White Globe provides accurate English translation services covering a full spectrum of business content that deliver unrivaled speed and scalability. We translate between English and 350 other languages on-demand and 24/7.

Professional English Translations You Can Trust

There are thousands of translation companies on the market, all claiming to provide the best quality, speed, and price. How do you know which ones to trust? You’ve spent time and money planning and developing your products and services, the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to translate your marketing materials and technical documents into other languages with mediocre quality and prolonged turnaround.

This is why you need White Globe. We have the linguistic excellence, localization best practices, and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver the highest quality English translation service results. White Globe provides fast and professional language translations between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and French, and a variety of other language pairs for our clients’ mission critical content in medical, financial, legal, technology, manufacturing industry fields, and more.

White Globe is a next-gen translation company that leverages the combined power of our large team of professional in-country linguists and native subject matter experts with modern, AI-enabled language technologies to deliver the highest level of English translation accuracy while achieving unrivaled localization efficiency and fast turnaround.

As a quintuple ISO certified translation company, White Globe mature translation processes are reinforced by online translation memory, terminology management, in-context linguistic review, and a variety of dynamic language validation solutions.

We’re the world’s leading on-demand English translation company, enabling our clients to stay ahead of the competition in global markets all around the world. In fact, White Globe is so confident about our service offerings we have compiled a best translation services guide for your perusal.

Online English Translation

Are you still translating your business documents between English and Arabic, English and French, and English and Japanese using outdated, offline translation processes?
Then you’re missing out on the tremendous linguistic quality improvements and productivity gains that modern platform translation solutions afford to language localization for improved time-to-market and increased bottom line.

White Globe is a leader in next-gen online translation solutions, delivering 24/7, always-on language services essential to our clients’ multilingual global operations in today’s digital economy. To get your document professionally translated in English, simply follow three easy steps:
1) Upload your files onto our online translation portal and specify the target languages and subject domain field to receive an instant quote.
2) Monitor translation progress anytime from your mobile or desktop devices.
3) Download your translated files.

We Translate All European and Asian Languages into English

White Globe provides expert English translation services from all EU and Asian languages, such as German to English, Swedish to English, Japanese to English, and Chinese to English.

To ensure the highest linguistic quality, we only use English translators with English as their native tongue. Using professional linguists that are native English speakers ensures translated English text has the highest linguistic accuracy and cultural fluency.

White Globe translates a variety of business documents into English such as international contract agreements, product user manuals, and marketing collaterals, as well as financial and legal documents.

We own one of the largest technical terminology databases within the language industry covering all major industries and subject domain fields for the highest English translation accuracy. The following is a list of languages that White Globe translates to and from English.
Arabic (AR)
Chinese, Simplified (ZS)
Czech (CS)
Danish (DA)
Dutch (NL)
English (EN)
English, UK (UE)
Finnish (FI)
French (FR)
German (DE)
Italian (IT)
Japanese (JA)
Korean (KO)
Norwegian (NO)
Polish (PL)
Portuguese, Brazilian (PB)
Russian (RU)
Spanish (ES)
Swedish (SV)
Thai (TH)
Vietnamese (VI)

We Support Translation in All English Languages

White Globe provides professional translation services in all English languages such as American English, British English, Australian English, and Canadian English. Even though these English language versions share much in common, there are linguistic differences that must be taken into consideration in order to deliver the best local customer experience.

For example, in addition to spelling and pronunciation differences, US and UK English differ in many expressions as well as grammar, syntactic, and cultural constructs and standards.

White Globe has expert English translators in all major English-speaking countries, allowing our clients to obtain the most authentic English translations that resonate with the intended local customers.

We’ve made it easy for you to select the desired English language when you order your translation projects; simply select the desire target country, White Globe will assign the right linguists to translate your content with quality and speed.

English Medical Translation

White Globe provides accurate English medical translation services for pharmaceutical, medical devices, healthcare, and biotech industries. We’re quintuple ISO certified including ISO 13485:2016, having language localization best practices and cutting-edge translation technological solutions.

White Globe also has a large, experienced team of professional English translators specializing in life science fields to provide linguistically fluent and technically precise medical translations for the world’s leading health brands.
We translate all medical documents to and from English such as IFUs (information for use), labelling, medical patents, patient consent forms, and clinical research documents.

English Financial Translation

Do you need certified English financial translations for banking, investment, insurance, or corporate finance operations? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide best-in-class financial services translations between English and 350 other languages. White Globe has greatly streamlined the translation process for your financial document localization onto the modern platform.

You can simplify upload your files and specify the target languages to receive an instant quote. Upon your confirmation, our pre-approved English financial services translators will begin translating immediately. White Globe supports both translation memory and terminology management so your content is always translated with consistency, speed, and competitive service.

English Legal Translation

In today’s global marketplace, businesses need a variety of legal documents such as commercial contracts, non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, technology patents, and international litigation support materials translated from German, Spanish, French, and Japanese into English and vice versa.

To ensure the most accurate English legal translation services, look no further than White Globe. We have a large team of professional native English legal linguists who specialize in a variety of disciplines with international laws to ensure all of your legal jargons and technical contents are translated with precision.
In fact, some our English legal linguists are attorneys or paralegals themselves, allowing White Globe to provide high quality English legal translations with authority.

English Document Translation

White Globe is a leader in applying the latest digital technologies to your English document translation needs for unrivaled speed and scalability. Our AI-powered translation management system streamlines and automates the entire document localization process to deliver the best English document translation services in terms of simplicity and speed while achieving the highest level of linguistic accuracy.

White Globe intelligent translation ecosystem allows our clients to drag and drop their electronic document files such as Word, InDesign, PowerPoint, or PDF to get them translated fast and hassle free.

We also support scanned files and use OCR (optical character recognition technologies) to automatically convert the text to editable formats for the most efficient translation process.