Build Your Global Brand in Nordic Market with the Best Norwegian Translations

White Globe assists our clients in the life sciences, finance, manufacturing, and government sectors in providing the best language translation services to customers in Norway and around the world.

Fast and Accurate Norwegian Translations

When it comes to increasing business success in Norway, international customer experience is becoming increasingly important. Due to fierce competition, businesses can no longer rely solely on technological innovations to win over Norwegian customers.

In today’s fast-paced R&D, the decreasing dissimilarity between different product offerings is becoming more apparent. This is why quality English-Norwegian translation services are so important in assisting businesses in engaging Norwegian customers with confidence and ensuring the best business outcomes.

Organizations must translate their content accurately and quickly in today’s fast-growing digital economy in order to beat the competition and go to market faster in Nordic countries.

White Globe is a cutting-edge Norwegian translation service that top Fortune 500 companies rely on to localize all of their business documents and digital content with the highest linguistic quality and efficiency.

We Translate All Norwegian Dialects

White Globe has linguistic resources that can translate into all Norwegian dialects, including Norwegian Bokmal (NO), Norwegian Nynorsk (NN), and Northern Sami. Bokmal and Nynorsk, Norway’s official languages, share many linguistic similarities but differ in grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.

Although they are mutually intelligible, businesses should distinguish their target customer base when localizing marketing and technical documents to provide the best customer experience.

It’s simple to choose one version of Norwegian or the other with White Globe, and our intelligent language resource management system will automatically match your needs with our pre-approved Norwegian linguists who are best suited to translate in each dialect.

Norwegian Medical Translations You Can Trust

White Globe is an ISO 13485-certified translation company that provides accurate medical translations to pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and CRO companies.

Our Norwegian linguists are subject matter experts in a variety of life sciences disciplines, ensuring that IFU (information for use), medical device user manuals, clinical trial protocols, and medical patents are both linguistically accurate and technically precise.

White Globe also has the world’s largest multilingual medical terminology database, allowing our Norwegian linguists to confidently translate medical terms. White Globe has knowledge of working with EU authorities for regulatory submissions in addition to linguistic experience.

Norwegian Financial Services Translations

White Globe is one of the top translation companies for expert financial services translations in banking, insurance, investment banking, and corporate finance.

We translate financial documents and financial content from English to Norwegian and vice versa. When it comes to translating banking statements, taxation reports, investment plans, and business forecasts, our expert financial translators and subject matter experts understand the importance of financial terminology accuracy.

Our team can use White Globe’s powerful translation management system to leverage existing financial translations for maximum production efficiency and linguistic consistency while lowering localization costs.

Energy & Manufacturing Translations for Norwegian

As a result of the country’s active exploitation of natural resources such as North Sea oil and new drilling activities in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea, Norway has one of the most developed energy and industrial manufacturing sectors in the world.

This is why translation services in English-Norwegian, German-Norwegian, and French-Norwegian are in high demand in the energy, industrial manufacturing, and construction equipment industries.

White Globe provides translation services to some of the world’s largest energy and manufacturing companies, translating into Norwegian and other Nordic languages. To ensure the highest quality translation results, our expert Norwegian linguists are well-trained in our clients’ specialized industry fields.

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