Accurate and On-Demand Hindi Translation Services You Can Trust

At White Globe, we translate fast and smart, so you can confidently engage your Indian customers with the best and most accurate Hindi translation services the language industry has to offer.

Awesome Hindi Translations Made Easy

You’ve worked hard to build your brand in English, and the last thing you want to do is start over in Hindi or another language. However, with White Globe, accurately translating your business documents, website, and digital content from English to Hindi has become easier.

Our game-changing, platform-powered language localization solution is all about making professional Hindi translation services easier, faster, and less expensive, so you can get your content translated conveniently. Simply drag and drop your documents onto White Globe’s online localization portal, and we’ll handle the rest.

Most of the human touch points in traditional Hindi translation processes have been automated by our intelligent online translation ecosystem. File analysis, word count calculation, and quotation preparation are now done automatically and in real-time. Following your approval, our pre-approved Hindi linguists with the appropriate subject matter expertise are immediately notified and can begin translating immediately. When finished, simply click a button to download your translated files.

Hindi Translation Accuracy Achieved

White Globe’s machine-human Hindi translation solutions provide our clients with the linguistic accuracy and technical precision they need to accelerate their business growth in Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, or Tamil.

We are able to achieve the highest language quality because we employ professionally trained Hindi translators and subject matter experts in India who have extensive experience in the industries and technical domain fields of our clients.

Simultaneously, we provide our Hindi linguists with industry-leading AI-powered translation management technologies that dynamically enforce correct terminology usage and verify linguistic consistency for maximum translation efficiency. Because of our quintuple ISO-certified translation processes, White Globe can consistently deliver high-quality Hindi translations with exceptional language localization scalability.

Rapid Hindi Translations

The modern digital economy has fundamentally altered customer expectations in terms of timely delivery. The speed of Indian translation services is no longer measured in weeks or months. They must now be completed in days, hours, or even minutes.

Because of White Globe’s game-changing mobile translation capabilities, we can instantly notify our Hindi linguists of your translation requests and then allow them to translate on both desktop and mobile devices at any time and from any location.

White Globe is the first language services company to offer on-demand and just-in-time Hindi translation solutions at scale to meet the enterprise language services needs of our customers.

We are so confident in our agile translation solutions that you can set your own turnaround time. Try translating something with White Globe and be astounded by our lightning-fast turnaround. No other LSP (language service provider) comes close to providing high-quality Hindi translations.

Hindi Medical Translations

India has the world’s second-largest population and one of the largest markets for life sciences. Pharmaceutical, medical device, healthcare, and biotech companies that enter the Indian market now will be able to capitalize on enormous business opportunities.

The demand for Hindi translation services for new drug launches, patient forms, and medical device documents will be high because of international regulatory requirements and patient safety, translation accuracy is critical in the life sciences industry.

This is why you need an ISO-certified translation company like White Globe to provide trustworthy Hindi medical translation services. In addition to ISO 13485-certified processes, White Globe owns the industry’s largest medical terminology database between English and Hindi, allowing our linguists to confidently produce consistent and highly accurate medical translations.

Hindi Automotive Translations

With over 3 million cars sold in 2018, India is one of the world’s fastest-growing major automotive markets. According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), automotive import and export (including whole vehicles and auto parts) will grow by double digits over the next twenty years.

This opens up a lot of possibilities for English-Hindi, Japanese-Hindi, and German-Hindi translations. Look no further than White Globe for expert automobile translation services in Hindi and other Indian languages.

To evaluate the standard of our automotive localization services, White Globe uses the SAE J2450 quality metrics

Hindi Financial Translation Services

Are you looking for a fast and accurate translation of your financial documents from English to Hindi or Hindi to English? White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional Hindi linguists who specialize in a wide range of financial services subject matter.

Banking statements, accounting reports, tax audit forms, and other corporate financial documents have all been translated by us. On the platform for the most efficient international finance operations, White Globe enables our clients to centrally manage financial terminology and translation memory, as well as multilingual financial documents.

Hindi Manufacturing Translations

India is rapidly becoming a major global factory, and Indian-based manufacturing is becoming an important component of the global supply chain. Electronics, industrial equipment, and consumer goods all necessitate expert language translations between English and Hindi, Bengali, and other Indian languages.

White Globe introduced just-in-time translation solutions to meet our customers’ needs for just-in-time manufacturing. We translate owner’s manuals, operating instructions, product labels, training documents, and patent documents, among other things.

White Globe utilizes translation memory to ensure that the same sentences are never translated twice, resulting in increased efficiency, consistency, and lower localization costs.

With 370 million native speakers from India, Fiji, Pakistan, and other parts of Asia, Hindi is the world’s second-largest language. Hindi is one of India’s 22 primary languages, and it is the most densely populated in terms of native speakers.

Despite the fact that English is also a national language, Hindi and other Indian native languages such as Bengali, Tamil, and Kannada are primarily spoken by their respective populations. This means that for international companies to succeed in India, English-to-Hindi translation is essential in order to provide the best customer experience.