White Globe helps the world’s leading companies achieve greater business success in Greece and globally with on-demand and quality Greek translation services – one sentence at a time.

Fast and Certified Greek Translation Services You Can Trust

Are you looking for a professional translation company to translate your business documents into Greek with speed and quality? Then look no further than White Globe. Powered by thousands of professional native translators who excel in our clients’ specialized industry fields, we deliver ISO certified language translation services on-time and on budget.

White Globe is a leader in agile and on-demand translation solutions the digital economy demands. Specifically, we’ve developed industry-leading language technologies that allow our professional native Greek linguists to translate faster and better for unrivaled language translation services efficiency.

Greek Online Translation Services

The Internet is fundamentally changing global businesses, and the best translation services are shifting online. Old fashioned, offline translation companies are too slow and costly to meet modern digital translation requirements. If you need your product documentation and marketing collateral translated into Greek with both linguistic quality and speed, White Globe is your one-stop solution for the best ROI.

Simply upload your files onto our easy-to-use online portal to get them translated at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional translation companies . With White Globe, you never have to wait to get a translation quote. Our AI-powered online translation ecosystem automatically analyses your documents to provide an accurate quote within seconds. Upon your approval, translation starts immediately with our pre-approved Greek translators who specialize in your industry fields for technical, accurate translations.

Our system automatically tracks translation progress to ensure the most efficient localization process. Next, simply click a button to download your translated files.

Greek Financial Translation Services

The Greek economy has come a long way financially since the country was bailed out by the Euro Zone and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) due to runaway public debt. Although Greece has regained its economic footing from the financial crisis, it speaks volumes about sound financial services operations for international companies doing business in Greece.

This is why you need White Globe financial services translations, so you’re always in control of your company’s financial well-being. Our bilingual financial experts are perfectly versed at translating a variety of financial documents such as audit reports, accounting statements, cash flow analysis, annual reports, and investment contracts.

Greek Travel Translation Services

Greece is witnessing renewed investment in hotel and travel resort businesses. Big cities and tourist destinations like Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, and Dodecanese islands are all attracting international tourists and business travellers alike.

White Globe is an undisputed leader in travel translation services. Powered by our industry-leading hotel and location-based language translation and interpretation services, White Globe is redefining Greek travel with our big translation solutions that significantly improve hotel guest experience and visitor satisfaction.

We Translate into Modern Greek and Cypriot Greek

White Globe has hundreds of professional linguists throughout Greece that translate business documents fluently into both Modern and Cypriot Greek with accuracy. Cypriot Greek is spoken by the majority of people on Cyprus island in the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s distinctly different than Modern Standard Greek in terminology, syntax, and phonetics due to geographical isolation. Some people even consider Cypriot Greek to be a different language entirely. This is why you need White Globe because we allow our customers to most accurately communicate with their precise audience for the best business outcomes.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We’re so confident you’ll like our professional Greek translation services that we offer our clients a 30-day customer satisfaction guarantee. White Globe is one of the first translation company to allow our customers to rate the performance of our professional Greek linguists based on fast turnaround and linguistic reviews. This means the best translators will be promoted to serve all of your future translation needs.

Need Translation Services for Other European Languages?

You’ve come to the right place. White Globe provides fast and accurate language translations in all 24 EU languages such as French, German, Dutch, Swedish, and Czech.
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