issues in real time.

Next, our innovative in-project translation review dashboard allows our Japanese linguists to instantly review/edit translated words in context using the latest HTML5 and responsive web designs to achieve the highest level of linguistic quality.

Translating Japanese Online and On-Demand

In today’s rapidly growing digital economy, translation companies that only translate offline are doing a disservice to their customers. This is because modern language translation requirements including Japanese are agile and increasingly necessitated a very fast turnaround without sacrificing quality.

Offline translation models are static and too slow in meeting these dynamic and continuous translation requirements. White Globe is the world’s leading on-demand translation company powered by our cloud-based and mobile-enabled continuous translation technologies.

Our online translation system can automate most of the manual human touchpoints within the traditional localization workflow to deliver unrivalled Japanese translation performance.

Japanese Translation Trends

As the world’s 3rd largest economy heavily dependent on commercial import/export, Japan requires professional English-Japanese translation services more than any other country in the world relative to its national GDP to support international trade.

Like businesses in Germany, Japanese companies take great pride in building global brands that manufacture high-quality products around the world, creating a huge demand for new translation solutions that deliver improved linguistic quality, speed, and scalability. The digital transformation creates ample opportunities for a new range of Japanese media translation services.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing the way the localization industry does its work, from machine translation and real-time file analysis to automated linguistic resource management and workflow automation.

Unlike previous misconceptions that AI only has significance in machine translation (MT), in reality AI impacts every step of the Japanese translation process, from file preparation and translation reuse to translator assignment and automated linguistic validation.
White Globe is a leader in AI powered Japanese translation solutions that significantly improve our clients’ localization ROI.

Japanese Video Translation

80% of all internet content today is consumed in the form of video and Japan is no exception. Video is a great medium for international companies to conduct brand marketing, product demoing, and enterprise eLearning in Japan and on a global scale.

There is a huge demand for video translation services between English and Japanese that require fully streamlined workflows, such as automatic transcription with time codes, subtitling with SRT, and voice over.

White Globe is the first localizer within the language industry to introduce on-demand video translation solutions in Japanese and 350 other languages.

Post Edit Machine Translation (PEMT)

Let’s face it, professional Japanese translation is expensive. Prior to when CAT tools were first developed, companies used to charge $0.50 a word for English-Japanese translations. Machine translations have come a long way.

However, its quality is still insufficient to be customer facing. The good news is post -editing machine translation services or PEMT promises a great solution. This new translation process uses MT to pre-translate the text into Japanese.

Next, professional Japanese translators are brought in to edit the results so the final output has the highest linguistic quality.

On-Demand Japanese Translations

The digital economy has radically changed customer expectations with regards to fast delivery. More and more business processes call for agile development methodology, necessitating the need to translate incremental content with near real time turnaround.

The cloud and mobile technologies make very fast translations not only possible but inevitable. White Globe is an undisputed leader in on-demand English to Japanese translation services and no other translation company comes close to translating fast while delivering the highest linguistic quality.

Japanese Translations for Precision Manufacturing

Are you looking for professional translation services to translate Japanese user documentation and software applications for precision machines and instruments? Then look no further than White Globe.

We have hundreds of Japanese linguists specializing in semiconductor manufacturing, precision measuring instruments, and digital/analog devices. White Globe has one of the largest multilingual terminology databases for precision manufacturing to facilitate our Japanese linguists in consistently translating your content with authority.

Just send us the documents or upload files to our fully automated translation management system to receive an instant quote. Upon your approval, our pre-approved Japanese linguists will start translating immediately.

Japanese Automobile Translation Services

White Globe has expert experience translating the entire automotive supply chain between English and Japanese from auto parts such as antilock brakes (ABS) and exhaust systems to tires and internal combustion engines (ICE).

Furthermore, White Globe is one of the few companies that specialize in translating for both conventional and electric vehicles, as well as self-driving technologies. Unlike other manufacturing sectors, the auto industry produces large amounts of documentation per consumer regulation requirements that all need to be translated with quality.

This is why you need White Globe enterprise-grade localization solutions to translate automotive content with quality, speed, and scalability. Top automobile brands use White Globe for professional Japanese translation services to help expand in international markets with confidence.

