Call Center/BPO- Agents with Language Expertise

Language expertise is essential for most sectors of the present society. As International relations continue to increase, it becomes important to enhance the knowledge of different languages and learn them for better functioning. The process of a Call Center is mainly focused on handling incoming, and outgoing customer calls for various businesses. As agents with language expertise, they are skilled in multilingual customer support and multilingual live chat. In Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), the business operations are outsourced to third parties to ensure the smooth functioning of the company.

Process of BPO:

The process of BPO is carried out in 5 simple steps, which must be done with utmost care and diligence. The process of BPO completes in the following steps:

1. Advanced research and development of strategy: Before beginning with the process of BPO, it is important to do thorough research and prepare a strategy and plan.

2. Partnership with the apt outsourcing company: After finalizing the plan to be adopted for the project, a competent outsourcing company has to be selected. Proper research and study must be conducted to find the right company for various functions.

3. Restructuring of the company: Special training has to be given to the existing team to select those who will be involved in the project based on their skill. The work is allotted suitable candidates, and changes are made to the earlier structure as needed.

4. Evaluation of progress: The work done by the employees is carefully analyzed to see if any changes must be made to enhance the functions.

5. Feedback from customers: Regular feedback is taken from customers to make any adjustments or changes to the existing setup. The reliability, quality and expertise are to be considered to enhance the development of functions.

Four steps in a customer service call in a Call Center:

1. Call Center Representative: The call centre agent or representative answers the phone received from the customers. The calls have to be answered immediately to prevent any inconvenience.

2. Determination of customer needs: The request of customers are duly noted with utmost attention to determine their needs.

3. Suggesting effective solutions: The call centre agent provides a solution based on the issue at hand to the customers. They use their problem-solving skills to give immediate answers to any problems raised by the customers.

4. Storing details of the communication: The agent has to make sure that every minute detail of the interaction is stored in separate files of the company. It has to be carefully protected for future review and other purposes.

Importance of Call Center/BPO for multinational companies:

The companies outsource their business processes to enhance the overall functioning of the business by focusing on the core activities. Through outsourcing to a third party who has relevant experience, the burden is reduced, helping in carrying out quality functions. Multinational companies prefer such outsourcing for enhanced functioning utilizing advanced technologies. Call centres function with the help of an efficient team consisting of different people for fulfilling different roles. Exceptional customer services are provided to the customers resulting in a positive customer experience with the help of the expert team.

1. Increase in employment opportunities: The BPO industry provides many job opportunities in various aspects resulting in advanced growth of the business. Call centres are also focused on providing jobs to talented youngsters to ensure a certain quality for all the services.

2. Expand customer base: The customer base is those customers who buy your product repeatedly. Software localization increases customer satisfaction, and these customers become a customer base.

3. Access to advanced technologies and latest trends: It can be seen that different operations of a company are outsourced to companies having advanced technology. Through such outsourcing, multinational companies will get benefitted and can stay updated with the latest trends.

4. Reduction in the cost: The process of BPO helps in reducing the costs of the companies resulting in better revenues for the company.

Popular Call Center/ BPO tools:

Call Center/ BPO functions have a complex nature as it involves continuous communication and the involvement of third parties. The top 5 Call Center/ BPO tools are as follows:

PBX Switch: This tool helps make internal and external phone calls, handle voicemails, and call routing.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system: This is an effective tool that helps obtain customer information. This helps the customer service agents to provide adequate services based on their needs and requirements.

Call Barging: This tool helps to maintain the quality of services provided to the customers. The supervisors are allowed to participate in the calls between the agent and customer and speak in between if required.

Call recording and call monitoring: These tools, which help in proper tracking and recording of calls, will help improve the services. The call records can be analyzed and reviewed later to check service quality and accuracy.

Real-time reporting: This tool helps give customers regular performance updates without delay.

White Globe as a Call Center/BPO- Agents with Language Expertise service provider:

White Globe is a global provider of Call Center/ BPO services with many clients across the globe. We have an efficient team of agents with language experts who have unique and distinct. Skills in dealing with languages. Quality services are provided to the customers through translation texts and other multilingual features. The interest of customers is always prioritized in any business operations for delivering better results.


Ans: A BPO company performs different office tasks in a business, including customer support activities and accounting functions. Whereas a call centre company focuses only on handling incoming and outgoing calls.

Ans: Five essential steps are involved in a successful BPO where the outsourcing functions can be carried out properly with minimal risks and burdens.

Ans: As BPO jobs require specific skills and expertise in technical aspects, it is important to have the technical knowledge to be a part of the BPO process. Other skills needed for BPO jobs include flexibility, fixed goal, communication skills, and so on.