Welcome to White Globe, where we specialise in providing comprehensive language and multimedia solutions tailored to the unique needs of non-profit organisations. With our extensive network of over 100,000 native language experts, 5,000+ content writers, and 3,000+ voice-over artists across more than 350 languages, we empower non-profits to spread their message globally. Our Quintuple ISO certification ensures the highest standards of quality and reliability, making us a trusted partner for more than 2,500 enterprise clients, including 50 Fortune 500 companies.

Our Multimedia Services for Non-Profits

Awareness Campaign Videos: Create impactful videos that highlight the issues your organisation addresses, designed to resonate emotionally with viewers and inspire action.

Educational Animations: Use engaging 2D and 3D animations to explain complex social, environmental, or health-related topics in a straightforward and accessible manner.

Voice-Over and Localization Services: Reach a global audience by localising your content into multiple languages, ensuring your message is understood by stakeholders regardless of their native language.

Documentary Features: Produce compelling documentary-style videos that tell the stories of the individuals or communities your organisation supports, providing a deep, personal connection to your cause.

Training and Instructional Videos: Develop informative and easy-to-understand training materials for volunteers or staff, enhancing the effectiveness of your programs.

Fundraising Videos: Craft persuasive fundraising appeals that demonstrate the impact of donations and encourage viewers to contribute financially to your mission.

Event and Live Stream Coverage: Broadcast your fundraising events, conferences, or community gatherings live, engaging donors and supporters who cannot be there in person.

Testimonials and Impact Videos: Showcase the success stories and testimonials from beneficiaries of your services, highlighting the tangible impacts of your work.

Why Choose White Globe?

Tailored Solutions for Non-Profits: We understand the challenges and constraints specific to the non-profit sector and provide cost-effective solutions designed to maximise impact.

Global Communication Capabilities: Our ability to offer services in over 350 languages means your organisation can effectively communicate and operate internationally.

Technological Excellence: We utilise the latest multimedia production technology to produce high-quality content that captures attention and engages emotionally.

Dedicated to Quality and Impact: Our Quintuple ISO certifications affirm our commitment to delivering excellence in every project, supporting your mission to make a difference.

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