English-Japanese Translations for Robotics

Robots powered with artificial intelligence (AI) and big data are poised to ignite the next global industrial revolution. As robots take over everyday business operations and services (including machine translation), they also create tremendous language translation and post-editing needs.

White Globe has experience translating installation instructions, owner’s manuals, as well as service-and-shop repair manuals in Japanese and all other European and Asian languages. For technical documentation, we offer full-service translation and PEMT (post-edit machine translation) solutions. Talk to us today for a customized solution for your Japanese robotics translation requirements.

Japanese Medical Translation Services

White Globe is quintuple ISO certified including ISO 13485:2016 certified translation company. We help the world’s top life science companies translate business documentation into Japanese including IFUs (information for use), medical device manuals, medical patents, and clinical trials.

White Globe owns the world’s largest multilingual medical terminology database with over 500K terms in over 350 languages. Our large team of experienced Japanese medial linguists are powered by White Globe agile and cloud-centric translation ecosystem so they can translate most efficiently for the best linguistic accuracy.

Japanese Financial Translations

Do you need professional Japanese to English translation services for your financial documents such as bank statements, tax audit reports, accounting records, or annual investor reports? Accurate translations of financial documents are often required for international regulatory compliance.

Often times, much of these overseas financial documents are in the form of scanned PDFs or other image files, complicating the translation process. This is why you need White Globe.

We’ve teamed up with ABBYY and Adobe to create the language industry’s leading multilingual document management system to process scanned financial documents with cloud OCR technologies.

Japanese Legal Translations

White Globe has years of experience translating legal content between English and Japanese, as well as Chinese-Japanese, and German-Japanese. We help our clients take the stress out of legal translations so they can go about their overseas business with confidence.

White Globe’s innovative, cloud-powered translation solutions allow our clients to centrally manage multilingual legal documents online for real-time search and easy reference. White Globe translates product license documents, terms of use, privacy policies, patents, and legal contracts and agreements.

The Japanese Translation Market

The volume of English to Japanese translation has consistently ranked one of the highest among all languages within the localization industry. This is because Japan has enjoyed a vibrant import/export-based economy over the last 50 years, generating significant language translation demand between English-Japanese, German-Japanese, and Chinese-Japanese.

Japan has the world’s third largest automotive and the biggest electronics manufacturing industries. In recent years, the country has emerged as a global leader in precision instruments, high-tech manufacturing, hybrid vehicles, and robotics.

All of these economic activities heavily depend on global supply chains for systems and parts/components, calling for language translation services across the board. Combined with international marketing/sales efforts for the finished products, Japanese language translation requirements account for a significant portion of worldwide localization spend.

According to industry studies, the annual Japanese translation spend is roughly $3.5 billion dollars and growing at a rapid pace. The biggest companies in terms of language translation spend include Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Panasonic, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, and Canon among others.

Compared to other European and Asian languages, Japanese per word translation rates are one of the most expensive due to higher labour cost and the fact that Japanese translating speed is generally slower.

Extensive Japan Presence

With office in Japan, and more than 2000+ language experts, White Globe provides professional and in-country Japanese document translation services for IT, life sciences, consumer electronics, manufacturing, automotive and a variety of other industry fields. We also have on-demand translators in all major Japanese cities for your document translation and on-site interpretation needs.

All Languages Support

We support translations between English and Japanese, Spanish and Japanese, German and Japanese Chinese and Japanese, and many others. In fact, we support professional quality translation services in over 350 languages. Just upload your documents to obtain an instant estimate. Our translators are always standing by to serve all of your translation needs.

We Translate These Documents

Our Japanese document translation services cover most content types, such as technical, legal, marketing and training, for most industries and domain fields. We only hire the most qualified Japanese linguists with both linguistic experience and strong subject matter expertise for all of our translation work.
Uses manuals (product manuals, operator instructions, information for use (IFU), shop manuals, installation guide)
eLearning and training documents (online and offline, m ultimedia, video, voice, MP4, subtitling, audio transcription)
Contracts (joint venture, technical transfer, merger and acquisition)
Legal and patent documents
Website (proxy website translation, WordPress)
Marketing materials