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White Globe offers quick Spanish translation services that are both linguistically proficient and accurate in every way. One flawlessly translated document at a time, we assist the most successful organizations in the world in dominating Spanish-speaking markets.

Accurate Spanish Translations You Can Trust

Are you seeking a reputable translation agency to quickly and accurately translate your Spanish business papers, websites, or software applications? Then look no further than White Globe.

We offer Spanish translation services for the government, the medical, legal, financial, technological, and manufacturing sectors that are both linguistically proficient and technically correct.

In order to produce high-quality Spanish translations quickly and at scale, White Globe has one of the largest teams of experienced Spanish translators and subject matter experts. These individuals are trained to use the most up-to-date language tools and localization best practices.

For a range of content, including technical documents, eLearning courses, marketing materials, films, websites, voice-over, and language interpretation, White Globe offers precise English-Spanish translation services.

Spanish translations of consistently high quality demand linguistic proficiency, subject-matter knowledge, localization best practices, and—increasingly—AI-driven translation technology that makes use of machine-human skills.

Spanish Document Translation

White Globe offers expertise in quickly and accurately translating a wide range of technical documents between English and Spanish. Multiple file kinds, including MS Word, PowerPoint, and InDesign, can be processed by our clever translation technologies on an automatic basis. To get a price estimate for your documents’ Spanish translation right away, just upload your files to our online portal. Our linguists with the appropriate subject-matter expertise are promptly allocated to work on your projects in real time after receiving your permission.

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Spanish eLearning Courses
Digital Marketing
Spanish Business Contracts
Legal Documents
User License Documents
Marketing Brochures
Patient Consent Forms

Spanish Interpretation Services

To satisfy our clients’ on-demand language interpreting demands, White Globe offers qualified and certified Spanish interpretation services remotely or on-site. White Globe has drastically streamlined the buying and scheduling process for Spanish interpretation services for businesses by letting customers use our online ordering form or dial a number and follow the prompts.

We offer interpretation services through phone, video, and in-person with qualified, certified Spanish interpreters. In addition, White Globe is the only business to enable mobile-based interpreting solutions that use real-time chat and location-based services to provide cutting-edge language interpreting solutions.

The Authority in Spanish Translations

In order to help our clients engage foreign clients with confidence and maintain an edge over the competition in Spanish-speaking areas around the world, White Globe offers certified Spanish translation services fast.

All of your company’s contents, including technical documentation, websites, marketing materials, and videos, will be accurately and efficiently localized thanks to our exceptional language expertise and cutting-edge localization technologies.

White Globe is not your typical Spanish translation company; we are the industry leader in on-demand language services, with in-depth localization expertise and cutting-edge technology solutions to help you turn your Spanish translation expenditure into a strategic investment for international success.

Translate Your Spanish Content Like Never Before. Easily.

Spanish translation services have a negative reputation for being overpriced, cumbersome, and slow while providing mediocre quality. Companies are forced to explore for easier, quicker, and more affordable language solutions to meet their localization needs due to the rapid rise of the digital economy.

In order to provide the best customer experience in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and around the world, businesses increasingly demand agile Spanish translations. For exceptional localization performance, you require White Globe, the top on-demand English-Spanish translation service.

White Globe is the one-stop shop for all your language translation and localization needs between Spanish and 350 other languages, whether you’re a medical, financial, technology, or manufacturing company looking to translate your websites, product documents, press releases, legal contracts, software applications, or videos.

How It Works

White Globe optimizes each stage of the Spanish translation workflow cycle, including file analysis, translation memory leverage, linguistic resource administration, terminology management, and linguistic review, using contemporary AI and big data within our next-generation translation management system.

Professional human translation services that consistently provide the highest linguistic and technical accuracy while achieving very quick project turnaround have a substantial positive impact on efficiency.

For better than ever localization outcomes, our online Spanish translation ecosystem generates translation quotes automatically, applies English-Spanish bilingual terminology, and verifies translation consistency.

Spanish Terminology Management

White Globe is the unchallenged leader in business terminology management services and solutions. White Globe created the largest terminology wiki in the world with technical terms in 1,700 sectors and more than 350 languages.

For the Spanish translation requirements of our clients, we offer full-service terminology management, which includes term extraction, glossary building, terminology evaluation and approval, as well as term import and export using third-party tools and systems.

While our Spanish linguists are translating, White Globe provides automatic terminology look-up and consistency checks to ensure accurate translation outcomes without hindering localization effectiveness. To learn more about White Globe’s comprehensive terminology management solutions.

Spanish Linguistic Review Service

Linguistic review, also known as linguistic quality assurance (LQA) or translation review, is a regular service that White Globe offers to our enterprise customers to assure the highest level of localization quality by having our qualified translators thoroughly examine translated content.

For our Spanish linguistic review services, White Globe charges 20% to 30% of new word rates, depending on the type of material. We enable language review in a variety of file formats, including Word or Excel bilingual tables, the White Globe online translation workbench, and others.

For even better linguistic editing outcomes, we have created a “see context” tool that enables our linguists to click a button to view the current sentence within the original document.

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