White Globe helps companies succeed across languages in Israel and globally with fast and accurate Hebrew translation services.

Professional Hebrew Translations. On-Demand

Looking for fast and professional Hebrew translation services to support your business expansion in Israel? Then look no further than White Globe. We have the linguistic expertise and localization technology to help deliver the best customer experience in Israel across languages.

Top international companies in life science, finance, technology, software, legal, and manufacturing industries trust White Globe for super-fast and highly accurate, authentic English-Hebrew translations so they can effectively engage customers in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. We’ve redefined professional language translations to be agile, on-demand, and digital economy ready.

White Globe disrupts traditional Hebrew translation workflows with our game-changing, AI-powered localization solutions on the platform. Supported by one of the largest teams of professional English-Hebrew translators with the right subject matter expertise matching our clients’ industry fields, White Globe provides linguistically fluent and technically precise translations that consistently achieve the highest language quality standards.

At the same time, we provide our Hebrew linguists with the most advanced localization technologies the language industry has ever seen to deliver unrivalled project efficiency and the best machine-human solutions the digital economy demands.

Hebrew Translation Accuracy Achieved

As an advanced economy that heavily depends on international trade, global companies require highly accurate language translations to support Israeli import/export-oriented businesses.

This is why you need White Globe, the leader in enterprise Hebrew translation services for unrivalled linguistic accuracy and speed. At White Globe, we don’t just talk about implementing the best localization processes to ensure better translation quality, we’ve built intelligent language management systems to enforce linguistic accuracy while our linguists are translating in real time. In addition to using the most qualified professional linguists for all of our Hebrew translation work, White Globe AI-powered linguistic validation tools automatically verify terminology accuracy, translation consistency, as well as spelling, grammar, punctuation, date and currency format, and more for the best linguistic results.

Our highly streamlined machine-human localization workflow delivers the highest level of linguistic quality without sacrificing speed and cost-effectiveness.

How It Works

White Globe Hebrew translation process is all about simplifying our clients’ translation requirements to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience. Our online translation model transforms professional English-Hebrew translation services into a simple drag and click model.

White Globe recognizes the fact that over 80% of all translation projects deal with standard documents that can be easily processed using automated workflows so our linguists can better concentrate on the translation task to achieve improved quality and efficiency.

For the remaining 20% and more complex projects such as eLearning, clinical trial, and software translation, White Globe’ dedicated project managers work closely with our clients to devise the most efficient localization solutions.

Hebrew Financial Services Translations

Israel ranks second globally in the number of start-up companies and third in the number of public companies listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange after the United States and China. All of these vibrant business activities call for expert financial services translations between English and Hebrew and between Hebrew and other languages.

White Globe provides certified translations for a variety of financial services documents such as monetary reports, banking statements, commercial contracts, SEC filings, regulatory submissions, accounting books, and investor annual reports. We have expert Hebrew linguists who specialize in a variety of financial services disciplines to deliver highly accurate financial translations you can trust.

White Globe platform translation platform is equipped with one of the world’s largest financial terminology databases to help our Hebrew linguists confidently translate your financial documents with accuracy and speed.

White Globe is a leading financial translation company, supporting global banking, insurance, and venture capital companies as well as corporate finance departments with professional Hebrew translations for the best ROI.

Hebrew Software Localization Services

Israel boasts one of most advanced high technology industries in the world. The popular Silicon Vadi modelled after the U.S. Silicon Valley, has witnessed the development of many highly successful Israeli software companies.

At the same time, multinational companies like Microsoft, IBM, and HP all set up R&D centres in Tel Aviv’s technology hub. This is why software translation and localization services are in high demand between Hebrew and other languages.

White Globe offers professional Hebrew software localization services for all business software including ERP, CRM, office automation, and ecommerce applications. Our unique terminological approach to software localization offers context-based UI string translation solutions, delivering the best linguistic results that are second to none.

Hebrew Medical Translation Services

White Globe delivers quintuple ISO certified Hebrew translation services for pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industries. We are the authority in high quality medical translations because White Globe has experience translating healthcare terminology which sets the standards for high quality medical documentation translations.

As an ISO 13485 certified language services provider, we have mature processes and QA best practices within our localization workflow to deliver quality translated materials in Hebrew on a consistent basis.

Travel and Hospitality Translation Services

White Globe has redefined English-Hebrew travel and hospitality translations with our game-changing mobile powered translation solutions that deliver the best location-based language services.

White Globe translates all ecommerce websites for OTA (online travel agency), airline customer support content, or hotel guest experience programs. White Globe also provides on-site and over-the-phone language interpretation services so your international guests can confidently communicate across languages in all major cities around the world.

Whether you need on-demand Hebrew document translations or in-person interpretation solutions, we have the best travel and tourism language services you can depend on.

Hebrew Desktop Publishing

Unlike English and other European and Asian languages, Hebrew text is formatted from right to left. This requires the translation vendor to possess expert desktop publishing knowledge and skills to efficiently format the localized content in order to deliver an end-to-end Hebrew document translation solution.

White Globe has a large team of well-trained DTP specialists who are intimately familiar with international typographical conventions and right-to-left text formatting for languages like Hebrew and Arabic. We also offer typesetting and page layout services in Hebrew for both print ready or website publishing.