Transcreation and Copy Adaptation

Transcreation and Copy Adaptation services provided by various companies focus on marketing content across the globe. Transcreation is one of the effective solutions concerning the recreation of a text with a pinch of creativity to the existing text. It is not just a mere translation of the content as it ensures that the apt message is conveyed to the audience without losing its essence. Copy Adaptation also focuses on providing the message to the targeted audience by editing or rewriting a text. Such services can be utilized based on the nature of the content and the needs of the audience to provide quality services that are appropriate for development.

Translating into the target language using the process of Transcreation

The process of transcreation aims to translate the content by maintaining the original style and intent of the existing text which is a combination of translation and creativity. The transcreation process can be adopted for marketing and advertising purposes in international businesses to overcome the communication barrier. This delivery of messages to different people in different languages is done in the following steps:

Understanding the content: Initially, the content has to be properly analyzed to decide if it has to go through translation or transcreation. The requirements of the audience have to be considered along with the apt marketing content.

Confirmation of timeframe and price: Each transcreation process varies based on the nature of the marketing content and the quantity of the same. The details concerning the time period of the process and the total cost of the project has to be discussed to avoid any future confusion.

Creation of checklist: As transcreation is a complex process when compared to translation the details of the project have to be communicated throughout the process.

Content development for the targeted audience: After creating the content it is analyzed together with the client’s demands and changes are made if required.

Analysis and testing of the new content: The testing of the content created is done for a certain period of time to ensure its functioning. Feedback from the client has to be considered and changes have to be made during the testing period.

Four important steps in Copy Adaptation:

Analyze the content to be shared with the client: While the content is analyzed the needs of the customers also have to be given importance to provide the apt message.

Translation of content: Content has to be translated based on the client without losing the elements in the original content for better understanding.

Review of translated content: The use of appropriate tone and slang in the content is equally important as translation. Proper review and analysis need to be done for providing quality content to customers.

Translation of culture: In copy adaptation, it is important to ensure that the cultural differences are considered to translate culture along with content.

Importance of Transcreation and Copy Adaptation for multinational companies:

Language always comes as a barrier in any process involving various countries across the globe. In advertising and marketing content it is important to communicate with the customers in their language for effective business. The translation localization transcreation process is necessary for providing content to the targeted audience as effective as the original text. Multinational companies need to incorporate transcreation and adaptation due to the following reasons:

Art of marketing across cultures: Content transcreation as per the needs and demands of the clients will help in widening the reach of the business. It enhances the availability and access to clients across the globe with supreme quality.

Adaptation for the apt marketing message: The language used in the content and its tone must be appropriate for the marketing and easy understanding of the customers.

User-friendly experience: The interest of customers is the most important aspect considered from the beginning to the end of the marketing transcreation process. The content adaptation and content transcreation processes are solely focused on customers to enhance the services provided to them.

Localization of content for enhanced business: If the communication of the content is done clearly in their comfort language, then the business also flourishes internationally.

Popular software localization tools:

Software localization is an important aspect of the transcreation and adaptation process which provides an effective user experience. The 5 top software localization tools are as follows:

Content Management system: This tool helps to keep track of the contents which are translated and which need to be translated.

User Management tool: This tool is used for managing people involved in the process including translators, developers, reviewers, and so on.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT): This is an effective tool used in the translation process which enhances speed and efficiency.

File Management tool: The localization-related files need to be managed for enhanced safety of files during uploading, downloading, etc.

Bug tracking platforms: This tool helps to report the translation errors and bugs found in it.

White Globe as the best Transcreation and Copy Adaptation service provider:

White Globe is the best global provider helping global companies in content transcreation for localizing services considering customer needs. Our transcreation and copy adaptation services provided with the assistance of efficient linguistic developers focus on overcoming language barriers. The transcreation in translation is effective to convey the right message to the targeted audience for enhanced services.


Ans: The process of translation involves the exact translation of content from one language to another. Whereas transcreation involves the translation of content by considering the nature of content and customers.

Ans: Five steps are involved in the transcreation process which is a bit more complicated than the normal translation of content.

Ans: The content adaptation helps in the modification of an existing product making it more suitable and appropriate for the customers.