Accelerate Business Growth in Malaysia with the Best Malay Translation Services

We help international companies most effectively engage Malaysian customers with quality Malay translations—one sentence at a time.

Fast and Accurate Malay Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for a modern English-Malay translation service in Malaysia that offers quick turnaround times and certified linguistic quality? White Globe, the market leader in next-generation enterprise translation solutions powered by agile, AI-assisted, and on-demand language technologies, is the place to start.

In today’s rapidly expanding digital economy, international businesses must increasingly translate their business documents and digital content into Malay and other languages with accuracy and speed to meet the needs of local customers. We have thousands of professional translators and subject matter experts available around the clock to provide you with technically accurate Malay translation services.

Because we use the best human-machine solutions for unrivaled language service performance, White Globe is able to deliver both linguistic quality and efficiency.

Beyond translation memory and terminology management, White Globe’s intelligent, cloud-powered translation ecosystem provides our Malay linguists with real-time linguistic processing support such as automatic context look-up, translation tag verification, and text expansion calculation.

Communicate with 290 Million Customers with Confidence

There are over 290 million Malay speakers worldwide, with the majority residing in Malaysia and the remainder in Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore. This is a sizable market for international companies looking to expand their operations in the medical, financial, consumer electronics, legal, or manufacturing sectors.

Companies, on the other hand, must translate their websites, business documents, and legal materials into Malay with quality and speed in order to effectively engage customers in Malaysia and accelerate local business growth. On our online model, White Globe has simplified professional Malay translations.

Simply upload your documents to our web portal and specify your target industry; White Globe will match your needs in real-time with the most qualified Malay linguists. White Globe assists the world’s leading brands in achieving greater business success in Malaysia and around the world.

Try our Malay translations risk-free for 30 days and see how White Globe can help you improve the ROI of your language localization operations.

We understand that there are hundreds of translation companies on the market, making it difficult to choose the best localization partner for your Malay language service requirements. This is why we spent the time compiling it to assist you in finding the ideal language partner.

Online Malay Translations

White Globe is dedicated in making your Malay translation process easier, faster, and less expensive. This is why we’ve spent millions of dollars developing our next-generation online translation ecosystem.

Simply upload your files to get a Malay translation quote instantly. Following your approval, our Malay linguists with relevant experience will immediately begin translating. With the click of a button, you can download the translated file.

Malay Life Sciences Translations

White Globe offers ISO-certified medical translation services between English and Malay, as well as Malay and other languages. We translate clinical studies, IFUs (instructions for use), medical device manuals, drug inserts, packaging labels, and patent consent forms.

Our Malay linguists can translate with accuracy and speed because White Globe is powered by the world’s largest medical online terminology dictionary. To work on all medical-related translations, White Globe only employs professional Malay translators with life sciences subject matter expertise in the pharmaceutical, medical device, CRO, and healthcare industries.

Malay Financial Translations

White Globe has translated for clients in global banking, insurance, overseas investment, international finance, and corporate accounting. Our skilled Malay linguists have received training in a wide range of financial services fields, including international taxation, cross-border M&A, foreign exchange, account auditing, and investment financing. White Globe has also developed a highly secure multilingual virtual data room to assist our financial services clients in managing the entire lifecycle of various financial documents.