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Over 350 languages are covered by the top-notch, reliable translation services offered by White Globe. We are the top on-demand translation company in the industry for lightning-quick, accurate human translations.

White Globe assists the most successful businesses and organizations in the world in conducting worldwide commerce and successfully interacting with audiences from different linguistic backgrounds.

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Accurate Human Translation Services You Can Trust

As a leading translation company, White Globe takes great satisfaction in providing technically precise and linguistically fluent translation services for a range of business and industry sectors, including IT localization, legal, financial, medical, and certified translations. One flawlessly translated document at a time, we assist the top firms in the world in connecting with clients around the world despite linguistic obstacles and expanding their brands internationally.

White Globe is aware that reliable language translations begin with selecting translators with the highest specialized knowledge and practical localization experience. One of the largest teams of professional linguists in over 350 languages with excellent educational backgrounds and language industry accreditations like ATA and USCIS has been put together by White Globe, a quintuple ISO-certified language service provider. Our technical and scientific translators frequently hold doctoral degrees and advanced degrees.

In order to meet our clients’ needs for translation services quickly and with high quality, White Globe provides its accredited professional human translators with cutting-edge translation technologies.

Translate Faster & Better with White Globe

The urgent global distribution of business material in all languages is required by the continuous digital transformation. International marketing campaigns, product launches abroad, cross-border business agreements, user documentation, and worldwide online support services all depend on quick, accurate translation services that can adapt quickly to the complicated translation needs of today.

With the aid of White Globe’s cutting-edge language technologies and services, multinational businesses can confidently communicate with their global clients at any time and in any language while also simplifying the process of professional translation of technical documents, websites, videos, and training materials.

Professional Translations Redefined

At White Globe, we exclusively hire subject-matter experts with formal training in linguistics to work on your projects. We provide the greatest tools for our translators so they can accurately and consistently translate your content while maintaining technical accuracy.

Professional translation services have been redefined to be easier, quicker, and more affordable. In reality, White Globe is the market leader in terms of client happiness, translation efficiency, and cost-effective service.

There are countless translation businesses worldwide. How can you choose which translation agencies offer the greatest expert language services that your business needs for worldwide growth and international revenue?

The good news is that we’ve put together a thorough report to assist you in cutting through the marketing fluff and locating the top translation services your company can depend on going forward.

Big Moves for Your Global Success: Our AI-powered human translation solutions make it easier, better, and more affordable for businesses to use other languages.

Super-Fast: Utilize our automated translation matching technology to have your content translated at lightning-fast speeds.

Human Translators: Use pre-approved translators with expertise in your sector to ensure accuracy.

Quality and Price: We make sure that your translation requirements are upheld while remaining within your budget.

What Makes Us Different?:

Conventional Translation Services

Online Translation Companies

White Globe On-Demand Platform Based Translations

The industry’s quickest translation services are provided by White Globe. We achieve this by utilizing our innovative mobile solutions, which enable us to send your translation requests directly to translators who have already met our strict qualifications. They can now instantly translate from both their desktop PCs and mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.

An award-winning, user-friendly platform for translation-on-demand, White Globe. White Globe uses pre-qualified native-speaking professional translators in more than 150 countries to assist businesses with translating websites, papers, and marketing and sales content.

Large global enterprises, mid-sized businesses, and international organizations that require ongoing translation services for their international expansion and revenue growth but are frustrated by the lengthy process, increased cost, and complexity of working with a traditional LSP should consider White Globe (language services provider).

360° Translation Services

When it comes to providing expert, on-demand translations that are designed for the digital age, White Globe is years ahead of the competition. With unmatched speed, flexibility, and scale, our AI-powered and platform-centric strategy provides the greatest language solutions for enterprise translation services.

Website Translation Services

We can translate your website swiftly and accurately thanks to our completely automated website localization services. With the use of our proxy solutions, any upcoming website upgrades can be hassle-free and automatically caught.

Document Translation Services

All document kinds, including Word, PDF, InDesign, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, and Excel, are translated by our company. Our sophisticated file analysis algorithms compute word counts automatically and deliver quick quotes to you. To ensure the highest linguistic quality and technical accuracy, we only translate your documents using qualified professionals with domain subject matter experience.

