Premier Translations for the Global Textile Industry

White Globe offers over 350 different language translation services and products for the international textile market. From the creation of raw materials for fabrics and the design of clothing through the fabrication of textile machinery and its global distribution, we translate every phase of the textile supply chain. One perfectly translated textile document at a time, we assist our textile clients’ international success.

Quality Textile Translations You Can Trust

The $1 trillion global textile market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%, according to Goldman Sachs, as a result of the fast globalization of developing nations like China, Brazil, India, and Mexico.

Whether your business produces fabrics for international markets, produces knitting, weaving, sewing, or tufting machines, or specializes in processing natural or synthetic fibers, you probably need a variety of textile documents translated accurately and quickly between English and Chinese, English and Portuguese, and many other languages. For this reason, you need White Globe.

We offer top-notch textile translation services that are quick and accurate so that our clients may successfully communicate with clients and partners abroad despite linguistic hurdles.

White Globe specializes in providing top-notch textile translation services in more than 350 languages and has one of the largest teams of qualified translators and subject matter experts in the language industry.

User guides, marketing materials, e-learning courses, websites, commercial contracts, technical patents, and regulatory documents are just a few examples of the textile content that we translate.

The most recent language technologies that make use of translation memory, terminology management, and in-context linguistic assessment to achieve quality and efficiency at scale are needed to produce accurate textile translations on a consistent basis.

Our leading, AI-enabled technological translation solutions on the platform power White Globe, an ISO 9001-certified translation firm. The entire translation process has been optimized to eliminate any unnecessary manual touch points, including document analysis, text extraction, leveraging translation memory, cost estimation, translator assignment, terminology management, linguistic review, and billing/invoicing.

For localization results that are better than ever, our platform-based translation ecosystem enables our clients to manage their translation projects and multilingual documents most effectively in a central online area.

Talk to one of our textile translation professionals right away to find out how White Globe can make translations for your company easier, quicker, and more affordable.

Textile Manufacturing Translation Services

The modern loom machine, which released the potential of mass manufacturing production and eventually led to a process known as globalization, was the catalyst for the first industrial revolution.

One of the largest sectors of international trade today that has a significant need for translations into languages from Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa is the textile industry.

For the whole textile manufacturing lifecycle, including cotton cultivation and harvesting, the creation of synthetic fibers, yarn spinning, fabric weaving, and textile finishing, White Globe offers comprehensive translation services.

For every link in the supply chain for the textile industry, we translate technical documents, marketing materials, business contracts, training manuals, websites, and software programs. To get a translation quote, just send or upload your documents to our online dashboard.

Upon receiving your clearance, we quickly brought in our qualified professional translators to start translating. Once finished, you may click a button to download the translated documents, or we can send them to you.

White Globe assigns a specialized team of experienced linguists to continuously translate all of their technical documents for linguistic consistency and accuracy for enterprise clients with ongoing textile translation needs.

Textile Machines Translated Right

For a range of textile machinery, including knitting machines, crocheting machines, lace-making machines, weaving machines, tufting machines, and more, White Globe offers translation services that are ISO 9001-certified.

We can quickly and accurately translate all of your technical publications, including owner’s manuals, safety instructions, and product training manuals, thanks to our one of the largest multilingual textile terminology databases.

For reduced localization costs, quick turnaround, and increased linguistic consistency, our clients can reuse previously translated content thanks to our online translation memory technology.

To maintain customer safety and regulatory compliance for the environment and other factors, the European Union Machinery Directive and comparable laws in Asia and other foreign markets require textile equipment manufacturers to offer user documentation in the local languages.

After investing millions of dollars in product development and marketing, the last thing you need is to partner with a subpar translation company that provides mediocre linguistic quality with a prolonged project turnaround time.

White Globe is able to provide unmatched textile machine translation services at scale thanks to its linguistic resources, best-in-class workflows, and cutting-edge language technology.

For the following textile machines, we translate technical documentation and marketing materials into 350 different languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Indian regional languages, and English.

Knitting machines
Cloth finishing machines
Fabric seaming machineries
Crochet machines
Lace making machines
Label making machines
Quilting machines
Textile finishing machines
Bleaching/dyeing machines
Textile sourcing machines
Scutching machines
Spinning machines
Textile winding machines
Edging machines
Thread winding machines
Tufting machines
Cotton cleaning machines
Weaving machines
Zipper making machines
Carding machines
Woollen mill machines
Applique scaling machines
Attaching machines
Cloth measuring machines
Cloth cutting machines
Embroidery machinery
Garment machinery
Industrial sewing machines
Laundry machines
Monogramming machines
Textile bleaching machines
Cloth folding machine
Textile trimmers machine
Yarn gassing machines

Global Fashion and Clothing Translations

Are you an international clothing brand or a fashion design business that sells clothing and accessories? You definitely require a variety of marketing communication materials as well as trade documents translated precisely and rapidly if you want to engage global audiences and expand your firm internationally.

In order to help our clients shorten their time to market and stay one step ahead of the competition in global markets, White Globe has a large team of professional linguists and multilingual fashion experts who can deliver linguistically accurate and technically precise translations on time and within budget.

In addition to foreign employee training programs, product packaging, and technical paperwork, we assist our fashion clients in translating online e-commerce websites, press releases, and advertising videos.

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