Image Consultation

Image consulting deals with the enhancement of the personal or business Image of a client to provide a perfect first impression. The personal Image of the head of the company determines the professional Image of a company through appearance, conduct, and mannerisms. A person’s appearance and body language are always noticed first, especially in the business sector, which is equally important as knowledge of the person. Image consulting helps enhance the confidence of the person involved in various professional jobs.

Process of Image Consulting:

The process involved in starting an image consulting business can be explained in 6 steps. Professional advice is provided by expert Image consultants based on the profession’s nature and the person’s attitude. Public image consultants and brand image makeover consultants are those involved in the consultation process dealing with specific aspects of image development. The method of starting an Image consulting business completes in the following steps:

1. Identification of target customer: Initially, it is essential to understand the customers you will be dealing with to create an image consulting accordingly. Individuals and corporate entities approach image consultants to enhance their professional appearance and confidence.

2. Development of a business plan: A well-planned business strategy is required to provide services to clients as per their interests. As the lifestyle of society changes, it is vital to incorporate the latest trends for better results.

3. Enhancement of network: While beginning with Image consulting, interactions with people from different professional areas will help faster growth.

4. Observation of the client and their profession: After finding a client, a proper study should be conducted on the person and profession. The appearance, expressions, body language, and so on must be observed to suggest the perfect Image to be developed.

5. Enhancement of Image of the person: After proper evaluation of the person, a step-by-step development process is carried out. The appearance, behaviour, communication skills, etc., are constantly trained for improvement based on the business needs.

6. Counselling and coaching: The period of Image consulting varies from one person to another based on the person and profession. Clients approach image consultants for brand reputation management by enhancing their personal Image.

Five important steps of brand management:

1. Understanding the concept of brand management: Most brand management companies focus on the enhancement of the appearance and presentation of the brand for broader reach.

2. Defining target market: Customers are always prioritized in various online brand reputation management and other international brand management.

3. Selection of a clear brand concept: One of the important steps in the brand management process is selecting an eye-catchy brand name to attract customers.

4. Creation of Brand Associations: A consistent marketing campaign is required to understand the target customers clearly.

5. Monitoring and altering brand management: Brand management must be regularly changed through proper tracking and observation.

Importance of image consultation for multinational companies:

Customers approach companies and businesses based on appearance and presentation as the first impression always matters for business functions. Image consultation is required for multinational companies as they need a trustworthy image and appearance for the customers to approach them. Such an image must be made considering the customers’ interests or better results.

1. Appropriate etiquette shows a powerful image: Body language and decency are significant in social and professional life. A reasonable manner suitable for the role and occasion has to be present to appear before the public with a powerful image.

2. Apt dress code to show authority and stability: The image consultants suggest the proper dress code based on the roles and goals of the individual. A proper dressing style offers the strength of a particular company which creates trustworthiness in the clients.

3. Maintenance of a personal style: Having a unique personal style will help get people’s attention, which can remain an identity of the business.

4. Positive image development: The positive Image developed through training and experience will help increase reach among the people.

Popular Image Consultation tools:

Image consultation is a simple process. The top 3 image consultation tools are as follows:

Body Analysis Kit: This is a tool that focuses on the management of body language, mannerisms, and appearance.

Styling book: This tool is used to discover the appropriate style of each person based on their role and goal in the business.

Colour wheel: Choosing the right colour has a great significance in the appearance and confidence of the person as using suitable colours enhances confidence.

White Globe as a localization service provider:

White Globe is a global provider of localization services where the customer needs are fulfilled in their desired manner. In the services provided to the customers, it is vital to connect with the people to attract them to use such services. In Image consulting, the consultants focus on providing a perfect image for any business, considering customers’ interest for better results. Such localization services offered by companies like White Globe enhances business growth and development.


Ans: Image consulting includes proper guiding, mentoring, and training per the customer’s needs. The main aim of Image consulting is to create a strong impression of a person to get various opportunities in their professional life. The clothing, communication skills, body language, etc., are improvised depending on the nature of the job.

Ans: There are five elements in image management for providing a positive self-image which is important for any profession.

Ans: A stylist focuses explicitly on the person’s external appearance, including clothing and makeup. Whereas in image consultation, the person’s overall change, including the enhancement of communication skills and self-confidence.