Managed review is a process concerning the review of documents by a third party or an outsider company on behalf of the client. It is commonly used in e-discovery and legal documents to find the relevant documents required for particular purposes. It is carried out with the help of expert reviewers and document review software. The managed review team focuses on providing secure and cost-effective services using an advanced performance review system.

Process of managed review:

The managed review process involves specific aspects that need to be appropriately addressed under the guidance of expert reviewers. The managed review company focuses on effectively assessing the contents through document review software and other such advanced software. Most managed review companies utilize the e-discovery platform for better performance. The managed document review process is preferred over traditional methods because it gives better results in a limited time. The process of managed review completes in the following steps:

1. Analysis of documents: The managed review process of content by managed review companies begins with analyzing the received documents and information.

2. Target keywords: The target keywords are identified, tested and revised to choose the relevant documents for further review. Pertinent such documents are gathered separately and placed in an online database.

3. Removal of unnecessary data: In further analysis, the managed review company removes the unnecessary data to filter out potentially relevant documents.

4. Uploading of the relevant documents: After thorough examination and analysis, the relevant documents are uploaded to a secure system for access later.

Five critical steps of document review:

1. Plan and strategy: The process of document review starts with the creation of a proper plan and strategy to carry out the tasks in an appropriate manner. Having a proper plan itself is enough to ensure an effective review process.

2. Development of standard operating procedures: Document reviews are time-consuming and require a proper set of procedures for smooth functioning. Legal document reviews require advanced procedures for which standard operating procedures are a must.

3. Recruiting apt team members: The recruitment of competent document reviewers is an essential step in which they have to be allotted specific tasks as per their ability. The expert team is significant in the review process as their skills and capabilities impact the outcome.

4. Enhancement of coding guidelines: After planning and recruitment, reviewers add guidelines and specific instructions for the smooth functioning of the process.

5. Evaluation of e-discovery system: Having an advanced e-discovery system is mandatory for carrying out the process of document review in an effective manner. Proper evaluation and analysis are carried out to ensure that all the relevant documents are present for further use.

Importance of managed review for multinational companies:

Managed review is a necessary process to be followed by multinational companies to ensure the use of relevant data and documents. Thoroughly verified documents need to be used to mention the details required for specific purposes. A contract review checklist is made to review the contract-related documents through advanced systems. Multinational companies deal with many contracts; such processes must be followed for enhanced functioning.

1. Offer expertise and consulting: The document review services companies provide offer enhanced expertise and consulting, which will not be available anywhere else. It will result in enhanced productivity of the business.

2. Expand customer base: As the managed review process helps find the relevant documents faster, more customers get attracted to it. This will further result in widening the scope of the business to different parts of the world.

3. Improves user experience: The user experience is increased by providing quality document review services per their interests. The storage systems made available to protect the data are another factor resulting in a next-level customer experience.

4. Supervisory and administrative action regulation: In addition to the review of documents, the managed review services also focus on supervisory and administrative operations. The regulation of such operations contributes toward the enhanced development of the business.

Popular managed review tools:

Managed review is a complex process with significant importance, especially in law-related matters. The top 5 managed review tools are as follows:

Filestage: This tool helps review and approve various contents per your needs based on different factors.

GoProof: This is an effective tool that helps enhance document review by providing easier and faster online page proofing. The relevant data collection is carried out adequately based on the available resources.

Review Board: It is an open-source tool that helps code review and document review based on your requirements. It is a simple tool that can be utilized for adequate review of the contents.

Collaborator: It is a document review tool that can be utilized by the development teams based on their need. A free trial is also provided, depending on the business requirements.

CodeScene: This is an effective review tool that goes beyond the traditional analysis methods and provides advanced features for better development.

White Globe as a managed review service provider:

White Globe is a global provider focusing on language-related matters to provide quality content as per the need of the customers. The expert document reviewers at White Globe help effectively review documents to choose the relevant contents without any errors. The managed review services provided to the customers are done quickly and accurately under the guidance of skilled reviewers and project managers. Workforce software and multilingual reviews are carried out at White Globe as per the need and requirements of the customers.


Ans: The process of reviewing matters concerning e-discovery involving an external company is managed by review e-discovery. It consists of selecting the apt flavour for managed review based on the matter.

Ans: Three essential steps are involved in document review to decide the final document to be used for different purposes.

Ans: Reviewing the documents will help find any errors or issues made when the document was created and revise it. Continuous reviewing will enhance the reviewing skills and gives a keen mind to find the mistakes during the development of the document.