White Globe provides fast and professional 5G translation services to the world’s leading 5G equipment manufacturers and network operators that accelerate international success.

5G Technologies Translated Right

5G is the new future. It promises dramatically boosted data communication speed essential to a whole host of new technology products and applications such as self-driving cars, big data powered artificial intelligence, smart IoTs (Internet of Things), and much more. However, to achieve first-mover advantage and capture a bigger share of the international wireless communication market of the future, 5G companies must translate a variety of technical documents, patents, training presentation, and marketing materials between English and other languages. This is why you need White Globe.

We’re the Asia’s leading language service provider for 5G that delivers the highest level of linguistic quality and efficiency. 5G companies understand the importance of speed and language translation increasingly has a major impact on the timely deployment of products and services on a global scale. Old fashioned translation services that rely on manual, offline, and outdated translation workflows can no longer meet today’s agile, always-on, and continuous 5G product R&D cycles.

White Globe has introduced on-demand 5G translation services that help technology companies accelerate international product launches. We have one of the largest teams of professional native translators and telecom subject matter experts who’re supported by our industry-leading translation innovations to deliver best 5G translation and localization ROI.

Accurate 5G Document Translations

Does your company manufacture 5G modems, base stations, wireless chips, or test equipment? Chances are you need a variety of 5G related documents translated between English and Chinese, English and Spanish, English and Swedish, and many other languages.

White Globe provides accurate documents translations for a variety of 5G products including access equipment, test appliances, and radio transmission devices. We have the linguistic experts and innovative translation technologies to ensure all your technical documents are translated accurately and consistently, all the time.

5G Patent Translation Services

The Fifth Generation revolution opens up numerous innovation possibilities, generating tremendous business opportunities for companies that invest in 5G research and development (R&D). White Globe has years of experience translating intellectual property materials and patents in all Asian and European languages. We’ve streamlined the entire technology patent translation process on the cloud, allowing our clients to easily translate and manage multilingual patents with the best efficiency.

Whether your patents are related to next-gen cellular network technology, 5G-powered artificial intelligence, virtual reality, or Internet of Things (IoT), we have the linguistic processionals and subject matter experts to translate your 5G patents with accuracy and speed. One of the primary purposes of patent translation is to protect your inventions with languages that’re broad enough to cover your intellectual property without giving away the specifics of your invention. White Globe has the experience helping the world’s leading technology companies secure international patent protections with confidence.

5G eLearning Courses Localization

Is your company producing 5G training and teaching materials to educate international customers, partners, or even end users for overseas marketing, sales, and product support? Then look no further than White Globe, We provide the complete set of eLearning translation and localization solutions for all your multilingual 5G learning contents. In additional text translations, White Globe also provides voice-over and subtitling services in Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, and over 350 other languages for translated training courses that involve videos. Contact our professional sales consultants today to obtain a quote to translate your next 5G eLearning course with quality and speed.

5G Government Submissions Translation

As a regulated industry, 5G cellular communications companies often need to submit technical documents to government agencies and international authorities for business licenses and regulation compliance. Let White Globe translate your 5G government documents with accuracy and speed. We have expert linguistic experts who’re highly experienced translating telecommunication documents for regulatory submissions in Spanish, Chinese French, Swedish, Japanese and all European and Asian languages.

5G Mobile Phone Localization

White Globe helps three of the world’s top mobile phone manufacturers translate their smartphones into over 350 languages including OS software and mobile apps. We offer end-to-end mobile phone localization solutions spanning language translation, localization testing, and cultural adaptation. The next-gen 5G mobile devices usher in a whole range of new features and functions that all need to be accurately localized with speed to ensure the best international customer experience and capture global market share. This is why you need to talk to White Globe and see how we can help you bring your 5G smartphones to foreign markets with confidence.

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