Make your content accessible to a broader audience

Subtitling is a form of multimedia service that allows viewers to enjoy audio and video content with written captions on the screen. Subtitling can be used to provide additional information about the audio or visual content, to make it easier for people with hearing impairments to follow the audio, or to translate the audio into multiple languages for international audiences. Subtitling can also be used in the classroom, such as for educational videos or business meetings and presentations.

CC services (closed captioning) are a subset of subtitling services that are required for certain programmes broadcast on TV. Closed captioning services allow people with hearing impairments or deaf individuals to access audio content that is broadcast on TV.

As one of the leading providers of multimedia services, White Globe can help you make your video or audio content accessible to a broader audience. Whether you need subtitles for a video or closed captions for an audio file, we have the subtitling and CC services that will exceed your expectations. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality results, White Globe has become the go-to source for customers seeking the best in subtitling and CC services.

What are the benefits of using our subtitling and CC services?

White Globe is a leader in multimedia services, providing both subtitles and closed captioning (CC) services for your videos and other multimedia. Subtitling and CC services provide many benefits to users, allowing them to communicate more effectively with their audiences.

Subtitling services allow viewers to access your multimedia content in more than one language, making it accessible to a larger audience. CC services help the hearing impaired access the audio portion of your multimedia presentation by providing an on-screen transcription of the spoken words. Both services are easy to use and can be customised to fit the individual needs of your business.

White Globe’s subtitling and CC services provide a high level of accuracy, ensuring that your content is delivered accurately and efficiently. The services are also very affordable and are provided quickly, with turnaround times often as short as 24 hours. Furthermore, the services are tailored to fit any budget or timeline.

White Globe provides support for all types of multimedia, including web video, film and television, podcasts, presentations, educational videos, and more. With White Globe’s subtitling and CC services, you can reach a wider audience without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Get started today with White Globe’s comprehensive suite of multimedia services!

How do I get started with White Globe’s subtitling and CC services?

At White Globe, our team of experienced professionals provides comprehensive subtitling and closed captioning (CC) services to meet all of your multimedia needs. We make it easy to get started with our services so that you can quickly add subtitles and captions to your content in no time.

To begin, simply contact our team and provide us with the source video file that you would like us to subtitle. Our experts will then review the file to assess the complexity of the project and determine the timeline and cost of the project. Once everything has been finalised, we will begin transcribing the audio, translating it into the desired language, creating subtitles and/or closed captions, and formatting the file for delivery.

Our professionals are dedicated to providing you with top-notch subtitling services, CC services, and multimedia services so that your content can reach the widest possible audience.

Whether you need subtitles or captions in multiple languages, we have the resources and expertise to deliver the highest quality subtitles and CC services available. With White Globe’s subtitling and CC services, you can rest assured that your content will be accurately translated, properly formatted, and ready for distribution. Contact our team today to learn more about how White Globe can help you with all of your multimedia needs!


Ans: White Globe offers comprehensive subtitling services, which include translation and localization of subtitles, transcription and encoding, and subtitle QC (quality control) to ensure that all subtitles meet the highest standards.

Ans: White Globe’s closed captioning services provide a cost-effective way to add captions to audio and video files. Our services include transcription and timing, caption file QC, as well as automatic and manual synchronisation of captions.

Ans: In addition to our subtitling and CC services, White Globe also offers dubbing and voice-over services in multiple languages. We also provide video editing and encoding, as well as graphic design services. You can access a list of our services under the “offerings” tab.

Ans. White Globe provides high-quality subtitling and CC services that are both accurate and affordable. Our experienced team of professionals can work with any type of video format and can customise the captions to suit your needs. We also guarantee quick turnaround times, so you can get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Ans. To get started with our subtitling and CC services, simply contact us and let us know what type of video you need to be captioned. We will then provide you with a quote and will work with you to ensure that the captions are created exactly how you want them. Once you approve the project, we will begin the subtitling and CC process and deliver your video in no time.