Achieve Greater Success in Italy with Fast and Professional Italian Translations

White Globe assists businesses in engaging their customers in Italy by providing the best Italian translation services. Our industry-leading language translation solutions provide the highest ROI, allowing our clients to advance internationally faster.

Professional Italian Translations You Can Trust

White Globe offers five ISO-certified Italian translation services to global brands in the travel, manufacturing, fashion, chemicals, medical, and financial sectors. Using our modern and agile online translation management solutions, we can translate with quality and speed.

Customer expectations for translation turnaround time have been fundamentally altered by the digital economy. Italian translation quality is now defined by both linguistic accuracy and speed.

Slow translation services cause just as much business damage as poorly localized products, or worse, the lost market share that takes years to recover. The good news is that modern translation technology systems can help our professional Italian linguists translate faster while maintaining linguistic quality.

White Globe’s translation innovations give our Italian linguists access to all types of text processing commands for the most efficient translating operations. Our cloud-based Italian content indexing system leverages translation memory (TM) automatically (using computer algorithms similar to Google searches).

Simultaneously, White Globe’s intelligent online workbench assists our linguists in real-time with a variety of linguistic tasks, such as terminology look-up, keyboard shortcuts for instant concurrent search, and live translation tag verifications. When compared to linguists using traditional methods, our Italian translators can translate 20%-40% more efficiently.

Online Italian Translations

Modern language translation needs are flexible and on-demand. More and more of the enterprise’s translation needs are for small projects (500 words or less) that must be completed quickly. Traditional offline translation processes, with their rigid workflows, are too slow to meet the modern iterative development methodology.

This is why you need White Globe, the industry leader in next-generation online Italian translation services that are quick and flexible while maintaining the highest linguistic quality. No Italian translation project is too small for White Globe. Even better, because we’ve automated many of the unnecessary human touchpoints in legacy translation models, we don’t charge minimum fees.

Italian Post-Editing Machine Translation

Computer AI is reshaping all types of professional services, resulting in dramatically improved quality and efficiency. Language translation is no different. Natural language processing and neural machine translation, in particular, are becoming increasingly important in professional translation and localization services for increased productivity and scale.

White Globe offers expert Italian PEMT solutions to enterprise customers seeking more efficient Italian document translation solutions. In a fully automated process, our cloud translation management system uses MT to pre-translate sentences into Italian.

The machine-translated sentences are then proofread and edited by our professional Italian linguists to ensure the highest level of linguistic quality. With PEMT, we can produce high-quality Italian translations more quickly and at a lower cost.

In-Country Native Translators

Nobody translates better than native linguists who live and speak the language in their daily lives when it comes to high-quality Italian language translations. White Globe location-based translation solutions make use of cutting-edge geoinformation to connect our customers with the best Italian linguists the language industry has to offer.

Whether you require a native translator from Rome, Florence, or Milan, White Globe has linguists in all major Italian cities to meet your language translation requirements. We also train our professional Italian translators to use the most up-to-date CAT (computer-aided translation) tools for maximum translation efficiency.

5-Star Italian Translation Service, Literally!

White Globe provides our clients with a highly transparent language translation process in order to continuously improve linguistic results. Even better, our clients can directly contact their assigned linguists with translation questions, resulting in significantly improved project efficiency.

Most importantly, White Globe clients can rate the performance of our Italian translators for each project. In a modern rating-based economy, no other translation company comes close to White Globe in terms of advancing translation services. Those Italian translators who consistently receive 5 stars become dedicated linguists who will work on all of your future translation needs.

Italian Legal Translations

Are you looking for a professional legal translation company to assist you with the translation of international business contracts, patent applications, litigation documents, and corporate law materials? You’ve found the ideal partner for the most precise Italian legal translations.

White Globe has developed mature translation processes and technological solutions to assist our legal translators in providing simpler, faster, and better legal language services.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

White Globe ensures the most accurate legal translations in Italian. However, we recognize that language translations contain some subjective elements and personal preferences that may influence an objective linguistic quality evaluation.

To quantify linguistic quality results, we implemented J2450 quality assurance processes. White Globe offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee to all of our customers.

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