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White Globe provides linguistically fluent and technically accurate German translation services with quality and speed. We help the world’s leading companies succeed in German speaking markets across linguistic barriers, one accurately translated document at a time.

Accurate German Translations You Can Trust

Are you looking for professional German translation services to accurately translate your business documents, product manuals, marketing collateral, websites, or training content from English to German or German to English with quality and speed? Look no further than White Globe.

We have the linguistic resources, best-in-class localization processes, and cutting-edge language technologies to deliver culturally fluent and technically accurate German translations you can trust to engage your international audience, without breaking the bank.

White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional English-German translators specializing in a variety of industries and subject domain fields, allowing our clients to obtain English-German translations with the highest level of linguistic precision for global business success.

White Globe is a quintuple ISO certified translation company with years of experience translating for the German market. Our industry leading language technology innovations make White Globe the go-to choice for consistent, quality English-German translations with the highest ROI.

We’ve redefined professional German translation services for manufacturing, automotive, medical, financial, legal, and high-tech industries into the platform model, delivering simpler, faster, and more cost-effective translations with scale.

Additionally, achieving consistent, efficient, and high-quality English-German translations on a continuous basis increasingly depends on the successful integration of next-gen AI powered translation workflows for PEMT, translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic review in real time.

This is where White Globe excels. We’re the language industry leader for modern agile, on-demand German translation solutions that help our clients succeed in Germany and globally.

List of German Translation Services

White Globe provides a full range of language services between English and German, ranging from document translation and website localization to video translation and over-the-phone interpretation. The following lists some of our German translation services.

German Document Translation

White Globe provides expert document translation services between English and German, covering user manuals, legal contracts, training guides, or financial reports. We provide full-service document localization including content translation, desktop publishing, and graphic design.

German Website Translation

We offer two translation options to companies that need to translate their websites between English and German:

1) website content translation and QA, and
2) full-service website localization including automated translation updates and hosting.

German Software Localization

White Globe provides end-to-end software localization services with efficiency. Our agile translation solutions are perfectly suited for localizing software applications developed using DevOps processes. We translate GUI strings and help systems with quality.

German eLearning Translation

White Globe translates eLearning content between English and German for interactive courses, videos, and online tests. We have the professional English-German linguists, voice-over talents, and multimedia programmers to deliver the best eLearning translation results with speed.

Certified German Translations

Are you looking for certified German translation services for your legal documents? As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, White Globe has the professional qualifications to provide fully certified document translations with guaranteed the acceptance.

German Interpretation Service

Whether you need simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, or video-based interpretation, White Globe has the professional English-German interpreters with the right subject matter expertise to get the job done with quality and service.

German Translation Services—Online and On-Demand

As a leading manufacturing and exporting economy, Germany relies on professional language translation services between German and English, Chinese, French, and many other languages to facilitate and expand business operations around the globe.

In today’s rapidly growing digital economy, fast and accurate German language translations are becoming increasingly important to help foreign companies obtain a competitive edge in the German market.

White Globe redefines professional German translations with our agile, platform centric language localization technologies, allowing our expert German linguists to efficiently produce technically accurate translations without sacrificing speed.

White Globe disrupts old fashioned localization processes by delivering modern, on-demand German translation solutions to help our clients accelerate business growth in Deutschland and globally.

White Globe innovative translation management platform employs intelligent content validation technologies to dynamically check for linguistic issues such as terminology errors, missing translations, inconsistencies, language expansion & contraction, as well as spelling/grammar mistakes in real time while our German translators are translating.

Our platform-based translation review portal uses HTML5 and the latest web technology to enable our native German linguists to easily and efficiently proofread and edit translated text in context for the best quality results.

How It Works

White Globe has streamlined professional German translation services into a highly efficient online localization model. Our platform translation management system automates most of the manual human tasks within the traditional document localization process, such as word count analysis, quotation generation, translation kit creation, and manual linguistic query management, to deliver the perfect machine-human language translation solution.

White Globe uses machine learning to effectively analyse each linguist’s qualifications and actual project performance to most accurately assign linguistic resources to our clients’ projects for quality results that are better than ever.

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Finally, Just-In-Time German Translation Is a Reality

The automotive industry invented the term “just-in-time manufacturing” to optimize production operations for the best outcomes. Indeed, most commercial businesses today employ this agile methodology to streamline supply chain and processes in order to consistently produce quality output.

