Brand Name Testing

The process of brand name testing involves the participation of the target audience in the determination of the brand name. In this testing, the target audience is given different versions of a particular brand name to choose the apt name through a survey or poll. The brand name has a massive significance concerning your company as it represents the company in the market. Customers get attracted to unique brand names and create a curiosity to know more about the company’s products and services.

Process of Brand Name Testing:

With the utmost care, various companies conduct the process of brand name testing as it helps to choose the best name to use in websites, ads, content, etc. The brand name testing market research is conducted to understand the impact of brand names on the purchase of products by the customers. The companies test brand names online to ensure that eye-catchy brand names are selected for the brand, which is different from others. The process of brand name testing is carried out in the following steps:

1. Creation of a list of choices: In the first step of brand name testing, a list of various brand names apt for business has to be made. Based on people’s polls, the last two best brand name versions need to be given to the target audience in brand name testing.

2. Use of specific questions: During the test, relevant questions must be prepared to understand the target audience’s mindset. It should be framed in a way that helps to understand the customers’ preferences.

3. Need for a sufficient number of participants: While conducting a test to decide on an essential factor, it is important to ensure that there are enough people to participate.

4. Analysis and selection: The final testing stage involves the evaluation of the results. The feedback received from customers through polling and survey has to be carefully analyzed to take the final decision.

Six steps for naming your brand:

1. Defining the brand’s personality and products: Initially, it is important to understand and define the nature of the brand using a few adjectives. This helps create a name with the essence of the brand giving a clear picture to the customers.

2. Defining the benefit of the brand: Every brand is unique, focusing on specific products and services. The amazing benefits provided to the customers must be limited for a better understanding of the business.

3. Categorizing the brand: The brand has to be properly categorized based on the nature of products and services under specific industries.

4. Discussion on brand names and filtering: Various brand names must be considered initially, and the correct names must be filtered based on brand features.

5. Evaluation of brand name: The decided brand names must be evaluated based on their distinctiveness, aptness, and ease of use.

6. Finalization of brand names and trademark initiation: The apt brand name has to be chosen from the list, and trademark procedures must be initiated.

Importance of brand name testing for multinational companies:

A company’s brand name is a vital factor that a customer notices before knowing about the company’s functions. Choosing the right brand name for your company’s products and services will help increase revenue and reputation. The distinctiveness of the brand name is an essential factor that needs to be considered as it will remain the identity of your business actions.

1. Choosing an apt name for the business: A brand name selected through the testing process will be more apt for your business as it will be decided based on the opinion of a large audience.

2. Prioritize customer interest: Customers form an integral part of any business as they determine its growth and development. As the interest and choice of customers are prioritized in testing, it will be more relatable and connected to the customers.

3. Specific and unique brand name: When deciding on a brand name for the company, it must be noted that it is specific and unique and represents the products and services. An appealing brand name will widen the business’s reach across the globe.

4. Enhancement of business knowledge and brand strategy: The brand name testing market research and the testing process involve much learning about various aspects of the business. It helps to understand the company’s proper strategy and the creation of convenient services for customers.

Famous brand name testing tools:

Brand name testing is a necessary process required in any business. The top 5 business name testing tools are as follows:

Business name generator: This tool helps to generate hundreds of creative and catchy name ideas with personalized name suggestions. It can be used for any business to make the naming process easier and hassle-free.

Free trademark checker: This is an effective tool to avoid trademark conflicts that may arise from using similar brand names. It helps to get immediate results for any brand name available across the globe.

Business naming eBook: The stressful process of naming is made more accessible through an eBook tool, which helps choose the right name for your business.

SocialMention: This tool helps to understand people’s opinions on a particular brand name through online means. People test brand names online to know if they are apt for a specific business.

Eat My Words: It is a free name evaluation testing tool that provides a proper judgment about a particular name in a speedy manner.

White Globe as a localization service provider:

White Globe offers localization services globally, where customers’ needs are met as they desire. Establishing a connection with customers is crucial to encourage them to use our services. In brand name testing, consumers’ preferences are considered to develop brands for any business depending on consumer interest. Localization services like those offered by White Globe help enterprises to grow and prosper by enhancing customer relations.


Ans: There are various types of brand names that range from descriptive to metaphorical based on the business needs. It is essential to create an effective brand name apt for the business, even if it is meaningless and has no direct relation to the business functions.

Ans: An appropriate brand name for a business reflects the company’s values and objectives. Customers get an idea about the business by merely looking at the brand name; hence, it has to be unique and catchy to enhance customer traffic.

Ans: The marketers prepare a brand questionnaire to understand a client’s needs concerning branding and other functions. Relevant questions are ready for the customers to clear their doubts and queries about the particular brand and business.