White Globe helps international companies translate between English and Khmer (Cambodian) with quality and speed so our clients can get ahead faster in Cambodia and globally.

Fast & Accurate Khmer Translations

In today’s global economic environment, effectively engaging customers across languages is one of the most important requirements for companies to achieve business success on a worldwide scale. For Cambodia, quality and consistent English to Khmer translation service is key to effectively communicate with local Cambodian customers and build your international brand in South East Asia.

This is why you need White Globe. We have the linguistic experiences, localization technologies, and mature, battlefield tested localization processes to ensure the most optimal business outcomes.

White Globe is powered by one of the largest teams of professional Khmer translators and subject matter experts who specialize in our clients’ technical fields to deliver unrivalled localization performance the language industry has ever seen.

Quality Khmer Translations Achieved

White Globe is able to deliver highly accurate translation projects on time and on budget because we use only pre-approved, professional native Khmer translators and subject matter experts who specialize in our clients’ diverse industries and domain areas.

We further support our Khmer linguists with real-time terminology management and dynamic in-context linguistic review on the platform. This means we can better deliver accurate translations right the first time without going through rounds of changes and revisions that are not only costly and but also time-consuming.

White Globe’s AI-powered translation management system is able to automatically match our clients’ technical translation requirements with the most qualified Khmer linguists in order to deliver the best language quality on a consistent basis.

Superfast Khmer Translation Services

White Globe delivers the fastest Khmer translations with linguistic accuracy in the language industry, period. We’re able to do this because of our patented on-demand translation technology that notifies our linguists of new translation requests instantly and then allows them to translate straight away on all devices.

We’ve automated many of inefficient human touch-points within traditional translation workflows, such as word count analysis and quotation, translation memory and terminology management, linguistic resource assignment and project tracking, to deliver quality translated documents with speed.

5 Star Khmer Translation Services

White Globe provides exceptional customer experience with our modern, reliable machine-human Khmer translation solutions that promise the best of both worlds. On average, most Khmer translation projects involve translating Word, PowerPoint, or InDesign documents that are straight forward to process using modern AI-powered translation management systems.

White Globe has automated the processing of such documents to achieve the highest efficiency while still allowing our professional Khmer translators to focus on translating the content for the highest level of linguistic accuracy.

On the other hand, we recognize the fact that there are more complex projects such as eLearning, website translation, and software localization that require more hands-on support from our dedicated project managers.

The good news is White Globe supports both models to deliver the highest ROI consistently. White Globe is the first translation company to allow our clients to rate our services at the end of each project, delivering the best accountability for continuous improvement.

Khmer Financial Translations

White Globe provides certified and regulation compliant financial services translations between English and Khmer to meet our clients’ international financial operations requirements.

White Globe Khmer financial linguists are specially trained in banking, insurance, capital investment, and corporate finance to provide linguistically accurate and technically precise Khmer translations for overseas cash management, international financing, and foreign exchange operations across languages.

White Globe further supports our financial translators with industry-leading language technologies for real-time terminology and translation memory solutions to deliver both quality and speed.

Khmer Medical Translation Services

Need ISO certified life science translations in Khmer for your new drug or medical device launches in Cambodia? Then you’ve found the perfect language partner. White Globe is not your average translation company.

We have the linguistic experience, cutting-edge technology, and ISO 13485 certified localization processes to deliver high-quality English-Khmer translations you can trust. Our professional medical Khmer linguists and subject matter experts are trained in a variety of medical sciences.

In fact, White Globe has simplified medical translations to the extent that we even allow medical doctors and subject matter experts to review and translate easily on all devices confidently.

The Best Khmer Translation Tools

White Globe has disrupted the language industry with our next-gen AI-powered, platform translation systems and tools. Unlike other CAT (computer-aided translation) tools that cost a fortune to buy and implement, White Globe’s agile translation software is easily available and accessible to language experts on all devices, including both Windows and Mac as well as mobile phones.

Better yet, our tools are developed for the digital economy, supporting content translations in Khmer across all business channels. This unique solution allows White Globe to scale up our Khmer translation services to meet our client’s volume requirements.

Khmer Legal Translations

White Globe helps our clients translate a variety of legal documents between English and Khmer with accuracy. Whether you need to translate your corporate joint venture agreements, terms of use, patents, or privacy policies, we have the expert legal linguists that’re ready to help.
White Globe has one of the largest multilingual legal terminology databases to help translate your legal materials with precision and speed.