What is Audio Description?

For the blind or those with low vision, audio description is a supplementary audio track that provides detailed spoken descriptions of the sights on the screen, such as facial expressions, backgrounds, clothing, or scene changes. It is thus a type of narration. Another name for audio description is video description.

The goal of audio description, like closed captioning, is to guarantee that your video is completely accessible to all viewers in accordance with the Equality Act. An audio file that can be played along with a movie or television show and in which a narrator describes some visual aspects of the video constitutes an audio description of the video.

At White Globe, we professionally produce Audio Description scripts and record with your preferred voice artist/ narrator in any language or accent.

Our Services

White Globe makes your audio-visual content accessible to everyone. Provide inclusive content with top-quality Audio Descriptions.

Highly trained professionals to prepare audio description scripts

Professional voice artists to record narrations

Compliant with standards set by Audio Description Coalition

We offer:

Synthesized Speech: Choose from voice options and three-speed options.

Professional Voice Artists: With a thorough casting procedure, we provide a variety of experienced voice actors with the availability of various output formats.

Extended Audio Description: Allow for longer descriptions when there is not enough space to sufficiently describe your video.

Video Transcription: We work collaboratively with clients to provide video transcription services customized according to their needs.

Visual Description Typing Services: To accurately describe what is visually occurring on-screen, we collaborate with the best audio describers.

Closed Captions: With the deaf and hard of hearing in mind, closed captions incorporate not only the spoken word but also speaker identification.

Timed Text Editing: In order to smoothly incorporate voiceovers and audio descriptions into your video footage, we work on editing timed text.

Voiceover Sound Editing: Our extensive and skilled team of sound editors puts out great effort to provide consistent and high-quality sound.

We offer voicing and dubbing services in more than 350 languages, in addition to audio description services. Voice translations are available in languages including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, and more.