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Outside of a live-action shoot, VFX produces video and still images. VFX is the blending of computer-generated elements with live-action footage. In animation or motion pictures, the emergence of visual effects, commonly known as VFX, was a game-changing event. Location, movement of vehicles, sets, fire scenes, and climate visuals can be enhanced by using VFX.

White Globe offers clients across the industry advanced VFX and CGI services that are technically advanced. Our services save you both time and money. We can deliver VFX to solve a problem or realise a dream, from visual effects on 4K video to fully developed computer-generated imagery (CGI) or special effects in 360 videos to motion graphics to help guide you through a VR experience. We also offer what you need if you’re seeking a completely crafted universe that you can engage with fully in VR. We can offer infrastructure for small or large VFX projects thanks to our internal team and reliable partners.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of VFX and CGI services, including but not limited to:

3D modeling: We use the latest software and technologies to create stunning 3D models that are accurate and lifelike. Our team of skilled professionals has years of experience in the field, so you can be sure that your project is in good hands.

Texturing: We have extensive experience in providing textures for feature films, commercials, and video games. Our team of artists is dedicated to creating textures that help animators and visual effects artists bring their creations to life.

Rigging: We offer a range of rigging services that include character rigging, prop rigging, and object rigging. Our team of expert riggers has years of experience creating efficient and lifelike rigs for all types of visual effects shots.

Animation: Storytellers use animations to tell stories in unique ways. Irrespective of the age of viewers, animated movies can rekindle the viewer’s imagination. White Globe creates animation videos for businesses across industries. Our clients are in education, advertising, marketing, entertainment, gaming, medical, retail, manufacturing, architectural and engineering, and scientific innovation. Our animators work tirelessly to fulfil the high demand for animation videos.

Lighting: Our artists enable depth and realism to be added to a computer-generated (CG) scene through lighting, just as a director of photography (DoP) does in a live-action film. They adjust the colour, placement, and intensity of CG lights to create atmosphere and add realism and depth.

Compositing: We offer clients a wide range of compositing services, including 2D and 3D compositing, motion graphics, and green-screening. With over a decade of experience in the visual effects industry, White Globe has the expertise and equipment to bring your creative vision to life.

How is VFX different from CGI?

Visual effects, or VFX, is yet another name for it. In order to develop visual effects for film and animation processes, computer-generated images and live-shot photographs are modified. This approach is used to achieve the desired outcomes and uphold the necessary requirements. These visual effects are created virtually using computer graphics because it would be unfeasible to physically build them for a movie.

Computer-generated imagery is referred to as CGI. CGI, to put it simply, is anything created digitally on a computer platform. The work could take the form of anything, including images in visual arts or print media, movies, video games, animations, or even ads. CGI is mild and effective and may be used for 2D images as well.

What do we do in VR?

We frequently incorporate visual effects and CGI into virtual reality. With 360°, CGI is frequently required to complete an image, whether it’s to cover up a dolly and track or to create a prettier sky. CGI is frequently required in interactive VR to build a whole area or scenario from scratch.

Working with digital animation, green screens, 3D models, motion capture, and virtual environments is a skill we’re experienced with. Our CGI and visual effects have appeared in 360-degree videos, branded content, music videos, documentaries, television, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Your ideas (and budget) are our only limits!

Our services are cost-effective and time-efficient. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest-quality results. If you’ve got an interesting project in mind that involves CGI and visual effects, we’d love to hear from you.


Ans: Our most popular VFX and CGI services include motion graphics, 360 videos, 4K video, 3D modelling, compositing, animation, and visual effects. It also includes visual effects on 4K video, full-blown computer-generated imagery (CGI), and special effects in 360 video.

Ans: A typical VFX project’s cost will depend on the size and complexity of the project.

Ans: We usually require a minimum of two weeks for most projects. The exact time is dependent on how simple, complex, long and short the animation itself is.

Ans. Our VFX and CGI services cover anything from creating a more immersive VR experience to creating fully realised worlds that you can inhabit in VR. This includes our services in 3D modelling, compositing, lighting, animation, texturing, rigging, and many more.In addition to dubbing and voiceover, we also offer subtitling and CC services in multiple languages. We also provide video editing and encoding, as well as graphic design services. You can access a list of our services under the “offerings” tab.

Ans. Please visit the page of work links to find our work in animated sequences for feature films, interactive experiences for game design studios, and many more.