Training & eLearning Localization

We’ve streamlined the translation process for all types of training courses and eLearning applications, ensuring that your multilingual learning materials are consistently translated correctly. We have the localization expertise, multimedia skills, and engineering capabilities to ensure the translated courses resonate with your international audiences and function on all platforms.

Image translation

Do you require translation services for scanned documents or images? Optical character recognition (OCR) software from White Globe uses AI to automatically extract content from JPEG, PNG, and other bitmap pictures. We are the leading provider of on-demand image translation services worldwide.

Social Media Translation

The first continuous, automatic social media translation technology for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media channels was unveiled by White Globe. You only need to sign up and let us know the languages you want to use; the rest will be handled for you. White Globe simplifies social media translation.

AI Powered Translations

White Globe is the first translation company to use AI (artificial intelligence) throughout the entire translation process. This includes automatic linguistic quality assurance as well as AI-powered file analysis, intelligent language resource appraisal, and smart project management. Global businesses benefit from unmatched translation efficiency and scale with a significant cost reduction thanks to our AI-powered localization solutions.

Automated Translations via API

Translation solutions must be flexible, agile, and always accessible in the modern digital world. In order to fulfill the demands of global customers, more and more businesses need quick, efficient, lean, automated translation services using APIs. The game-changing REST API-based automated translation services from White Globe offer exceptional speed and scalability.

Video Localization

Today, more businesses rely on video assets for marketing and business development since video is quickly taking over as the norm for distributing information globally. With regard to video localization, White Globe offers all-inclusive services like multilingual voiceover, subtitles, and translated video hosting. For any of your needs in video translation, contact us right now.

Online Translation Services

Today, more businesses rely on video assets for marketing and business development since video is quickly taking over as the norm for distributing information globally. With regard to video localization, White Globe offers all-inclusive services like multilingual voiceover, subtitles, and translated video hosting. For any of your needs in video translation, contact us right now.

Technical Translation

We translate user manuals, business contracts, IFUs (Information for Use), annual reports, product guides, legal documents, and more.

Website Translation

Our web proxy translation solutions support high-quality localization for any type of website, such as corporate, e-commerce, blogs, community, or any social media platform.

Software Localization

White Globe’s agile and just-in-time translation solutions redefine software localization for ERP, CRM, business applications, mobile apps, and more.

E-learning & Training

We have the linguistic, voiceover, and programming talent to deliver both quality and affordable translation solutions for all your e-learning localization needs.

Translation Review

Your in-country reviewers and subject matter experts can quickly validate multilingual material on the go thanks to White Globe’s simplified linguistic review on mobile devices.

Terminology Management

To deliver improved translation accuracy and consistency, White Globe collaborates with a variety of terminology tools and the leading terminology management systems in the market.

Post-Editing MT

With the help of our mobile-enabled MT post-editing tools, linguists can quickly and accurately evaluate, change, and correct previously translated text from any location.

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certified

White Globe is a culture, context, and industry-specific human translation platform. Count on our high-quality translation services for your software interfaces, technical documentation, instruction manuals, and marketing materials.

350+ Languages and Counting

We provide Professional Translation Services in all of the major European, Asian and Latin American languages and more.

Specialized Industries and Subject Matter Fields

Whether it’s medical, legal, engineering, financial or marketing translations, we’ve got you covered with our specialized translator services.

30-Day Service Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll be happy with our translation services. Additionally, we want you to be completely confident in your decision to work with White Globe, so we provide a 30-day service satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers.

We Support All File Types

We support translation of all types of documents, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrameMaker, InDesign, QuarkXPress, Office, Articulate, PDF, XML, and scanned documents.


Ans: Yes, all of our translation jobs are carried out by expert native speakers with a minimum of five years of expertise. The linguists you hire for your projects must also have relevant industry or domain-specific subject matter expertise.

Ans: Yes, all White Globe projects automatically create translation memory files that can be used for future translations, saving you money, improving language coherence, and facilitating quick turnaround.

Ans: For every project, we employ qualified translators with experience in the relevant area. In order to guarantee that all of your technical phrases are correctly translated, we also offer one of the most comprehensive terminology management systems.