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Leading businesses in the health sciences, finance, manufacturing, legal, and technology sectors choose White Globe’s quick and precise Thai translation services.

World’s Top Companies Rely on Our Thai Translation Services

Some of the most prosperous companies in the world use the Thai translation services provided by White Globe, an organisation with five ISO certifications. We’re one of the fastest-growing language service providers (LSPs), offering a comprehensive range of high-quality Thai translation and localization services for software, websites, video, audio, and in-person interpretation as well as product documentation.

The world’s largest staff of expert native translators, who specialise in the industries of our customers, powers White Globe, which produces translations that are unmatched in terms of technical accuracy. For unmatched Thai localization efficiency and scalability, White Globe stands apart from legacy language service providers thanks to our platform-based next-generation translation management system.

Accurate Thai Translations. Achieved

Our Thai language subject matter experts and highly qualified translators have experience translating a range of business information, from software help files and product manuals to training manuals and legal contracts.

Our Thai linguists can guarantee the highest level of linguistic accuracy because to White Globe’s one of the largest English-Thai terminology databases, which contains thousands of technical phrases in the fields of medical, finance, technology, law, and government.

By automatically checking for spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues in real-time while our linguists are translating, White Globe’s platform-powered translation management system dramatically increases translation efficiency and scalability.

White Globe also uses machine learning to enhance translation memories, making it possible to dynamically use previously translated sentences for linguistic consistency and lower localization costs.

Product Documentation
Owner’s Manuals
Ecommerce Content
Training Courses
Legal Documents
Financial Reports
Clinical Studies
Information for Use (IFU)
Medical Device Manuals
Regulatory Submission
Patient Information
Common Technical Document (CTD)
Software & Mobile Apps
Press Releases
Social Media Translation
Release Notes

Thai Financial Translation Services

Thailand presently holds the top spot for internet banking services and the second spot for cryptocurrency users. This demonstrates the enormous market potential that the country’s international banking and financial services sectors have, which in turn creates a great need for Thai translation services.

White Globe has extensive experience translating between English and Thai for banking, investments, insurance, and corporate accounting needs. Our online translation platform enables our financial clients to handle all of their language translation tasks centrally, giving them the ability to easily carry out financial transactions across languages.

Furthermore, Thai or English text, financial jargon, metadata, or custom properties can all be used by our clients to quickly search multilingual documents. To work on all of our financial translation projects, White Globe only hires the best professional Thai translators with training in financial services.

Thai Medical Translation Services

Are you seeking for a business that has received ISO 9001 certification to quickly and accurately translate life science content between Thai and English? Then, White Globe is the only place you need to look. Top pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and biotech firms use White Globe’s certified medical translation services in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

We translate many kinds of medical content, such as user guides for medical devices, reports from clinical studies, applications for regulatory approval, and common technical documentation (CTD) for clinical trials. Our AI-powered translation management system works in tandem with White Globe’s advanced life science translation methodology to provide unmatched localization performance for medical translation services from Thai to English and from English to Thai.

Thai Ecommerce Translations

With 80% of internet users making purchases online, Thailand is one of the top developing nations for e-commerce and mobile commerce. But in order to give customers the greatest possible experience, businesses must localize their web content to achieve e-commerce success in Thailand.

With the use of APIs, White Globe has created comprehensive e-commerce translation solutions that give our customers access to automated and ongoing human translation services. The first business to offer mobile translation services, which are perfect for accurately translating product descriptions, is White Globe.

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