App localization

The app localization process involves customizing mobile apps for customers from different cultures and languages. Such customization of the apps for different regions will help in better reach and advanced development. A thorough evaluation of the app’s functions is performed with the help of language experts and skilled translators who focus on customer interest.

Process of mobile app localization:

The localization process has great significance as it has been found that most customers prefer to use apps available in their native language. The comfort of reading your native language cannot be obtained through any other means. It is important to ensure that the localization process is carried out by focusing entirely on the culture and language of customers. Language localization services help in the enhancement of business and benefit the customers at the same time. The process of mobile app localization completes in the following steps:

1. Select the most profitable regions and languages: It is essential to choose a commonly used language for the localization process as it will benefit more people. The language and area must be carefully studied to provide effective localization service.

2. Finding a certified translator: A translator is essential in the localization process as translation is one of the crucial processes in localization.

3. Testing of the app: Before launching the app, it is essential to conduct some tests to check its functioning in different languages. The apps must be reviewed, and changes must be made if required.

4. Considering cultural differences: The differences seen in different regions must be carefully analyzed to create apps that comply with such differences.

5. Safe and secure web host: It is essential to use a safe and secure web host as it significantly impacts the mobile app created for the target customers.

Five crucial steps in implementing a localization strategy:

1. Market research: A thorough analysis of the localization strategy and procedure is required to carry out the process effectively. Before beginning the process, a concept of the target clients and their characteristics must be examined.

2. Establishing an expert team: A talented team of developers, translators, managers, and other professionals must be assembled. Teamwork is essential to the efficient operation of any sector; hence it needs to be correctly constructed.

3. Useful software and expertise: To guarantee that a suitable structure will be maintained throughout the process, employ helpful software and tools while developing a localization strategy. Using the right software and expertise, various services can be performed per customer needs.

4. Taking individual markets into account: For best results, the localization process must be carried out per the wants and demands of a specific need.

5. Results evaluation: After the localization process, the outcomes must be thoroughly assessed to ensure they meet the client’s needs.

Importance of app localization for multinational companies:

The central importance of app localization is that it helps increase the number of downloads and revenue for each country. App localization is essential for global businesses as it helps satisfy customers’ needs and desires. Language localization services provided to the customers help them better understand and use those services.

1. Provide a Competitive edge in international markets: App localization is an important concept that is required if you need a place in the global markets. The localization companies ensure that quality translation and localization services provide a competitive edge in the international market.

2. Better brand image: The localization process, which adapts to the local culture of the customers, enhances the brand image through better interactions. As it involves the incorporation of customer preferences, it will help build a rapport with customers.

3. Enhancement of user experience: The user experience is enhanced as the apps are designed considering the target customers’ needs incorporating their local culture. The language localization services connect with the customers and develop trust, resulting in better outcomes.

4. Widen the reach: The increased availability of content in different languages helps widen the business across the globe resulting in better growth.

Popular app localization tools:

The app localization process has recently gained much importance along with an increase in localization companies. The top 5 app localization tools are as follows:

Lokalise: This is an effective tool that helps manage localization and translation processes. It offers advanced features to localize a particular project in the desired language of the customers. The professional mobile app localization services such tools help enhance business growth.

Crowdin: This tool helps localization companies’ smooth functioning, resulting in continuous localization processes.

Phrase: A platform that manages software translation and localization files is essential for any app or website. It focuses on providing customers with a practical, user-friendly experience by incorporating the latest trends and features.

Transifex: It is a tool that helps quickly localize apps and contents from the beginning to the end. It ensures that the processes are carried out properly through a well-organized structure.

Bug tracking platforms: This is an effective platform that is needed in regulating the translation and localization processes. It helps to remove any errors or bugs found in the translation function and maintains a proper system.

White Globe as an app localization service provider:

White Globe is one of the best global mobile app localization services providers to make appealing high-performance apps for enhanced usage. As a localization company, White Globe ensures that services are provided considering customers’ interests to provide a next-level experience. App localization ensures more downloads and enhanced revenue. The increased interaction with customers obtained through effective localization services is a must for the functioning of any business. White Globe provides the best app localization services to customers with the help of an efficient team having language and multimedia expertise.


Ans: App localization is a necessary process that is required for the growth of an app. Through this process, the availability and accessibility of the apps can be increased globally, and the apps are made more appealing resulting in increased reach and enhanced business.

Ans: Localization is adapting a particular content for a specific region considering the language and culture. It is more customer-based as the users will feel it was made solely based on their needs and requirements. It helps in creating content and applications which is flexible and user-friendly for effective usage by customers.

Ans: The crucial techniques used for the localization process are the angle of arrival (AOA), time difference of arrival(TDOA), time of arrival (TOA), and received signal strength indication (RSSI).