White Globe provides accurate mining translation services with speed in over 350 languages. Our mining translation and localization solutions cover the entire mining ecosystem, from mineral, metal ore extraction, to milling, smelting, and transportation, as well as metallurgy, mining equipment, mining automation technologies, and metals trading.
There are approximately:

  • 3,600+ mining companies
  • 6,000+ operating mines
  • 35,000+ mining properties
Accurate Mining Translations You Can Trust

The mining industry is one of the most globally distributed business sectors in the world—from iron ore mining in Australia and copper mines in Peru, to rare earth mines in China, and gold, diamond mining in South Africa. Multinational mining companies depend on professional language translations between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and Afrikaans, English and Vietnamese, and many other languages to support international business operations and engage customers globally. White Globe provides expert mining translation services with quality and speed for a variety of technical content within the mining supply chain, such as drilling SOPs, job site automation software, worker safety training courses, and mining equipment manuals.

White Globe has the professional translators and subject matter experts who specialize in translating for all areas of the mining ecosystem: extraction, milling, smelting, and transportation. We also support translation memory and mining terminology management on our Lang Tech platform, allowing our clients to consistently receive the best quality translation results with faster turnaround time and reduced localization costs. Our subject matter expertise with leading edge technology platform and translation management system allows mining companies to centrally manage all their globalisation activities, including project tracking, multilingual document management, and translation spend monitoring, all in one convenient place. White Globe helps mining businesses accelerate international growth and stay ahead of the competition by deploying multilingual documents in all languages with efficiency and scale.

Mining Equipment Translation Services

If you are a mining equipment manufacturer and need your machinery product owner’s manuals, safety instructions, and operator training videos translated with quality between English and Japanese, English and Spanish, English and Hindi, and a variety of other languages? Then look no further than White Globe. We have the professional translators and multilingual mining subject matter experts to provide accurate language translation services for all major mining equipment and machine tools such as hydraulic excavators, underground drilling rigs and bolters, continuous miners, road headers, and rock cutting machines, as well as hauling, tunnelling, quarrying equipment. White Globe uses dynamic translation memory and terminology management to ensure your technical content is translated accurately and consistently at scale and without breaking the bank.

The modern mining industry relies on a large variety of sophisticated machinery equipment to extract, mill, smelt, and haul earth materials to achieve production efficiency. These advanced mining equipment and complex machinery tools come with large amounts of technical documentation for a variety of operational instructions, such as repair, maintenance, safety, and regulatory compliance. Many countries have stringent mining machinery regulations, such as the European Union’s Machinery Directive, requiring equipment manufacturers to produce translated documentation before the equipment can be marketed in the local markets.

White Globe has the linguistic resources, localization best practices, and cutting-edge language technologies to ensure that all your mining equipment documentation is translated with the highest level of linguistic accuracy and technical precision.

Mining Automation Translation

Traditional mining involves many manual processes to manage equipment, systems, production, and people, resulting in higher costs and lower efficiency. This is why major multinational mining companies are employing automation solutions to streamline mining operations for optimal performance by seamlessly managing processes, asset health, safety, energy efficiency, OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) and ROA (return on assets).

White Globe has in-depth experience and expertise translating mining automation systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software in over 350 languages. Our next-gen in-context translation solutions allow our professional mining linguists to view the actual automation software screens in real time while they translate the user interface strings, ensuring the most accurate translations the first time around. In addition to UI translation, we also help our clients translate online help and user manuals. Our end-to-end enterprise software localization solutions also cover localized software testing for linguistic, cosmetic, and function validation.

Digital Mining Translation

The global digital mining market is estimated to be worth $10 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 and is growing at 13% annually. Digital solutions have applications in the entire mining value chain including exploration, mine development, extraction, ore processing, logistics, and sales marketing. Digital mining uses AI, deep learning, machine vision, 3D modelling, and advanced sensors to operate self-driving vehicles or remotely controlled robotic mining equipment in underground mines to conduct exploration, real-time materials analysis, and drilling operations that used to be performed by miners. This not only reduces miner bodily injuries but improves overall mining productivity.

White Globe helps our clients translate a range of digital mining solutions from software interfaces to hardware user manuals so they can be deployed in all international markets. Our cutting edge translation management system allows our clients to conveniently manage all their multilingual assets in one central place.

Metallurgy Translation Services

A big part of the mining industry focuses on using metallurgy, a branch of materials science and engineering, to improve operational outcomes and reduce mining costs. Globally, mining companies are facing increasingly challenging requirements for working with dwindling resources, lower-grade ores, mining complexity, and tighter regulatory compliance. By developing better technologies and solutions to most effectively leverage the physical and chemical properties of metallic elements to form new compounds and alloy mixtures, mining companies and material manufactures will be able to maximize output and get ahead faster in global markets.

White Globe helps our mining clients translate a variety of metallurgy related technical documents such as standard operating procedures, safety guides, technology patents, as well as eLearning and training courses in all European, Asian, and Latin American languages.

Environment Translation for Mining

The mining industry is heavily regulated due to its significant impact on the natural environment, such as water contamination, biodiversity loss, soil erosion, air pollution, and other environmental consequences. Mining companies must follow strict environmental protection codes and develop mining best practice and methods to minimize impact on the environment. All of these activities require detailed technical documentation for regulatory submissions and compliance with international laws. For multinational mining companies, these environmental reports and studies must be translated accurately into the local target languages.

White Globe has a large team of professional translators and subject matter experts to translate environmental assessment documents, EIA guidelines, land rehabilitation reports, and disaster prevention and recovery procedures between English and Spanish, English and Hindi, and many other languages.

Mining eLearning Translation

If you are looking to train your international customers on operating mining equipment or educate your international workforce for mining safety? Chances are you need a variety of eLearning courses translated into Spanish, Chinese, or Vietnamese.

White Globe is a leader in professional eLearning translation services, delivering end-to-end multimedia localization solutions including transcription, translation, subtitling, voice over, and video dubbing services. We also have experience localizing quizzes and online customer surveys for mono and bidirectional languages like Arabic and Hebrew.

Rare Earth Translation Services

Rare earth metals play a critical role in modern high-tech manufacturing for a full range of consumer products such as electric cars, smart phones, and next generation IoTs (Internet of Things.)

White Globe professional mining translation services cover the entire supply chain for mined rare earth elements from extraction, processing, and international trade, as well as product engineering and manufacturing. We have the linguistic experts, localization best practices, and enterprise translation management solutions to deliver the complete, accurate, and scalable multilingual rare earth communications our clients need to successfully execute product launches in international markets and stay ahead of the competition.

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