Over-the-Phone Interpretation

Interpretation of particular communication needs to understand the intention of each party involved. People utilize various types of interpretation for varied purposes based on their convenience. Over-the-phone interpretation is a kind of interpretation that is done over the phone without any visual contact. The involvement of three parties is required to provide effective over-the-phone interpretation services to customers. An interpreter who is fluent in two or more languages provides interpretation based on the customers’ language. This is an efficient technique used in businesses involving international clients to remove any issues concerning language and culture.

Process of over-the-phone interpretation:

The phone interpretation services have to be provided with utmost care and clarity as the communication is made only verbally and through the phone. If the right words or slang is not used, then the meaning can change based on the circumstances. The process of over-the-phone interpretation completes in the following steps:

1. Communication of the information with the interpreter: The party who wishes to communicate with the other conveys the message to the interpreter through a phone call. The transmission is done slowly and clearly to avoid any confusion.

2. Interpretation by the interpreter: The interpreter notes down the information provided by the party for translation purposes. The information is translated into the language of the other party.

3. Convey the translated message to the other party: After translating the message, it is conveyed to the other party in their desired language with the appropriate slang and usage. The words have to be used correctly, as any slight variation can change the entire meaning of the sentence.

Six essential tips for a successful over-the-phone interpretation:

1. Brief the interpreter before starting the process: It is crucial to speak with the interpreter before the phone call to convey any important or relevant information. This step will help the interpreter to prepare well beforehand.

2. Repetition of whatever is said: The interpreter only repeats whatever the party says without any change in a word or sentence.

3. Explicit usage of words: The clarity of words used must be maintained throughout the conversation to prevent missing words.

4. Extra time for interpretation: As the whole process involves three time-consuming steps, the required time has to be given to convey the message correctly. The interpreter needs to understand, interpret and repeat every conversation; hence, the time has to be allotted accordingly.

5. Avoid using slang words, idioms, etc.: Some slang words and idioms will only make sense in a particular language. Hence, such words or sentences must be avoided to prevent confusion and doubts.

6. One person at a time: It is essential to ensure that only one person speaks at a time. There are overlapping conversations, and as different languages are used, they will be challenging to understand. Each person has to speak when their turn comes to prevent any delay in the process.

Importance of over-the-phone interpretation for multinational companies:

In telephonic interpreting services, the customers completely trust the capability of the interpreter. The customers deal with other parties from different cultures and speak different languages. Multinational companies use skilled and expert interpreters who can communicate the appropriate information in the required manner.

1. Able to communicate clearly in any language: One of the essential uses of over-the-phone interpretation is clarity in any communication made. Multinational companies often do business with international clients speaking different languages. In such instances where the parties need not speak English, an interpreter will help better understand communication.

2. Expand the business reach: A specialized interpreter will help widen the scope of business globally. Customers get attracted to enterprises having a structured functioning considering their interest in every action.

3. Communication through phone over online means: The communication of the parties through the phone is much better than other online means as it is quick and straightforward. Over-the-phone interpretation allows business deals to be carried out without delay, which is essential in business functions.

4. Increased sales: The customers always prefer convenient means of communication which can be done quickly without much hassle. It will further result in enhanced sales and reputation of the business across various countries.

Popular over-the-phone interpretation tools:

Over the phone, interpretation is a complicated process involving various aspects as it consists of people from different parts of the world. The top 5 phone interpretation tools are as follows:

Headset: This is a crucial piece of equipment required for any audio interaction activity, and it facilitates clear and effective communication between the parties and improves understanding.

Content management system: This instrument helps to keep track of the translations that have been completed and those that still require work.

Computer-assisted translation (CAT): CAT Tools is a helpful technology that accelerates and streamlines the translation process. Content that has been translated well is easier to read and comprehend.

Platforms for tracking issues: This instrument makes it easier to submit translation mistakes and fix bugs discovered.

Translation apps: As technology has developed with time, many applications have been created for translation purposes. The translators or interpreters can utilize such apps and software to provide quality translation services.

White Globe as the best translation and localization service provider:

White Globe is one of the best global providers of translation and localization services, providing apt services for many people across the globe. The interpreters focusing on over-the-phone interpretation services develop proficiency in languages and translations. White Globe ensures quality services to the customers quickly and flawlessly. Customers’ needs and requirements are always prioritized for enhanced business functioning. White Globe provides quality communication services through proper translation and interpretation.


Ans: An interpreter mainly focuses on bridging the communication gap between the parties who do not speak the same language. Language is significant in smoothly functioning various activities, especially in business sectors. The interpreter must mediate between the parties without any partiality or special treatment.

Ans: The possibility of making assumptions is more while interpreting, which is strictly forbidden in over-the-phone interpretation. The communication between the parties has to be conveyed to each other as it is by considering the slang, body language, and other essential elements.

Ans: Consecutive interpretation is considered the most common type of interpretation. In consecutive interpretation, the interpretation is made after the completion of a whole passage by the person.