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Leading multinational companies and top Fortune 1000 firms rely on White Globe for the incredibly quick and precise French language translation services that the modern digital economy requires.

Professional French Translations You Can Trust

Are you seeking a quick and dependable French translation service that offers the highest level of linguistic quality and precision at a reasonable cost? Then look no further than White Globe—the pioneer in the language sector for enterprise localization solutions of the next generation and available on demand.

We enable international businesses to confidently connect with consumers in French and Canadian French thanks to our extensive network of pre-approved, professional native French linguists in both France and Canada.

By transforming language translations into a cutting-edge online platform using AI, White Globe has created a cutting-edge language management system that makes corporate translations easier, quicker, and more affordable. For the medical, financial, legal, manufacturing, technological, advertising, and retail sectors, we offer certified French translation services. Like a lot of other businesses, it’s likely that yours has endured sluggish, expensive, and unsatisfactory French translations. After all, your international business success depends on quality language communication when and where your business needs it, regardless if your customers are in Paris, Toronto, or French-speaking Belgium.

However, it can be difficult to locate reputable translation businesses with language expertise and a track record of delivering high-quality outcomes, especially with the abundance of competing translation agencies on the market. This is why you require White Globe, the leading provider of language services in Asia.

How Does It Work?

Professional French translation has been considerably simplified by White Globe so that you may get your documents translated more quickly and accurately. You may quickly drag and drop your files into our user-friendly web dashboard to receive an immediate quote. Our pre-approved French native translators, who have been specially schooled in your particular industry disciplines, begin translating as soon as you confirm.

Once finished, you can click a button to download the translated papers. All of your French translation resources, including terminology glossaries, translation memories, and other language resources, are stored by White Globe on the platform so you may readily use them in the future.

We Translate All Documents in French

We offer ISO 9001:2015 certified translation for all your content categories, whether you need your website translated into European French (France), technical documentation into Canadian French, or marketing brochures into African French. Our services in French include:

French Document Translation
French Video Translation
French Software Localization
French eLearning Localization
French Linguistic Review
French On-Demand Interpretation
French Voiceovers and Subtitling
French Multicultural Marketing
French Medical Translation
French Legal Translation Services
French Ecommerce Support

White Globe, the world’s fastest-growing provider of French translation services, works with multinational companies across a range of sectors, including IT, industrial, medical, aerospace, finance, fashion, tourism, and law.

We translate all file formats, including Microsoft Word, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Publisher, PowerPoint, QuarkXPress, and PDF documents, in addition to supporting a number of document types.

Online and On the Platform

Your presence on this page alone says a lot about the expectations of today’s customers. The outdated offline model is extremely slow and expensive when it comes to language translation services. With White Globe, you can quickly translate your content into French using our cutting-edge web platform. You may easily upload your papers, monitor the translation process, and receive the translated text whenever you want.

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