Fast, Professional, and Affordable Video Transcription & Translation Services in 350+ Languages

Video is king! This is why global enterprises are increasingly relying on video marketing to achieve ROI on a global scale.

What is Video Transcription?

Video transcription transforms the audible voice of the characters into written text and words, making it easier to process and distribute.

Fast, Easy and Affordable

You’ve spent time and money creating your marketing videos. The last thing you want is to collaborate with an average translation agency that converts your video assets for global markets using a costly, outdated technique. We have made video transcription, translation, and subtitling incredibly simple so that your video is translated with subtitles by qualified linguists in a totally automated process, resulting in cost savings and improved language quality.

Types of Transcription Services

Transcription services encompass various offerings to convert audio or video recordings into written text. Each type of transcription requires specific expertise, language proficiency, and knowledge of industry-specific terminology to ensure accurate and reliable transcriptions.

Here are some common types of transcription services:

General Transcription: The process of general transcription includes text conversion from audio or video recordings of everyday conversations, meetings, podcasts and webinars. It is frequently employed for reasons like accessibility, reference or documentation.

Legal Transcription: The process of general transcription includes text conversion from audio or video recordings of everyday conversations, meetings, podcasts and webinars. It is frequently employed for reasons like accessibility, reference or documentation.

Medical Transcription: Transcribing audio recordings of medical experts, such as doctors, nurses or healthcare providers, is known as medical transcription. Medical terminology, diagnosis, treatments and patient histories are frequently included in these transcriptions. Medical transcription demands accuracy and adherence to medical privacy laws like HIPAA.

Academic Transcription: Academic transcription refers to the transcription of lectures, seminars, research interviews and focus groups that were conducted in academic or scientific settings. For students, academics and educational institutions, these transcriptions facilitate academic text analysis and citation.

Business Transcription: Transcribing audio or video recordings from conferences, meetings, presentations or internal interactions is known as business transcription. These transcriptions are useful for documentation, research and ensuring that internal communications are accurate.

Financial Transcription: Transcribing financial audio or video recordings, such as investor meetings, earnings calls or financial reports, is known as financial transcription. For financial research, compliance and investor relations, these transcriptions are crucial.

Podcast Transcription: Podcast episodes must be converted into text format before being transcribed. With the aid of transcripts for their listeners and the ability to repurpose content for blog posts, articles or social media, podcasters may increase their SEO.

Verbatim Transcription: Every spoken word, including filler words, stutters, repetitions, and non-verbal sounds, is a verbatim transcription. For judicial proceedings, language studies or media analysis, this degree of information is crucial.

Time-stamped Transcription: Transcribing with time stamps includes placing them at predetermined intervals throughout the transcripts. By synchronizing the text with the relevant audio or video, this function makes it simpler to locate specific passages.

Captioning and Subtitling: Subtitling or captioning is the process of inserting texts on a video screen so they are synced with the characters’ audio speech. Video subtitling frequently involves converting spoken audio into written text, translating the subject matter and then editing the video by showing the translated text that is timed to the audio of the characters speaking. This service is commonly used for making videos accessible to the hearing-impaired, improving the user experience or enabling content localization.

Video Translation: Video content has become a potent platform for engagement and communication in today’s interconnected world. Language barriers, however, may limit the worldwide effect and distribution of the video content. Professional video translation services can help with that. A broad selection of video translation services are available in more than 350 languages from White Globe, one of the leading providers in the industry.

Types of Video Translation Services

Dubbing: Dubbing is a method of replacing a translated audio track spoken by voice actors in the target language for the original audio track. White Globe works with experienced voice actors who are skilled at lip-syncing and evoking the desired emotions. Because the audience can fully immerse themselves in the video without having to read subtitles, dubbing offers a seamless viewing experience.

Voice-Over: By overlaying a translated narration over the original audio track, voice-over enables viewers to hear the translated content with the original audio playing in the background. With the help of White Globe’s voice-over services, the original video’s intended tone and style are maintained while ensuring a clear and coherent delivery. Documentaries, corporate films, e-learning modules and product presentations often use this strategy.

Transcription and Translation: Transcribing a video’s spoken words into written text is known as transcription. For a variety of video formats, White Globe offers accurate transcribing services. The text is translated into the selected target language after transcription is finished. For video content that needs in-depth captions or subtitles, this kind of translation is especially helpful.

Cultural Adaptation: Cultural adaptation is essential when marketing to particular markets or geographic areas to ensure the video connects with the target audience. The team of professionals at White Globe specializes in modifying videos for various cultural contexts while considering language complexity, cultural allusions and sensitivities. When entering new markets, this strategy aids organizations in communicating clearly and avoiding misunderstandings.

How does it work?

White Globe is a video translation platform powered by AI that uses our proprietary machine-human solutions to deliver professional video translation and subtitling on-demand with the highest quality and efficiency.

1. Upload a file or enter a link to your video: White Globe automatically extracts the video content and duration in minutes and seconds. It will then send you a subtitling quote based on the language(s) you specify.

2. Transcription, translation and subtitling: White Globe automatically assigns the project to our pre-approved professional translators for transcription and translation into the target language(s) upon your confirmation.

3. Download and deploy globally: White Globe’s fully automated online translation platform allows us to deliver your video seamlessly. After finishing, you can download the video by clicking a button. White Globe supports all video programming formats, including AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, and others. Simply send us the video files, and we’ll handle the rest.

With the help of White Globe’s comprehensive video transcription and translation services, both individuals and businesses may overcome language barriers and effectively engage with audiences worldwide. White Globe ensures that video content is readable, interesting and culturally suitable by providing subtitling, dubbing, voice-over, transcription, translation, and cultural adaptation.

White Globe is a trustworthy resource for multilingual video transcription & translation requirements in more than 350 languages because of our dedication to linguistic accuracy, technical know-how and a sizable network of experienced linguists.

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