Translate Your Consumer and Retail Products with White Globe

You must spend money on translation and localization if you want to sell your goods overseas. A 12-country survey found that almost 30% of buyers would be discouraged from making a purchase from a website if it did not support their language. White Globe will translate your products to fit the local preferences and tastes of every market, ensuring that your brand is really worldwide. Your product may be translated with nuance and cultural delicacy in less time than ever before thanks to our on-call local translators, giving you the opportunity to effectively convey the value of your brand across a range of markets.

White Globe can translate any of the following into 350+ languages:

Your global branding
Online, media, and print
Product and packaging
Demo videos
Human resources materials
After-sale materials
Assembly and user instructions
Product care instructions
Catalogues, coupons, packaging, and training materials
Product specification sheets
In-store displays and signage
Graphic design adaptation
Language review management
Localized formatting
Multilingual copywriting
Language and culture testing
Product support website
E-commerce websites
User reviews

Translate Your E-Commerce

E-commerce is currently the sector of retail with the fastest growth. White Globe can help you increase your global sales so that you can draw in customers from all around the world. White Globe’s mobile-enabled translation paradigm is ideal for localizing e-commerce platforms with a lot of user-generated content (UGC).

Because of our translation turnaround times of minutes and hours rather than days and weeks, White Globe is the only translation service that can keep up with the pace and volume that e-commerce localization needs. Does White Globe translate product names, descriptions, assembly or care guidelines, and customer reviews, among other things, on your e-commerce platform?

Our regional network of more than 350 language translators enables you to communicate with clients in more specialized, non-mainstream languages. In order to ensure uniformity across all publications and to save you time and money, White Globe also makes use of one of the most complete cloud-based terminology management systems.

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