Best-In-Class Telecommunications Translation in 350+ Languages

White Globe provides accurate telecommunication translation services in all of the world’s major languages so telecom companies can accelerate global business growth across linguistic barriers. We enable our clients’ multilingual communication success, one professionally translated telecommunications document at a time.

Accurate Telecommunication Translations You Can Trust

Are you a telephone service provider, a cellular network carrier, a broadband operator, or a producer of 5G equipment? Chances are you need a variety of technical documents professionally translated between English and Spanish, English and Chinese, English and German, and all other European and Asian languages. This is why you need White Globe.

We provide linguistically fluent and technically accurate telecommunication translation services so our telecom clients can stay ahead of the competition and grow multinational telecommunications businesses in global markets.

Consistent, quality telecommunications translation requires linguistic experience, subject matter expertise, localization best practices, and increasingly, intelligent translation management solutions that deliver the best efficiency using workflow automation. White Globe has one of the largest teams of professional translators and subject matter experts who excel at delivering the highest level of telecommunications translation accuracy. We also provide next-generation technology-enabled human language translation solutions on the platform, allowing our clients to obtain professional telecom translations with speed and scale.

White Globe owns one of the largest multilingual telecommunications term bases and supports both translation memory and terminology management in real-time, ensuring the best language consistency, fast turnaround, and reduced translation cost.

Global social distancing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic only serves to accelerate the demand for superfast and reliable telecommunication networks that enable online e-commerce, virtual offices, distance learning, telehealth, and a whole host of other remote business models. All of these virtual business operations rely heavily on high-speed internet access powered by fast and reliable telecommunications networks and the latest 4G and 5G communication equipment.

White Globe helps the world’s leading telecom companies, wireless carriers, and network equipment manufacturers translate a full spectrum of technical documentation and software applications with quality and speed so they can confidently engage international customers across linguistic barriers.

Telecommunications Equipment Translated Right

White Globe has a large team of professional telecom translators and multilingual subject matter experts who are supported by our industry-leading language technologies to deliver high-quality telecom equipment translation services with efficiency in over 350 languages. We translate technical documents such as user manuals, operating instructions, compliance guides, and software applications, eLearning courses, and technology licenses. We have experience translating technical content for the following telecommunications equipment:

2G/3G/LTE macro hardware localization
5G mobile equipment translation
Network functions virtualization (NFV)
Evolved packet core (EPC)
Telecom tower document localization
Public switching equipment translation
Analogue, digital, VoIP switches
Transmission equipment, Transmission lines.
Optical fibre equipment localization
Base transceiver stations
Customer premises equipment (CPE)
Local area networks (LANs)
Modem localization

5G Translation and Localization

White Globe provides fast and professional telecom translation services to facilitate network operators in rolling out next-generation high-speed 5G telecommunication networks globally to deliver the best international user experience across languages. In addition, their fast data transmissions, ultra-low latency, increased reliability, and massive network capacity makes 5G an indefensible role for next-gen manufacturing automation, self-driving cars, and AI-powered IoTs. All of these 5G-enabled innovations, solutions, and hardware devices must be professionally translated in order to achieve international success.

Whether you need to translate your 5G marketing collateral, radio frequency equipment documents, smart device user manuals, or IoT software apps, we have the linguistic experience, localization best practices, and language technologies to deliver the most effective telecommunication translation services that drive global development.

Professional Semiconductor Translations

Chipmakers play a key part in current telecommunications infrastructure since chips are necessary components for data transmission and processing through next-generation wireless networks. White Globe provides expert semiconductor localization solutions for microprocessors, system-on-a-chip components, integrated circuits, and memory chips as a part of our overall telecommunication translation services.

We translate technical documentation, eLearning and training courses, compliance documents, and technology patents into all Asian and European languages. Our platform-based translation management system allows our semiconductor customers to centrally manage translation memories, terminology glossaries, localization spend, and multiannual documents online for unrivaled performance and scalability.

Smartphone Translation and Localization

According to Bain & Company, 70% of all digital content is generated from mobile devices, and 80% of the same content is consumed on mobile. This is why smartphone translation and localization services, both for the hardware devices themselves and software applications, are in such high demand.

White Globe is proud to help three of the world’s top cell phone brands localize mobile phone hardware, device operating systems, and software apps into over 350 languages. Our smartphone translation solutions cover user interface string localization, help system translation, and multilingual user document production.

Additionally, we also have in-depth experience with performance linguistic, cosmetic, and functional testing for smartphones and mobile apps in all languages. Contact our smartphone translation consultant today and see how White Globe can help you achieve the best ROI for your telecommunication translation spend for the next 5G mobile phones.

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