Welcome to White Globe, Asia's premier provider of language services and multimedia solutions tailored specifically for the automotive industry. Our extensive network encompasses over 100,000 native language experts, 5,000+ content writers, and 3,000+ voice-over artists across 350+ languages, making us the go-to partner for global automotive brands. Our Quintuple ISO certification affirms our dedication to quality and innovation, reflecting our commitment to excellence in serving over 2,500 enterprise customers, including 50 of the Fortune 500.

Our Multimedia Services for the Automotive Sector

Product Demonstration Videos: Experience the future of automotive marketing with our high-definition demonstration videos. We don't just showcase your vehicles, we bring them to life, highlighting the cutting-edge features, performance capabilities, and design aesthetics of your models. This innovative approach engages customers and drives interest, setting your brand apart.

3D Animations for Engineering Insights: Dive deep into the mechanics of automotive innovation with detailed 3D animations. Explain complex engineering concepts, from hybrid engine mechanisms to advanced safety systems, with visual clarity that captivates experts and enthusiasts.

Corporate Branding Videos: Forge a stronger connection with your stakeholders through compelling corporate videos that narrate your brand's legacy, values, and vision for the future of mobility. Showcase your commitment to sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Voice-Over and Dubbing Services: Ensure your brand's message resonates authentically in every market with our multilingual voice-over services. Whether it's promotional content, safety instructions, or corporate communications, our services guarantee the highest level of authenticity and precision, giving you peace of mind that your brand's voice is being heard as intended.

Virtual Showroom Experiences: Immersive virtual showrooms can revolutionise the car- buying experience. Customers can explore models in stunning detail from the comfort of their homes, enhancing engagement and accelerating the decision-making process.

Training and Instructional Videos: Equip your dealership staff and service technicians with the knowledge they need through comprehensive training videos. From new model features to maintenance procedures, foster expertise that enhances customer service and satisfaction.

Customer Testimonial Videos: Build trust and credibility by sharing the stories of satisfied customers. Video testimonials can significantly influence purchasing decisions, showcasing real-life experiences and the impact of your vehicles on customer's lives.

Marketing and Promotional Content: Drive your brand forward with creative marketing videos and animations. Launch campaigns, introduce new models, and highlight special offers with content that captures attention and ignites platform interest.

Social Media Video Content: Engage your audience where they spend their time with tailored social media content. From quick tips and features highlights to behind-the-scenes looks at manufacturing, keep your brand in mind and foster community.

Safety and Compliance Videos: With detailed videos, emphasise your commitment to safety and compliance. Educate your audience on your vehicle's safety features and your brand's adherence to global safety standards.

Why Choose White Globe?

Automotive Industry Expertise: Our specialised automotive sector knowledge ensures your multimedia content addresses industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

Global Reach, Local Impact: With services in over 350 languages, we ensure your brand connects globally while maintaining the local relevance that resonates with specific markets.

Innovative Multimedia Solutions: Leveraging the latest technology in video production and 3D animation, we deliver content that distinguishes your brand and engages your audience.

Unparalleled Quality and Reliability: Our Quintuple ISO certifications underscore our commitment to delivering exceptional services that meet your high standards.

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