Grow Business Opportunities in South Korea with the Best Korean Translations

South Korea, as a rapidly growing major economy in both Asia and the world, is home to a large number of global conglomerates, including Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai Motor, and Daewoo, to name a few. Quality customer communications in Korea, on the other hand, are required for foreign companies to succeed in the Korean market.

This is why you require the services of White Globe, the industry leader in professional Korean translation services for the technology, medical, manufacturing, financial, and legal sectors. You’ve made significant investments in product development; don’t let poor language translations stymie your business’s success in Korea. We translate all types of digital content online and on demand so that our clients can gain a competitive advantage in the Korean market.

Biggest Korean Translator

White Globe employs thousands of professional, native Korean translators who have received specialised training in fields such as software, engineering, electronics, automotive, medical, and others.

We were one of the first translation companies to use a modern, app-based translation resource management system to perfectly match our clients’ highly technical translation requirements with the most qualified Korean translators. We also teach our Korean linguists how to use modern translation technology tools for maximum efficiency and scalability in localization.

All White Globe translators are skilled at using our online terminology glossary tool to translate our clients’ product terminology with technical precision and linguistic consistency.

Our Korean translators have received professional training in how to use White Globe’s platform-based translation workbench for real-time translation memory leverage and dynamic content validation between source and target languages.

As a result, we can translate better and faster at lower costs, allowing our customers to get the most out of their language translation investment.

We Support All New Economy Translation Models

White Globe is a cutting-edge translation firm. We support all modern digital translation requirements in Korean, including user-generated content, social media, eLearning, and video localization, in addition to translating technical documents, software, websites, and marketing materials.

Technical Documents
Software Localization
Website Translations
eLearning Localization
Social Media Marketing
Video Games Translation
User Generated Content
Continuous Translation
Post-editing Machine Translation
Mobile based Translation

Korean Document Translation Services

White Globe specializes in translating business documents from English to Korean and vice versa. We specialize in technical, legal, medical, marketing, digital, financial, and certified document translation for both the business and government sectors.

White Globe provides the best document translation solutions that our customers require to achieve business success in Korea and globally, thanks to our large network of professional translators and cutting-edge technologies.

5-Star Customer Service

We create a dedicated client services team for each White Globe enterprise customer, consisting of a client success manager (CSM) supported by a number of project managers depending on the client’s translation volume.

We also assign pre-approved linguists to the client’s team who have a similar industry or subject domain focus. These devoted translators work on the customer’s projects on a consistent basis to ensure the most efficient knowledge sharing and translation consistency.

White Globe’s client services team provides proactive customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you never have to wait to hear from us. Try White Globe today to literally rate the performance of your translator.

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