White Globe helps global companies engage customers in Canada with fast and professional English and Canadian French translations while achieving compliance with dual language regulations.

Accurate Canadian Translation Services You Can Trust

Are you doing business in Canada and need to produce bilingual content in both English and French Canadian to engage local customers and stay compliant with Canada’s dual language laws and regulations? Then look no further than White Globe.

We provide expert Canadian language translation services with accuracy and speed for a variety of contents such as technical documents, marketing collateral, websites, eLearning courses, videos, and software applications, as well as over the phone interpretation.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional English-Canadian French linguists and bilingual subject matter experts who specialize in our clients’ industries and domain fields to deliver linguistically fluent and technically precise translations on-time and on budget.

We have streamlined professional Canadian translation services onto the platform using our industry leading online translation management platform. White Globe supports terminology management and translation memory to ensure the most accurate language translations while achieving linguistic accuracy, consistency, and reducing project turnaround time and cost.

Canada is among a number of countries in the world that have two or more official languages. The Official Language Act of 1969 stipulates companies and organizations doing business in Canada are legally required to accurately translate product labels, user manuals, training courses, websites, and video contents between English and Canadian French.

This is why you need White Globe. We have the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and cutting-edge language technologies to ensure the most efficient Canadian translations with the highest level of linguistic quality, without breaking the bank.

Simply upload your documents to our translation portal to receive a free instant quote. Upon your confirmation, our professional Canadian English-French translators with the right subject matter expertise are immediately assigned to translate your content online and on-demand. You can download the translated document with the click of a button. For enterprise Canadian translation requirements or large volume English-French Canadian localization needs, we assign a dedicated team of Canadian linguists called myTeam to deliver the best translation results on a consistent basis.

French Canadian Translation

White Globe has a large team of professional English and French Canadian translators and bilingual subject matter experts who specialize in a variety of industries and technical domain fields to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate translations for financial, medical, legal, manufacturing, and many other business categories.

We have greatly simplified English and Canadian French translation services using a fully automated online workflow to achieve the highest efficiency and scalability. Our intelligent, platform-based translation management platform automatically analyses document files in a variety of formats and subject fields to produce translation quotes instantly.

Our system has automated the entire workflow for French Canadian translations such as linguist’s assignment, real-time translation memory leverage, terminology management, in-context linguistic review, and post-processing such as DTP (desktop publishing) and PDF conversion.

Big Moves for Your Canadian Translation Success

As an enterprise company doing business in Canada, quality and effective language translations between English and Canadian French cannot rely on ad hoc approaches, which are often inadequate to ensure the most streamlined bilingual operations on a continuous basis.

Failure to accurately translate your product labels, user guides, or websites all the time so the content is available in both English and French Canadian can lead to fines or cancelled business licenses.

This is why enterprise Canadian translation services that deliver the best linguistic results on-time and on-budget while achieving scale require a systematic process, as well as modern digital translation innovations.

White Globe is a leader in next-gen translation technologies that help our clients organize translation activities, streamline localization processes, and drive translation performance to a high level of multilingual success.

We help companies achieve the best Canadian translation results on an on-going basis.

Get Organized Organize translation memory, glossaries, translation style guides, linguistic resources, language references, and localization spend all in one place.

Streamline Process Optimize translation workflows for the best efficiency. Automate file handoffs, quotations, linguistic reviews, and project management on the platform.

Improve Performance Eliminate waste with lean localization for faster delivery. Gain visibility on risks and stay proactive with change management for continuous improvement.

Online Canadian Translation Service

Given the frequent and large volume translation requirements for the Canadian market, the language industry very much needs a modern solution to meet this growing demand most efficiently.

Old fashioned, offline translation models are no longer sufficient to achieve optimal Canadian translation services quality, speed, and scalability. The good news is there are a number of fast growing online translation agencies like White Globe who can fill the void.

White Globe has redefined language translation to an easy-to-use online process. We are leading company in the language industry for next-gen, on-demand, agile, and always on translation solutions on the platform that allow our clients to receive Canadian translation services 24/7 for unrivalled localization performance and ROI.