Welcome to White Globe, where unparalleled expertise meets cutting-edge multimedia solutions specifically designed for the heavy machinery sector. Our expansive network of over 100,000 native language experts, 5,000+ content writers, and 3,000+ voice-over artists across 350+ languages enables us to craft bespoke content showcasing your heavy machinery's power and precision. Our Quintuple ISO certification affirms our commitment to excellence and innovation, making us the partner of choice for over 2,500 enterprise clients, including industry leaders among the Fortune 500.

Customised Multimedia Services

High-Definition Product Videos: Bring your heavy machinery to life with stunning high- definition videos that highlight your equipment's strength, efficiency, and technological advancements. These videos are perfect for demos, trade shows, and online marketing.

3D Animations and Simulations: Demonstrate complex machinery operations and processes with detailed 3D animations and simulations. From assembly line operations to in-depth machinery walkthroughs, our animations provide clear, engaging visual explanations.

Professional Voice-Over and Localization Services: Communicate effectively with a global audience through our professional voice-over and localisation services. Tailor your content to speak directly to stakeholders in over 350 languages, ensuring your message resonates worldwide.

Corporate Videos: Tell your brand's story with compelling corporate videos that showcase your history, vision, and commitment to quality and innovation in the heavy machinery industry.

Virtual Tours and Interactive Presentations: Offer stakeholders an immersive experience with virtual tours of your manufacturing facilities and interactive presentations of your machinery. Utilise VR technology to engage potential clients and investors like never before.

Training and Safety Modules: Ensure operators and technicians have access to comprehensive training and safety information with our e-learning modules. Our content supports skill development and workplace safety, from operational tutorials to safety protocol reviews.

Marketing and Promotional Content: Captivate your target market with creative marketing videos and animations. Highlight new product launches, special promotions, and key features of your machinery to drive engagement and sales.

Testimonials and Case Studies: Build credibility and trust through video testimonials from satisfied customers and detailed case studies of successful projects. Showcase the impact and value of your machinery in real-world applications.

Social Media Content: Maintain an active and engaging presence on social media platforms with tailored video content. Share insights, industry news, and behind-the-scenes looks at your machinery.

Technical Explainer Videos: Our clear and concise explainer videos simplify complex machinery features and technical specifications for a non-technical audience, enhancing understanding and appreciation of your heavy machinery's capabilities.

Why Choose White Globe?

Industry-Specific Expertise: Our deep understanding of the heavy machinery sector informs every project, ensuring your multimedia content effectively communicates your product's unique selling points.

Global Reach with Local Precision: With content available in over 350 languages, we ensure your message is accurately conveyed, respecting each market's linguistic and cultural nuances.

Cutting-Edge Multimedia Technology: Employing the latest in video production, 3D animation, and virtual reality, we deliver content that captures attention and conveys your message with impact.

Commitment to Quality: Our Quintuple ISO certification is a testament to our dedication to delivering services that meet the highest international standards of quality and innovation.

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