White Globe provides accurate, reliable, and affordable Spanish legal translation services with speed and guaranteed acceptance. We help law firms and legal professionals deliver multilingual legal content between English and Spanish with confidence.

Accurate Spanish Legal Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional legal translation company to translate your law-related documents with certified accuracy between English and Spanish? Look no further than White Globe.

We have one of the largest teams of experienced English-Spanish legal translators and multilingual law subject matter experts to deliver linguistically fluent and technically accurate Spanish legal translation services with speed and scale.

As a quintuple ISO certified translation company, we have the quality assurance processes and localization best practices to ensure consistent, quality legal translations between English and Spanish for every project.

Better yet, White Globe has developed industry-leading language technologies for open, transparent translation memory, terminology management, as well as real-time in-context linguistic proofreading/editing, significantly raising professional Spanish legal translations to a higher level of efficiency and performance.

Consistent, high quality Spanish legal translations increasingly depend on modern Legal Tech solutions that leverage the best of machine-human capabilities powered by AI, machine learning, and big data to achieve the most optimal results.

This is why you need White Globe. In addition to having hundreds of experienced English-Spanish legal translators, our intelligent, platform-based translation management ecosystem allows our professional linguists to perform at their best by taking advantage of a full range of legal content editing and proofreading best practices, such as PEMT (post-editing machine translation), automatic terminology lookup, linguistic conflict checking, and spelling/grammar validation.

At the same time, White Globe enables law firms and corporate legal teams to centrally manage all of their multilingual legal documents between English and Spanish in a single, secure platform, supporting cross language search and bilingual document comparison.

Finally, White Globe owns one of the largest multilingual legal terminology glossaries with thousands of law industry terms in both English and Spanish, allowing the most accurate legal document translation services for corporate law, civil litigation, criminal defence, estate planning, family law, personal injury law, real estate law, and international patent infringement lawsuits.

A Few of Our Legal Customers

White Globe professional English-Spanish legal translation solutions are trusted by a large number of law firms and corporate legal departments within the international legal market.

Spanish Legal Translation for Corporate Law

White Globe provides expert legal translations from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English for companies that need to draft a variety of legal documents for their Spanish-speaking employees, partners, or customers.

We translate business contracts, HR documents, confidentiality agreements, and privacy policies with quality and speed. White Globe owns one of the largest English-Spanish legal terminology glossaries, allowing our professional translators to deliver technical accuracy and linguistic consistency without scarifying Spanish translation efficiency.

Professional Spanish Translation for Civil Litigation

Are you in need of professional Spanish legal translation services to support civil litigation proceedings involving international plaintiffs and defendants? You’ve found the perfect language service partner.

We provide certified legal translations between English and Spanish for a full range of litigation support materials including demand letters, court claims, discovery documents, or settlement agreements on time and on budget.

In addition to translating written litigation documents, White Globe also provides legal interpretation services with our large team or certified English-Spanish legal interpreters.

Spanish Legal Translation for International Patents

You’ve invested significant time and money developing your company’s intellectual properties and the last thing you want is to work with an average translation company to translate your technology patents and intellectual property documents between English and Spanish with mediocre quality.

A major component of White Globe’ professional legal translation solutions is focused on international patent translation such as PCT localization between English and Spanish and many other languages.

We have the professional legal translators and subject matter experts to accurately translate your patents so your IP rights are confidently protected in international markets.

Spanish Legal Interpretation Services

White Globe has a large team of professional English-Spanish interpreters who are certified to perform a number of legal interpretation services, including simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, or Zoom based interpretation.

Traditionally, requesting for Spanish legal interpretation services is both complicated and expensive. White Globe has greatly simplified the process for law firms to obtain legal interpretation by using our modern online system to schedule for Spanish interpretation services on-demand.