Technology is a common word that has been in use for a long time. In this technology-driven world, the use of online platforms has increased with the changes in society. Due to enhanced relations with foreign countries, it has become necessary to utilize multilingual technology for functioning in various sectors. Companies use such advanced technology to develop their businesses by providing quality services to the target customers. Through multilingual content management, which is done by various businesses, the customers are inclined towards such companies. The importance of language used in the technology-related aspects can be seen from the approach of customers across the globe.

Process of technology implementation:

The process involved in technology consists of various steps resulting in the creation of specific products as per customer needs. A technological design is made for providing multiple services to customers using the latest developments and advanced features. The selection of the right technology for the functioning of a particular company and the implementation of the same is a critical process with essential steps. Technology continues to develop with time, developing new features that provide specific services to the people.

The process of technology implementation completes in the following steps:

1. Diagnose the problem: The problems in the operational processes need to be analyzed to determine the right technology to be used for a company.

2. Agreement of the decision-makers: All the decision makers need to agree on the idea suggested by the team and solutions made according to the situation.

3. Assembling the implementation team: The technology implementation team has to be brought together to discuss the solutions and implement the correct technological change.

4. Analysis of impact on customers: While dealing with the creation of new technology, the impact of this creation on the customers needs to be carefully examined. It is important to create technology based on the needs and requirements of the customers.

5. Training for proper usage of new technology: After creating the new technology, proper training should be given to understand the method.

6. Evaluation: The careful evaluation of the technology is important to analyze and make changes as required for the effective functioning of the business.

Critical steps of the technology design process:

1. Identification of problem: In the initial step, the main problem has to be identified through careful analysis and observation. The various issues of customers concerning technology have to be studied to understand the nature of the problem.

2. Ideas to solve the problem: The team has to discuss the problem to put together all the ideas for resolving the issue.

3. Design a solution or product: After careful study of the problem, a proper solution must be designed to create a well-functioning product for effective use. The developers’ ideas are analyzed, and the most effective suggestion is taken for further development.

4. Incorporation of the solution: The solution designed by the team is incorporated into the product or material at hand to see its functioning. The design implementation needs to be done, and its use must be properly examined.

5. Evaluate the product/ solution: After creating the final product, the pros and cons of the particular development have to be monitored. The ways to improve the particular design and other maintenance requirements can be done for better solutions and designs.

Importance of Technology for multinational companies:

The introduction of advanced technology has helped the overall growth of multinational companies through enhanced customer interaction. The new features like multilingual speech recognition have made communication with customers from any part of the world more accessible and convenient. Such developments are made available to the customers at reasonable prices to provide efficient services and solutions per their needs.

1. Enhanced connection with customers: The use of technology has made the business and customers closer through enhanced connectivity in many ways resulting in better outputs.

2. Expansion of global reach: As technology helps to deal with various businesses even at the international levels through online means, the expansion of business has become faster.

3. Solving queries of customers and providing a user-friendly experience: The technology developers can clear any doubts and questions due to enhanced features in technology. This helps to provide a user-friendly experience to the customers.

4. Prioritizing customer interest: Customers get attracted to services that prioritize their interests and needs.

Popular Technology tools:

The technology tools required to provide customers with effective services help enhance connectivity and interactions. The top 3 technology tools are as follows:

Digital Trust: This tool effectively increases customers’ trust in business functions.

Slack: This platform focuses on document sharing for quicker and better communication.

Marco Polo: It helps to send video messages to each other, providing both visual and audio experiences to the customers.

White Globe as a Technology service provider:

White Globe is a well-known technology service provider having various branches across the globe. The expert developers at White Globe focus on creating efficient technology for multilingual content management and enhanced business. As the technology sector continues to evolve with time, it is important to utilize advanced techniques for business development. Online platforms have helped enhance multilingual technology resulting in the global reach of the particular business.


Ans: Technology has a massive impact on the functioning of various sectors as it is an important factor that helps develop a business. The advanced means of exchanging information between people from different parts of the world allows them to stay connected.

Ans: Technology can be defined as the practical application of knowledge in a particular area per the situation’s requirements. It has become an inevitable factor in people’s lives due to the presence of advanced features making life much easier and less complicated.

Ans: Electronic tools and other online platforms form a part of digital technology, making any process possible through digital tools and techniques. Social media, online interaction and mobile phones are all part of digital technology providing quality services and solutions to people.