White Globe provides linguistically fluent and culturally competent travel & tourism translation services for global travel agencies, international airports, transportation, hotels, general tourism, online travel booking websites and more.

White Globe Tourism Translations

Your visitors come from all corners of the world and we know how to talk to them: White Globe can localize at all stages of the travel experience, whether that be translating travel packages, airline brochures or travel reviews. We deliver quality, efficiency, and breadth of experience for every project.

Accurate Aviation Translations for the Best International Traveller Experience

Are you an airline company, aircraft manufacturer, or international airport operator in need of translating a variety of customer facing documents into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or any other European or Asian languages? Then look no further than White Globe.

We have the linguistic resources and language technology solutions to guarantee all your aviation business documents are translated with accuracy and speed. We offer complete aviation translation solutions for online flight ticket booking, cabin menus and duty free catalogues, aircraft manuals, and airport guiding documents.

Travel E-Commerce

Travel is by nature global. Your travel site should be global too. White Globe’s translation platform is tailor-made for translation service for travel sites. We can translate service or product descriptions, testimonials, marketing materials, demo videos, flight information, and travel packages, to name just a few. Regardless of the volume of translation, White Globe can take your content and prepare it for a global audience.

Boutique travel sites, tour companies, travel agencies, smaller vendors, and aggregator sites can all use White Globe as a quick, easy, and affordable translation platform for their online and offline content. White Globe’ quick turnaround time allows you to keep your travel information up-to-date in real time. White Globe offers continuous translation at its best.


Let White Globe help you expand your culinary venture beyond domestic borders! We pay attention to local tastes and preferences to make sure that your food is presented in the most appealing way.

Our localization services can help you target and service customers of any linguistic or culinary background. White Globe can localize anything from brochures, marketing materials, food apps, delivery apps, menus, food packaging, user reviews and ratings, and more.


White Globe can localize all aspects of the flying experience, from in-flight entertainment services, publications, or safety information.
White Globe’s mobile translation model allows for the fastest translation turnaround time in the industry. For time sensitive material such as flight information, flash sales, flight deals, or customer support, White Globe can ensure that your content will be delivered in your desired language pairs on time. White Globe makes sure that all airline customers are treated like first-class passengers. Your satisfaction is our priority.

User Reviews

Positive user reviews are one of the most powerful channels through which to retain old customers and attract new ones.

White Globe translates user-generated content such as user reviews, travel blogs, testimonials, and other online and social media coverage of your travel services so that your online presence remains works to your advantage.

Our mobile translation model is one of the first to target user-generated content so that businesses finally have a way for sharing user experiences with other users around the world.

Interpretation services

White Globe offers Interpreter for your Business and Leisure Trips. A White Globe Interpreter is ideal for trade fairs, business meetings, settling down as an expat or simply getting a tour guide four you and your family.

What we offer
  • Extremely fast project turnaround
  • Unprecedented translation scalability
  • Digital content and social media translation adept
  • Higher quality with bilingual subject matter experts
  • Competitive service through efficiency
  • Mobile translation enabled

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