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White Globe, a global brand trusted by major businesses in the technology, medical, and manufacturing industries, delivers high-quality and cost-effective technical writing services for a wide range of subject matter fields. White Globe enables our companies to effectively engage with their global clientele.

Are you looking for a technical writing service that can meet your business demands quickly, effectively, and affordably? Therefore, White Globe, a cutting-edge platform for on-demand document writing services, is the only place to turn.

We’ve accelerated the creation and delivery of material so you can access high-caliber technical documents quickly. This will hasten the process of selling your goods. Please contact us today for a technical writing quote.

End-to-End Technical Writing Solutions

Technical writing services from White Globe are comprehensive and include content strategy, requirement analysis, and content design in addition to copywriting, single-source publishing, and content management.

White Globe also provides businesses that ship goods internationally with professional document translation services in more than 350 languages.

We write to build our social media presence on Facebook and Instagram, in addition to user manuals and product documentation, to meet the expectations of the modern digital economy.

Your Extended Writing Team

White Globe has developed an extremely flexible online technical writing service approach that enables you to quickly integrate our writers into your larger authoring team.

Throughout the writing process, you can interact with our authors online and follow the development of the content in real-time. There are no surprises when it comes time to launch your material because this provides total transparency.

We offer remote, online, and onsite support for all of your documentation needs, making our technical writing strategy incredibly flexible. We provide our clients with custom workshops and training on content strategy, branding, and content management in addition to regular document-producing services.

How It Works

Online technical writing services are much more efficient thanks to us. Just provide us your high-level requirements or product demos, and we’ll take care of the rest. You may complete the whole writing process on the platform and access your content whenever and wherever you choose, thanks to White Globe’s online authoring workbench. After you’re done, just download the documents in XML, PDF, or Word format.

Specialist writers at White Globe have a wealth of knowledge in scope assessment, functional requirement analysis, branding design for the best UX/UI, content development utilizing agile and regulated language, and single-source publication using conditional tagging.

Using our platform-based authoring environment, which enables real-time information interchange and progress tracking, White Globe writers work online with your product development team.

DITA, Single Source, and Authoring Technology

White Globe’s technical writing services are centred on leveraging state-of-the-art authoring tools to produce the highest degree of content consistency and correctness while increasing technical writing productivity and reducing costs.

In addition to supporting Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), single-source publishing with conditional text, and off-the-shelf tools like MadCap Flare, we have access to terminology management solutions to confirm the technical accuracy of industry terms in over 2,000 subject fields. By utilizing current content, our platform-based authoring solution enables our writers to generate content as efficiently as possible.

Highly Talented Team

Only the best technical writers in the business are hired by us. White Globe can provide engaging content that appeals to your customers since our technical authors have years of experience and are flexible, quick learners, and willing to work with your internal team.

We Author These Content

User Guides
Instruction Manuals
DITA Topics
CMS Modules
User Experience Documents
Quick Start Guides
Owner’s Manuals
Software Release Notes
Software User Manual
Information For Use (IFU)
Installation Instructions
Training Documents
eLearning Materials
Social Media Articles
Press Releases
Test Cases

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