White Globe provides fast and accurate Estonian translation services to international companies - online and on-demand—so they can confidently expand business in Estonia and globally.

Big White Globe for Professional Estonian Translations

White Globe is a next-gen translation company that provides cost effective, fast, and simple translation services that deliver the best linguistic quality. Like e-commerce companies who have revolutionized traditional retail services, White Globe has redefined professional Estonian translations to an online model so getting your documents translated fast and professionally is now as easy as uploading your files onto our online platform.

White Globe provides 24/7 Estonian translations with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision.
Better yet, our highly transparent translation process allows our customers to have a voice in our language services by easily rating our performance. White Globe translates for some of the world’s leading companies between English and Estonian, Finnish and Estonian, Swedish and Estonian, and more.

Accurate Translations by the Best Estonian Translators

White Globe is powered by one of the largest teams of professional native Estonian translators within the language industry. This was achieved by our many years in the localization field and our industry leading technology systems that empower professional Estonian linguists to perform at their best.

In addition to their in-depth experience translating a variety of business documents, our Estonian linguists and subject matter experts specialize in our client’s industries to consistently deliver the best linguistic results.

White Globe AI-powered translation management system enables our Estonian linguists to translate with confidence and speed. White Globe provides our linguists with platform-based translation memory support, terminology management, and enterprise level PEMT solutions.

Certified Estonian Medical Translation Services

Are you looking for a ISO certified translation company to provide highly accurate Estonian translations for your medical documents, clinical studies, and medical patents? Then you’ve found the perfect translation agency.
White Globe is quintuple ISO certified including ISO 13485 certified. We specialize in translating IFUs, medical device manuals, clinical trial documents, and patient consent forms from English into Estonian and vice versa.

Whether you’re a pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, or clinical research organization, we have the language solutions to meet all of your Estonian translation service needs.
Better yet, White Globe is the undisputed leader for fast and on-demand medical translations with certified quality. Simply upload your documents onto our online portal to receive an instant Estonia medical translation quote.

Estonian Financial Services Translations

White Globe serves some of the leading financial services companies in international banking, insurance, cross-border M&A, as well enterprise accounting departments.
Our professional Estonian linguists specialize in translating a variety of financial services documents such financial audit reports, banking statements, business contracts, investor reports, SEC filing materials, corporate accounting documents, and more.

White Globe owns one of the largest financial terminology databases in the world so our professional Estonian linguists can translate financial content with accuracy and speed.
White Globe also understands that security is paramount to financial services companies and this is why we’ve created highly secure virtual data rooms to process financial documents in confidence.

Estonian Website Translation

White Globe has greatly simplified professional website translation and localization into all EU languages, including Estonian. Our proxy translation technology makes the entire website localization process fast, simple, and hassle-free.
Gone are the days when you had to manually export content for translation. Our proxy solutions automatically crawl your website content regardless if it is created in WordPress, Drupal, or other custom CMS systems.

Better yet, White Globe is able monitor your future updates and extract the new content automatically so our Estonian linguists can translate on-demand, allowing your localized website to always stay current with the latest changes.