Document translation

The translation services in India provided by expert translators and interpreters focus on quality translation without losing the essence of the original content. The native language and culture of the target customers are considered when translating the contents and documents by using advanced tools and technology. The professional translators not only translate the content as it is but also focus on making content that is as effective as the original one in every manner.

Process of document translation:

The document translation services are provided by various companies focusing on translation services in India. The comfort of reading your native language is provided to the readers or users for effective understanding by any person across the globe. Language translation services help in the enhancement of business and benefit the customers at the same time through enhanced communication. The process of document translation completes in the following steps:

1. Submission of documents: The documents which are to be translated are submitted to the translators for the assessment of the contents. The clients who require certified translation services are referred to expert translators who have official certification credentials.

2. Translation: The submitted documents are translated into the native language of the target customers by considering their culture and other specifications.

3. Proofreading and editing: After the completion of translation, the documents undergo proofreading and editing to check if the right words, tone, and slang are used throughout the document.

Seven simple steps to prepare for document translation:

1. Specify your target language: In addition to knowing the target language, it is important to carry out the language translation services by considering the region and culture of the particular region for some languages. The target language has to be specifically analyzed to translate as per the language and culture.

2. Ensure the documents are finalized before sending for translation: It has to be ensured that the documents are finalized along with a review from the people before starting with the translation process.

3. Consider the scope of the project: The scope of the contents to be translated in a particular document has to be fixed and confirmed with the clients to incorporate or remove any aspect in the document.

4. Estimate the time required for translation: In document translation services, the time has an integral role and it is important to inform the time required for the whole process beforehand.

5. Consider the format of the final deliverables: The language translation service provider has to be asked about the format of the file along with other summaries and instructions.

6. Create a glossary with the translation team and reviewer: A translation glossary has to be created for the whole document translation project for a better understanding of the contents.

7. Price document translation services:The total budget of the project has to be fixed which has to be reasonable with the amount of work done for the same.

Importance of document translation for multinational companies:

The translation services in India provided about documents and other content help in widening the scope and reach of multinational companies. Language localization is important for global businesses as it helps in satisfying the needs and desires of the customers. Document translation services provided to the customers help in better understanding and usage of those services.

1. Enhance the reputation of the business:The reputation of a business can be increased by widening its scope and conveying matters in the language and culture of the target customers.

2. Increase in International clients:As contents and documents are made available in different languages, it helps in attracting international clients from across the globe.

3. Enhancement of user experience:The user experience is enhanced as the contents are designed considering the needs of the target customers incorporating their local culture. The language localization services create a connection with the customers and develop trust with them resulting in better outcomes.

4. Widen the reach:The increased availability of content in different languages helps in widening the business across the globe resulting in better growth.

Popular document translation tools:

The process of document translation has gained a lot of importance in recent times along with an increase in the localization companies. The top 5 document translation tools are as follows:

Content Management system: This tool helps to keep track of the contents which are translated and which need to be translated.

User Management tool: This tool is used for managing people involved in the process including translators, developers, reviewers, and so on.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT): CAT Tools is an effective tool used in the translation process which enhances speed and efficiency throughout the translation process.

File Management tool: The localization-related files need to be managed for enhanced safety of files during uploading, downloading, etc.

Bug tracking platforms: This tool helps to report the translation errors and bugs found in it. In translation services, the tools have to be used appropriately to avoid unnecessary errors that may occur in the process.

White Globe as a document translation service provider:

White Globe is one of the best global providers of document translation services to make high-quality content for enhanced usage. As a language translation company, White Globe ensures that services are provided considering the interest of customers to provide a next-level experience. Localization is an important process that ensures that the language and culture of target customers are considered throughout the process. The increased interaction with customers obtained through effective localization services is a must for the functioning of any business. White Globe provides the best document translation services to customers with the help of an efficient team having language expertise.


Ans: The document translation services provided by translation companies help in creating content in the native language of the target customers. It helps in better understanding which attracts more customers to utilize the services provided by a particular business.

Ans: Document translation service costing depends on the type of document and the target language used in the particular document. The pricing method adopted by most translation service providers is based on a cost-per-word basis which ranges between .08-.40 dollars per word.

Ans: Translation can turn a text which is in the source language into a better understandable version of the target language without losing the essence of the original content. In addition to knowing different languages, the nature of languages also has to be analyzed.