Our Services:

White Globe makes your audio-visual content accessible to everyone. Provide inclusive content with top-quality Audio Descriptions.

Highly trained professionals to prepare audio description scripts.

Professional voice artists to record narrations.

Compliant with standards set by Audio Description Coalition.

We offer:

Synthesized Speech: Choose from voice options and three-speed options.

Professional Voice Artists: With a thorough casting procedure, we provide a variety of experienced voice actors with the availability of various output formats.

Extended Audio Description: Allow for longer descriptions when there is not enough space to sufficiently describe your video.

Video Transcription: We work collaboratively with clients to provide video transcription services customized according to their needs.

Visual Description Typing Services: To accurately describe what is visually occurring on-screen, we collaborate with the best audio describers.

Closed Captions: With the deaf and hard of hearing in mind, closed captions incorporate not only the spoken word but also speaker identification.

Timed Text Editing: In order to smoothly incorporate voiceovers and audio descriptions into your video footage, we work on editing timed text.

Voiceover Sound Editing: Our extensive and skilled team of sound editors puts out great effort to provide consistent and high-quality sound.