White Globe provides the best Chinese legal translation services with quality and speed so law firms and corporate legal teams can confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers. We translate a full range of legal documents between English and Chinese for international litigation support, patent infringement lawsuits, corporate law practices, cross-border contract negotiations, and regulatory compliance.

Accurate Chinese Legal Translations You Can Trust

Are you a law firm or corporate legal team in need of translation for your legal documents between English and Simplified Chinese with certified accuracy? Look no further than White Globe. We have one of the largest teams of professional English-Chinese legal translators and law subject matter experts, enabling the most reliable legal translations at fast speeds and affordable prices.

White Globe’s professional legal translation best practices include translation memory support, terminology management, and subject matter review/editing, allowing our professional English-Chinese translators to consistently deliver the highest quality legal translations with optimal efficiency.

White Globe is a leader in applying the latest machine learning and AI technologies to our professional legal translation process to harness the power of machine-human capabilities, delivering Chinese legal translation performance that’s better than ever.

White Globe’ Chinese legal translation workflow supports reuse of previously translated content, allowing our clients to obtain consistent translations with reduced cost and turnaround time. Standard legal text often contains similar words and identical expressions, which are ideal for translation memory leverage so that previously translated content can be recycled for the best result.

The vast linguistic differences between English and Simplified Chinese in terms of grammar, syntactical construct, and legal expressions make terminology management an essential requirement for quality legal English to Chinese translations.

White Globe’s powerful online translation platform supports both translation memory and real-time terminology processing, allowing our professional legal translators to deliver the most accurate English-Chinese legal translations without sacrificing efficiency.

Talk to one of our Chinese legal translation consultants today and see how White Globe can transform your law related translation operations into concrete steps for your international success.

A Few of Our Legal Customers

White Globe is trusted by a large number of law firms and corporate legal teams for their mission-critical legal translation requirements in Chinese and variety of other languages. The following are just a few of our legal clients.

Chinese Legal Document Translation

White Globe’ professionally trained English-Chinese legal linguists excel at translating a variety of legal documents with quality and speed. The following are some of the legal documents we translate from English to Simplified Chinese and from Chinese to English. In addition to language translation, we also provide legal glossary development and desktop publishing (DTP), so the translated documents are formatted professionally in the target language.
Argumentative question (争论性的问题)
Affidavit (宣誓书)
Abstract (摘要)
Commercial agreements (商业协议)
Appraisal (估价)
Audit reports (审计报告)
Bill of lading (提货单)
Circumstantial evidence (间接证据)
Contract (合同)
Discovery (告知准备使用的证据)
Informed consent (知情的同意)
Joint venture agreement (合资协议)
Mortgage agreement (抵押协议)
Non-compete agreement (竞业禁止协议)
Non-disclosure agreement (保密协议)
Patent (专利)
Power of attorney (授权书)
Purchase agreement (购买合同)
Real estate purchase agreement (房地产购买协议)
Sales agreement (销售合同)
Separation agreement (分居协议)
Shareholder agreement (股东协议书)
Trademark (商标)

English-Chinese Legal Interpretation

In addition to written translation services, White Globe provides expert legal interpretation for law firms and courts between English and Mandarin Chinese.

We have a large team of certified legal interpreters who’re specially trained for a range of legal interpretation requirements, including simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, courtroom interpretation, over-the-phone, as well as video-based interpretation.

White Globe has invested substantial time and money developing our next-generation interpretation solutions that simplify the way attorneys and law professionals schedule for legal interpretation services online and on-demand.

For customers that require regular legal interpretation support between English and Chinese, White Globe can also provide tailor-made solutions to meet their on-going language interpreting needs.

Chinese Patent Translation Services

Are you a patent law firm or technology company in need of professional patent translation services from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English to protect your intellectual property in China and international markets? Look no further than White Globe.

We provide top notch Chinese patent translation services with certified accuracy. You’ve invested hundreds and thousands of dollars for your inventions and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to translate your technical patents between English and Chinese with mediocre results.

The good news is you don’t have to. White Globe has the linguistic professionals, subject matter experts, and best-in-class translation processes to deliver the highest legal patent translation ROI.