White Globe provides linguistically accurate and gamer-centric language translations that help gaming companies engage international players with the best video game localization services, one game at a time.

Video Games Translated Right

Despite the fact that we are all related, we cannot communicate in the same language. The best example of this is when playing English-language video games in front of a global audience who speak multiple languages. Distributing your video games in overseas markets is quite easy, but the challenge is how to engage international gamers across languages. This is why you need White Globe.

We can provide the best video game translation services on demand since we have the language resources and market-leading game localization technologies. Our translators for video games are not just expert linguists, but many of them are also avid players, guaranteeing the most natural language translations that connect with your global audience.

The greatest linguistic resources are important, but modern video game localization also significantly relies on next-generation translation technology that makes it simple for translators to preview text strings in context as they are being translated. This is where White Globe excels. Our innovative translation solutions automatically map text strings to each video game screen, so our translators can confidently translate with the best accuracy on both desktop computers and mobile devices.

White Globe offers dynamic gaming terminology management, enabling our translators to quickly and accurately produce the most accurate translations. To provide the most authentic experience, video games must effectively translate the jargon and idioms used by gamers.

White Globe also offers language assessments and mobile translations. More effectively than any other translation organization, we are able to seek linguistic input from the gaming community. White Globe helps the world’s leading game developers succeed internationally.

Need Mobile Game Translation? No Problem!

The global gaming demographics have been significantly altered by current smartphones. While dedicated gaming consoles like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo are well-liked for the greatest gaming experience, an increasing number of daily video games are now downloaded as mobile applications from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

This is the reason why the demand for mobile game translation has grown since Apple released the iPhone.

White Globe offers high-quality, quick mobile game translation services for both iOS and Android smartphones. Our ground-breaking in-context video game translation technologies significantly increase the precision and efficiency of expert game localization.

International player success for a mobile game can be made or broken by language translation. Poorly translated mobile games give foreign smartphone consumers a lousy user experience, which results in fewer downloads and lower international revenue.

The good news is that translating your mobile games professionally doesn’t have to be a complicated task. At White Globe, we’ve condensed every step of the localization process for mobile games into a cutting-edge online platform. This makes it possible to translate video games easily and with high quality.

Find out how White Globe can help you quickly reach international success by speaking with one of our sales experts now.

How It Works

The cutting-edge software localization technique used by White Globe makes it simple to localize your video games. Provide us the text strings and any existing terminology glossaries in XML, Excel, or your own bespoke resource file format to get started (character names and items, etc.)

For the finest linguistic quality, White Globe’s game-changing translation technology now offers automatic mapping of text strings with screen displays. The following is a diagram of White Globe’s professional video game translation and localization process.

We Translate All Video Game Genres

White Globe has experience translating a variety of categories of video games. The following are some of the genres we frequently translate.

Action games
Adventure games
Escape games
First person shooter games
Third person shooter games
Massively multiplayer online games
Platformer games
Real-time strategy games
Role-playing video games
Simulation games
Solitaire games
Sports games
Virtual reality games
Flash games
Alternate reality games

In addition to localizing different video game genres, White Globe also has in-depth experience translating video games for game consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox, as well as mobile devices like iOS and Android phones.

In-Context Game Translation

Video game companies have long been struggling to achieve consistently high-quality language translations using legacy translation processes that only provide limited context information to translators working on game localization.

The text strings are typically given to the translation vendor in a Word document or Excel table without any context or reference information, which results in incorrect translations and linguistic outcomes that take a long time to correct. The foreign consumer experience is directly impacted by poorly translated video games. For this reason, you require White Globe.

By enabling our qualified translators to examine the actual game screen in real-time, our cutting-edge in-context video game translation solutions resolve the age-old problem and guarantee the greatest linguistic result the first time around. To learn more about White Globe’s in-context translation solutions.

Multilingual Voice-Over for Video Game Localization

Game design businesses frequently combine foreign language voice-over recordings with professionally translated video games to produce the most authentic multilingual gaming experience for users who do not speak English.

A large group of expert voice actors at White Globe are focused on creating top-notch voice-over recordings for a range of video game genres. For the best audio quality, our voice-over artists work in reputable recording facilities.

In order to offer the most realistic playback experience, White Globe’s voice production staff is fully qualified to synchronize the localized voice-over with on-screen characters. To learn more about White Globe’s full-service voice-over solutions

Translating for Video Game Consoles

Do you need to translate your video games into Chinese, Spanish, Korean, or other languages? Are you creating video games for gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Sony PlayStation? Then look no further than White Globe.

Without compromising efficiency or speed, we offer end-to-end translation services of the highest caliber for all brands of video game consoles. Provide us with the titles of your videos together with the target languages, and we’ll send you a translation quote within a day.
White Globe offers professional localization testing and QA of translated products in addition to translation, voice-over, and subtitling so your video games will function flawlessly in other languages. To advertise your games to users around the world, White Globe also assists its clients by translating game marketing materials and websites.

Platform Gaming Localization

Are you developing video games for Google Stadia and Apple Arcade and require professional gaming translation and localization services to appeal to global audiences? Then look no further than White Globe.

Games created for next-generation, 4K streaming services over the internet are most suited for White Globe’s platform translation service, which is available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Platform gaming platforms like Apple Arcade and Google Stadia are expected to expand enormously due to their special capacity to inexpensively reach a big international user base.

For this reason, you require White Globe. We assist gaming firms in quickly and accurately localizing their marketing materials and video games on the platform.

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