White Globe is the first professional language services company to introduce just-in-time solutions to the translation and localization workflow. No other translation company comes close to our ability to translate on-demand while still delivering high quality between German and other languages.

Industry Specialization

White Globe has thousands of professional German translators and subject domain experts specializing in our customers’ industry fields. We provide high-quality technical translations for medical, automotive, financial, manufacturing, legal, and software sectors.

Accurate and consistent German translations require professional experience as well as excellent capabilities in proactive terminology management and industry-focused localization best practices.

German Medical Translation Services

According to the World Trade Organization (WTO), Germany is the world’s third largest market for medical technologies and international trade accounts for 65 percent of all German MedTech activities.

This means Germany’s medical translation needs are substantial. However, high quality language localization standards coupled with increased requirements due to the EU Medical Device Regulations (MDR) make it a challenge for any translation company to deliver professional German medical language services that also meet the customers’ fast turnaround and pricing requirements.

This is why White Globe innovative medical translation solutions are a game changer by allowing our life science linguists to most efficiently translate German content with better terminology precision and speed.

German Automotive Translations

Unlike many other industries, the automobile sector puts out more content than any other subject field and they all need to be translated with quality. The reason for this is simple – the automobile is the single most complex piece of machinery that is ever placed in the hands of individual consumers.

Car manufacturers must produce detailed and large quantities of user documentation to guide drivers on everything from turning on the engine to controlling the windshield wipers. When it comes to auto import/export, language translation is a necessary step for regulatory compliance, as well as the best customer experience.

The owner’s manuals and auto dashboard must be accurately translated to ensure safety and sound operational procedures. This is why you need White Globe, the leader in centralized automotive translation solutions for unrivalled performance.

German Software Localization

Global technology companies rely on White Globe for expert software localization services in German and all other European and Asian languages. We have broad industry experience and deep localization know-how about each step of the modern software lifecycle to deliver the best ROI the industry has ever seen.

Whether you need to localize your CRM, ERP, CSM, enterprise automation, or e-commerce software, White Globe has the experience and technical tools to get it done with quality and speed.

We provide end-to-end software localization services from internationalization (I18N) review and consulting, to GUI translation and linguistic and functional testing, with complete customer satisfaction.

White Globe uses the new terminological approach to software localization that’s disrupting old translation processes for unrivalled quality and efficiency.

Urgent German Translation Service

At White Globe, we understand our customers increasingly need digital content translated in German very quickly for international customer support and timely global product launches.

This is why we’ve developed the language industry’s first real-time translation platform so we can turn around quality German translations for small projects in a few hours or even minutes instead of days and weeks.

White Globe is the undisputed leader for modern agile translation services due to our patented mobile translation technology that instantly notifies our linguists of new translation requests anytime and anywhere and then allows them to immediately begin translating on all devices. Try our urgent German translation solutions today.

Terminology Management

White Globe has been able to consistently provide our customers in a variety of industry domains with accurate German translations because of our in-depth experience with terminology management.

For each of the customers, we proactively work with them to develop and maintain an industry (or product) specific glossary within the White Globe online translation ecosystem. This glossary is continuously updated on an on-going basis, allowing White Globe to dynamically enforce technical translation accuracy and consistency for all subsequent document translation efforts.

SAE J2450 for Measuring Translation Quality

Translations do have subject elements that can be preferential, making it difficult to objectively quantify the linguistic quality of certain translation work at times.

SAE J2450 is a quality assurance model initially developed by a number of automotive manufacturers working together to define a set of objective metrics for measuring translation quality for languages such as German and Japanese.

It consists of a seven-point checklist that provides specific and actionable evaluations of a given piece of translation work.

ISO 13485:2016 Quality Standard

White Globe delivers ISO 13485 certified translation services in German and 350 other languages. ISO 13485 is a quality standard developed for medical device companies and their suppliers to consistently meet customer expectations with regards to quality.

For our clients in the life sciences industries, White Globe understands the importance of language translation quality and has developed a full set of medical translation solutions to consistently deliver the highest level of quality results.

Better Software Localization

Quality software localization in German requires both linguistic expertise and software development background. Specifically, good German software translations must follow a predefined process starting with the user interface (UI) string localization, followed by linguistic and cosmetic testing before final online help and documentation translations.

When it comes to the German language, the localization vendor must consider text expansion because German texts tend to contain much longer words. White Globe has the complete software localization best practices to ensure the most efficient delivery. Please click here to learn more.

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