Enterprise Translation Automation

Traditional enterprise translation workflows have a disproportionate number of manual touchpoints, which can result in haphazard quality assurance procedures, which reduce localization effectiveness and linguistic quality. Additionally, there is an increasing need for accurate and quick commercial translation across a wide range of material categories.

For this reason, you require White Globe’s cutting-edge AI-powered and fully automated enterprise translation solutions in order to efficiently and quickly complete each step of the localization process.

No more manual content import/export
Automatic content analysis & quotation
Streamlined project management
Real-time progress tracking
Translator/reviewer management
Translation memory on the platform
Online terminology management
API integration with enterprise CMS
Streamlined PEMT
Linguistic review automation
Automated billing & invoicing
Automatic reporting
Localization vendor management
Built-in machine learning

The Digital Challenge

In today’s global digital economy, information is rapidly changing and disseminated via a variety of ways. To interact with customers around the world and expand their business internationally, multinational corporations must optimise their internal communications.

Basic customer expectations about turnaround times have been drastically altered by the hyperconnected world. Fast translation service delivery is now a question of minutes and seconds rather than weeks or days.

The enterprise localization and translation management solutions offered by White Globe are listed below. Many of these services can be customized to your organization’s specific needs for a worldwide language solution.

Document Translation
Website Localization
Enterprise Terminology Management
Multichannel Communications
Social Media
Translation Memory (TM) Management
Software and Mobile App Localization
AI Powered Translation
Continuous Translation
Mobile Translation
Instant Quoting

The World Is Agile

Today’s digital economy produces smaller, more fragmented pieces of content that require instantaneous translation. The always-on, agile, and quick translation requirements of the digital age cannot be met by traditional localization strategies.

The expert and on-demand human translation services from White Globe are designed to give the quality, speed, and scalability that contemporary businesses require to be successful globally. They operate flawlessly on all devices.

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile technology and AI are two of the major changes affecting the translation industry, according to localization industry experts (artificial intelligence). Everyone uses their cellphones to access information in today’s mobile-first environment, including translated content. Because of this, mobile technology will become more and more crucial to the translation ecosystem.

In the age of omnichannel commerce, when content changes frequently and requires on-demand translation in minutes at any time of day, instant notifications and the capacity for linguists to translate anywhere and anytime are crucial.

The agile translation needs of the digital age cannot be met by traditional localization providers. White Globe and other mobile enterprise translation services are positioned for rapid expansion because of this.

Artificial intelligence is changing how knowledge employees perform their jobs across a wide range of industries. The delivery of enterprise translation solutions is becoming increasingly dependent on automatic translation technology, including the most recent neural machine translation algorithms.

Machine translations (MTs) alone, however, are insufficient since accurate translation demands familiarity with the subject matter and understanding of cultural nuances; human translators must be brought in to post-edit the MT content.

One of the first translation ecosystems, White Globe, has made a mobile application available so that translators and subject-matter experts can post-edit MT results anywhere and on any device.

As the leading supplier of on-demand enterprise translation and worldwide language solutions, White Globe is ideally suited to assist multinational corporations in overcoming the new problems presented by the digital era.

Our clients are able to streamline their corporate translation and communication processes to achieve a quicker time-to-market and higher ROI in international markets thanks to our cutting-edge technology and highly qualified customer service experts.

Terminology Management. Simplified.

The most crucial element of expert translation solutions is multilingual enterprise terminology management. Effective phrase management does, however, necessitate a significant amount of expertise and manpower.

Because of this, White Globe provides its clients with a comprehensive terminology management solution that entails terminology extraction, glossary building, word definition, translation, and ongoing maintenance.

To assist our clients in creating, working together on, and managing terminology information for accuracy and consistency across all cultures and languages, we use the top terminology management tools available in the market.

For a complete description about White Globe’s enterprise terminology management solutions.

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